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-George Richard Odum

Everything I do in the classroom is to encourage the following characteristics in my students

1. Well-Being

o My students live purposeful mission-driven lives. They can clearly articulate their values and they live consistent with those values.

o My students are highly self-aware. When receiving constructive criticism, they are coachable and open to learning and growing as a


o My students are empowered. When faced with obstacles, they are proficient at shifting their perspectives and taking responsibility for their


o My students practice habits that promote general well being. They regularly exercise and play. They consistently demonstrate healthy

practices in the areas of physical health, personal finances, and emotional health

2. Environmental Awareness

o My students are global-minded. They are conscious of global, societal, and community issues.

o My students are environmentally aware. They practice sustainable urban living.

o My students are culturally sensitive. They embrace diversity in backgrounds, skills, creeds, and perspectives.
o My students are technologically adept. They understand and use technology in enriching, enlivening, and meaningful ways. They relate to

technology as a means for contributing value to their lives, their communities, and the planet.

3. Self-Generating Learners

o My students are autodidacts. They initiate learning and apply the knowledge they acquire.

o My students are avid readers. Our students enjoy reading regularly.

o My students demonstrate strong work ethic. They are motivated and dedicated to consistently putting in their best effort.
o My students have a high level of resilience and integrity. They are self-motivated. They proactively respond when obstacles get in the way

of their passions and goals. They are highly adaptable when facing new situations and challenges.

o My students are powerful thinkers. They demonstrate highly developed abstract cognitive skills. They solve problems creatively and


4. Self-Expression

o My students are confident performers. They regularly express themselves in public through creative means, including music, art, and


o My students leave a positive online footprint. They contribute uplifting information to the global online community.
My students are visionaries. They are inspired and motivated to contribute to the world around them.