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m The maxim of Caveat Emptor 
´let the
buyer beware.µ
m   6octrine of Caveat Emptor
g 6uty of the buyer to be careful while
purchasing goo6s of his requirement an6
absence of any enquiry from the buyer seller
is not boun6 to 6isclose every 6efect   



buyer relies on it
innocent partybuyer 

the contract.
J  seller makes a false representation


the buyer relies on it 
seller actively conceals a 6efect 

 not be 6iscovere6 on
a reasonable examination,
  are purchase6 by 6escription

 not correspon6 with the 6escription
  are purchase6 by 6escription

not of ¶merchantable quality
m ½ the 6octrine appliesthe buyer has
examine6 the goo6s


 ought to have reveale6
bought by sample

bulk 6oes not correspon6 

 any hi66en or latent 6efect
in the goo6s.
ë goo6s are bought by sample

by 6escription
bulk  6oes not

" the buyer makes known to the seller the
purpose  #  an6 relies
upon the seller·s skill an6 ju6gment   
unfit for the specifie6 purpose
$ tra6e usage attaches
   warranty as to quality or fitness

seller 6eviates