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Crafts Workshop No.

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wax mold release agent: two cylinders of different sizes in circumference essenc
e of orange pigment light oak dried orange slices, dried leaves, star anise, ste
ms and flowers of your choice.
add a touch of light oak color pigment to give natural color. Pour a layer not t
oo thick in the larger pan for the bottom of the candlestick
The outer one smaller. Melt the paraffin bath,
Moisten with release agent to the inner walls of the large cast and
Allow to set the paraffin until it forms a veil over the surface and placed insi
de two large cast of the smaller cylinder mold. Between the two molds, will be a
n area of 1.5 cm. In this space, place orange slices, dried leaves and stems, di
stributing them all around.
the mold. Cool well and unmold the candle, removing the smaller inner cylinder,
then the largest.
3 inclusions (leaves, oranges, etc) clearing the top edge 1 cm
Pour the rest of the paraffin in the space where they placed
Once the candle is molded, pour a layer of paraffin April 2 cm thick to pad the
bottom and give it more strength. Allow to cool. To light a candle inside the ca
ndle, light traslucirá inclusions.