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Golden Gate Colleges

Batangas City


Course Code : CCS4

Course Title : Ecology

Pre-requesite : none

Credit Units : 3

Semester/Summer SY : 1st Sem

Course Description :
This is a one semester introduction to ecological concepts and principles. This course
includes a discussion of all factors that influence the distribution and abundance of
organisms. We examine both biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) elements of the
environment that influence the distribution and abundance of organisms. Population,
community, and ecosystem level ecology are discussed, especially in light of man's influence
on nature and nature's influence on man.

Course Objectives :
There are three broad goals for this course.
1. Improve ecological literacy by learning the basic facts, principles and concepts of the
field of ecology
2. Improve scientific literacy by learning how ecologists construct knowledge
3. Improve analytical and writing skills through analysis and interpretation of ecological

Specific Objectives :
1. explain the ecological principles that pertain to individual organisms, to populations
of organisms, and to ecosystems.
2. discuss the factors that impinge on natural populations, including human impact.
3. identify the ecological factors that are relevant to a threatened species
4. suggest how to carry out an ecological research project to find the answers to the
future of a specific population

Medium of Instruction: English

Methodology: Lecture which,

includes the use of traditional and non-traditional (computer,IT)
ways of teaching.
Course Content Week Date
The Scope of Ecology 1 June 15-18,2010
Ecology and the Other Sciences
The Subdivision of Ecology
Principles and Concepts Pertaining to Ecosystem 2
The Concepts of Ecosystem 3
Biological Control
Production and Decomposition in Nature
Energy in Ecological Systems 4
Concepts of Energy
Concepts of Productivity
Food Chains, Food Web, and Trophic Levels
5 Prelim July 15 & 15
Principles Pertaining to Limiting Factors 6
Liebig's Law of the Minimum
Shelford's Law of Tolerance
Organization at the Community Level 7
The Biotic Community Concept
Species Diversity in Communities
Organization at the Population Level 8
9 Midterm Aug17-19
Types of Ecological Interactions
Negative Interactions:Predation,Parasitism 12
Positive Interactions:Commensalism,Cooperation,Mutualism 12
The Habitat and Ecological Niche 13
14 Semi-F Sept.15-16
Biological Clocks 15
Development and Evolution of the Ecosystem 16
Concept of Climax 17
Evolution of the Ecosystem
18 Finals Oct.18-20


Molles, Manuel C.Jr. Ecology:Concepts and Applications 3rd Edition,McGraw-Hill Co. 2006
Odum, Eugene P., Fundamentals of Ecology 3rd Edition, W.B.Saunders Company, 1971

Prepared by:

Science Instructor