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SATURDAY JUNE 26 Contemplative Compassion

to Active Compassion.
Evoke and contemplate inner and outer
Wishing for more compassion for your- A meditative experiential, 12 Step Pro-
compassion by chanting the sacred
name of the Enlightened Being of Com- self? gram to a Compassionate Life discussion

passion. Wishing to react more kindly to others? and facilitated plans for action will guide

Wishing to do more to help the world? us from cognitive compassion to affective

12 STEP PROGRAM compassion then acts of compassion and
Learn Karen Armstrong’s 12 Step Pro-
Make ourselves happy by being compas- in reverse too!
gram to a Compassionate Life!
sionate; make others happy by being

compassionate! RSVP here:

Move into acts of compassion with indi- w w w . m e e t u p . c o m /

vidual and collective next steps. Let's start by invoking the presence of TheCompassionNetwork/

compassion within and around us.

Vegetarian lunch in a tranquil and peace- TCN
ful atmosphere. Buddhist Center

11024 2nd Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98125 (253) 332-6752 WWW.THECOMPASSIONNETWORK.BLOGSPOT.COM