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Course Title: Introduction to Ge’ez

Course Code:
Credit Hours: 3
Pre-Requisite: None

Course Rationale

In addition to its value as a way of reconstructing indigenous knowledge, basic

knowledge of Ge’ez paves a way to the understanding of basic traditional music
preserved in the form of manuscripts. So, this course is designed to serve this purpose.

Course Description

Historical background of Ge’ez, development of Ge’ez; early stages of Ge’ez literature,

middle ages and Ge’ez literature, decline introductory Grammar of Ge’ez

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students will be able to: -

• Chart the development of Ge’ez
• Cite major literary bench marks in Ge’ez literature
• Explain basic elements of Ge’ez grammar
• Analyze Ge’ez basic sentence structure

Course Content

1. Historical background of Ge’ez

1.1. The Alphabet and its development
1.1.1 Early Aksumite
1.1.2 Middle Aksumite
1.1.3 Later Development
2. Ge’ez Literature
2.1. Types of Ge’ez literary works
2.2. Early development
2.3. Aksumite period
2.4. Zerayaqob
2.5. Later developments

3. Introduction to Ge’ez Grammar

3.1. Overview of traditional grammar
3.2. Basic Concepts
• Semitic Characteristics of Ge’ez grammar
• Ge’ez and other Ethiopian Semitic languages
3.3. Basic Grammar
3.3.1. Word order
3.3.2. Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs Pronouns
3.3.3. Interjection
4. Elementary Translation
4.1. 4.1. Tigrigna to Ge’ez
4.2. Ge’ez to Tigrigna
4.3. Amharic to Ge’ez
4.4. Ge’ez to Amharic
5. Types of /Zema/ in Ge’ez
5.1 Basics
5.2 Yared
5.3. Yared’s musical notes
5.3.1 Ge’ez
5.3.2 Ezl
5.3.2 Arraray
5.4. Sample notes
5.4.1. Praise of Mary
5.4.2. Dugua

- Lecture
- Group discussion
- Presentation
- Demonstration by invited guests

- Pair and individual Assignment 15
- Presentations 20
- Continuous Assessment 20
- Final Exam 45


- Hiyaw Lisan
- Tintawi Ge’ez Bezemenawi Akerareb
- YeGe’ez Kuwankwa Megbia
- Metsihafe Gis
- Hagere Metsahift