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Golden Gate Colleges

Batangas City


Course Code : NS 1

Course Title : Earth Science

Pre-requesite : none

Credit Units : 3

Semester/Summer SY : 1st Sem

Course Description :
For the student to have a better understanding of the natural environment the course
will tackle and examine a number of topics:the structure and composition of the earth’s
surface, subsurface, and deep interior, processes that alter the observed structure of the
earth: rock transformation, mountain building, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanism, and
atmospheric processes, the structure and composition of the atmosphere,the elements of
weather and climate,weather patterns and storms,the earth’s relationship to the sun, moon,
and other bodies of the solar system,the earth’s place in the cosmos.

Course Objectives :
As a result of participating in this course learners will:
1. Develop content knowledge about Earth as a system, landform processes,
Earth's history, the Sun-Earth-Moon system, and weather and climate.
2. Explore inquiry-based learning models.
3. Introduce a media-rich learning environment to use with students
4. Provide models to illustrate ways to teach beyond the textbook.
5. Understand and utilize the scientific process.

Specific Objectives :
Students will develop knowledge and understanding of:
1. the history of Earth and the Solar System
2. the resources of the Earth, particularly air, soil, water, minerals, their distribution and
their role in supporting living systems
3. the abiotic features of the environment
4. models to explain structures and processes of change affecting the Earth and its
Students will develop further skills in; planning investigations , conducting
investigations, communicating information and understanding, developing scientific thinking
and problem-solving techniques, working individually and in teams. Students will develop
positive attitudes about and values towards; themselves, others, learning as a lifelong
process, Earth and the environment .
Medium of Instruction : English

Methodology: Lecture which,

includes the use of traditional and non-traditional (computer,IT)
ways of teaching.

Course Content Week Date

Overview of Earth Science 1 June 15-18,2010
History of Science
Branches of Earth Science
Scientific Inquiry
Astronomy 2,3
Origin of Astronomy
Earth, Moon and Sun-relationships
The Telescope 3,4
The Galaxy 5 Prelim July 15 & 15
Stars in the Galaxy 6
The Origin of the Universe 7
Creationism vs. Bigbang
The Sun 8
The Earth 9 Midterm Aug.17-19
The Composition of the Earth
Layers of the Earth
Moon 10
The Inner Planets 11
The Outer Planets 12
Different Regions of the Earth 13
Elements of Weather and Climate 14 Semi-F Sept.15-16
Earthquakes 15
Prominent Mountain and Volcanoes in the Philippines 16
PAGASA & DoST and other gov't agency in the field of 17
18 Finals Oct.18-20


Alarcon,Aurora Lianco., Introduction to Earth Science, Katha Publishing Co. 2001

Catchillar Gerry C.,Malenab Ryan G., Fundamentals of Earth Science-A Modular Approach,
National Bookstore, Mandaluyong City 2005

Dutch,Monroe and Moran., Earth Science, Wadsworth Publishing Co. 1998

Prepared by:

Science Instructor