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Unigraphics System Software

UG V15 UG/Open
System Overview
Chapter 001 Unigraphics V15.0

Major Options
Major Options
The discussion for each major option within a section is highlighted by the option title appearing in large
bold initial capital letters.


The discussion for any sub-options to a major option is highlighted by the sub-option title appearing in
slightly smaller, bold initial capital letters.

Type Styles in Text

This book uses different type styles (or fonts) to differentiate chapters, sections, major functions, menu
options, keyboard choices, system messages, figure captions, parameter values, and unique terms in text.

All function names shown in the synopsis appear in bold text, such as UF_MODL_create_block1.

Function names and parameters names, when referenced in descriptive text, appear in italics, such as

All error messages appear in text as follows: NO VALID ENTITIES, or NAME ALREADY EXISTS.

Other Unigraphics II Manuals

As this manual only concerns functions relevant to Unigraphics UG/Open API you will need to
familiarize yourself with other manuals in the Unigraphics documentation set. The following are two of
the more useful manuals you might refer to occasionally while working on the Unigraphics UG/Open API

Unigraphics Essentials - Includes helpful tips on using the system, interactive techniques, and functions
common to all Unigraphics applications. 7/29/2010
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