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I t not difficult to learn English in addition it is very fun, so
Speak what you have listened, as the more you listen, the
why a lot of people out there still do not want to learn more you will be able to speak and the more learning of
English? the language will occur. So go on practicing speaking
whatever you have heard. Furthermore speaking practice
You need to learn English from now or one day you lose. will train your mouth and ears. The main ideas of what
English is the language that connects with each other at the you have listened and spoken will get fixed into your
moment. For instance, a tourist who visited this country memory. Once the structures of sentences, phrases get
(Malaysia) asked us shows a destination that they want to fixed in your subconscious you'll never have to fumble
for words, phrases or sentences when you converse with
go but they do not know the way to the destination. Can your friends or with someone else. The words will
you think of what language you use? Necessarily English, if smoothly and fluently roll out of your mouth. You won't
we speak our language, would they understand? Of course falter. Your progress in conversation will not get
they do not understand. hampered. When you have taken these two steps, you
will find amazing change. Now you can start to put in a
Simply follow the two simple steps and learn English. little time in reading and writing skills as reading and
writing skills have their own importance and place in
V  language learning and you can develop them on the
strong foundation of listening and speaking skills later.
No speech (speaking) can be imagined without listening.
Develop a habit of listening to something in English daily. I You must be thinking where to get listening and speaking
mean to say, listen to English songs , listen to short stories, material. You'll find a lot exercises on listening speaking
listen to interviews and listen to short and simple skills here.c
conversations regularly.' Listen and listen and listen on.
Repeat listening what you have just listened. Not once but
many times. Do you know why I am exhorting you to listen EXTRA POINT
so much? Perhaps not. If so, please answer this simple
question: How does a child become able to speak? It is ˜    

simple. She/he is compelled to listen whatever their parents     
and people around them speak. Gradually they begin to   
reproduce what they have heard. I think you have got the  

point. So enjoy listening. Listening practice will fix correct
pronunciation of the words in your mind and you'll be able
to utter them as naturally and easily as a native speaker c
does. Don't take this task easily .It requires a lot patience
and perseverance on your part .you can gradually develop it
if only you are bent on to.