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Brand manual

Version 3.0_October 2009

Brand manual

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Table of contents
Table of contents
1 Introduction
1.1 Amsterdam Partners 4
1.2 Our mission 5
1.3 Our core values 6
1.4 I amsterdam manifesto 7

2 I amsterdam motto
2.1 Motto on red banner 10
2.2 Colour variations 11
2.3 Positioning of motto on banner 12
2.4 Format 13
2.5 Motto without banner 14
2.6 Colour variations for motto without banner 15
2.7 Positioning of motto without banner 16
2.8 Typeface 17
2.9 Imagery 18

3 Campaigns
3.1 Application examples 20

4 Contact

Brand manual

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I amsterdam is the motto with which Amsterdam positions
itself within the national and international markets.

Introduction Brand manual

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Amsterdam Partners
Amsterdam Partners is a public-private foundation
established in March 2004, responsible for the marketing
of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

The starting point for the new marketing strategy for the
Amsterdam Metropolitan Area was its position in the
world. Amsterdam has always scored well in various city
ratings, but its status has come under threat. It was decided
to make unambiguous marketing of the city a priority to
ensure Amsterdam retains a prominent position globally.

I amsterdam is the motto with which Amsterdam positions

itself within the international market. It is a registered

Introduction Brand manual

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Our mission
Our mission is to promote the image of Amsterdam to
national and international target audiences.
Our target audiences are current and future visitors,
residents and businesses.

The I amsterdam motto portrays the Amsterdam

Metropolitan Area as a strong economic and cultural
centre in Western Europe, as well as a significant centre
for engineering and technology. We distinguish ourselves
through our core values: creativity, innovation and
commercial spirit.

Introduction Brand manual

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Our core values

Our core values in this combination make up the unique,
distinguishing features of the Amsterdam Metropolitan
Area. They embody the character of the city and are linked original and surprising
to people, stories, events, occurrences and symbols via the
I amsterdam motto.

The core values are based on a number of strong

characteristics that are unique to Amsterdam. There are cutting-edge and trendsetting
many examples from our rich history that illustrate these
characteristics effectively. For example, the invention
of shares, the establishment of the world’s first stock
exchange, and icons such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh.
Commercial spirit
active and resourceful
By linking the core values to images, stories, events
and people, the concepts of creativity, innovation and
commercial spirit come to life: they take on an emotional
charge. Thus, the core values become transferable and their
many expressions make it possible to firmly place the city of
Amsterdam in the context of the world.

Introduction Brand manual

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I amsterdam manifesto
KesselsKramer developed the I amsterdam concept.
© September 2004

I amsterdam is a motto that creates a city brand. Now, I amsterdam

more than ever, there is fierce competition for cities to Amsterdam’s promise, diversity and wealth of opportunity
be top-of-mind when it comes to being a destination for make it an excellent choice for business, education, visiting
tourism, business and culture. Cities have become brands and for living. Amsterdam’s rich heritage and culture,
who market their assets and propositions to a wide variety its spirit of commerce, its innovative infrastructure, its
of target groups. At stake are the overall growth and liveability and its creativity set it apart from other major
prosperity of a particular city. ‘I amsterdam’ is the slogan for European cities. It’s time for Amsterdam to speak out for
Amsterdam’s continuing progress and promise. itself and make its relevance known in a proud, supportive
and positive manner.
I amsterdam is the motto for the people of Amsterdam
and the Amsterdam area. ‘I amsterdam’ allows the people Amsterdam has many advantages for business enterprises
of Amsterdam to voice their pride and confidence while who make use of the excellent transport and distribution
expressing support and love for their city. ‘I amsterdam’ can facilities offered by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the
be used with great flexibility, but it must always come from Port of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been
the people of Amsterdam; this is the motto’s true power. voted Europe’s number 1 airport for passenger services
The people who live here, the people who work here, the several times in the last decade. International businesses
people who study here, the people who visit here and the find Amsterdam as a logical and convenient location
people who come to Amsterdam seeking a better future for head offices, business conferences and meetings.
are, in the end, the best examples for why Amsterdam is a Amsterdam is a tech nerve centre and home to the AMS-IX
city of choice. (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), Europe’s largest Internet
hub. Several companies base their European and Global
I amsterdam should embody the spirit of Amsterdam, headquarters in Amsterdam including: Heineken, Philips,
and therefore its use will create a city brand recognized the ABN AMRO, ING, Mexx, Yamaha, Canon, Mitsubishi, Nike
world over. Europe, Cisco, Numico and TPG/TNT.

Introduction Brand manual
I amsterdam manifesto
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We are proud of Amsterdam We are Amsterdam

Furthermore, Amsterdam’s creative, intellectual and Ultimately, Amsterdam’s strongest asset is its people:
cultural contributions are significant and respected. With the people who live here, the people who work here,
some of Europe’s most important museums, including the people who study here and the people who visit
The Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh, Amsterdam is a here. The people of Amsterdam are Amsterdam. The
natural choice for inspiration. Amsterdam’s tolerance, diversity of Amsterdam’s business community, the differing
multicultural neighborhoods and broad diversity provide backgrounds of its residents and the wide and innovative
a fertile environment for creative people. Amsterdam is perspectives of its citizens are the lifeblood of our city.
also a leading centre for the study and development of life Therefore we, the people of Amsterdam, wish to speak for
sciences with advanced research facilities and expertise. the city of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is our city, and it’s time
Fashion and industrial design have established Amsterdam for us to proudly voice our dedication and devotion to
as a creative city with a sense of humour and style. Amsterdam. Through our combined efforts, we can fully
realize Amsterdam’s potential in the areas of commerce,
Amsterdam’s creativity and innovation combine, of course, innovation and creativity and express the many reasons why
in its handling of water and existence below sea level. we choose Amsterdam:
Every day is a powerful reminder of Amsterdam’s intelligent “I choose Amsterdam for business. I choose Amsterdam
use of resources, engineering and technology to provide for education. I choose Amsterdam for inspiration. I choose
a beautiful and functional city surrounded by water. Very Amsterdam as my home.
few cities in the world can mix such global, commercial
competitiveness with a centre that is so livable, compact I amsterdam
and accessible. I amsterdam is the motto that creates the brand for the
city and people of Amsterdam. In saying or expressing
I amsterdam, we demonstrate a clear choice for the
city of Amsterdam. I amsterdam shows our pride, our
confidence and our dedication. I amsterdam is our personal
endorsement for the city. Using I amsterdam, we can show
clearly and proudly all the many benefits, opportunities and
dimensions of exellence that make Amsterdam our city of
I amsterdam.

Brand manual

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I amsterdam motto
• I amsterdam shows a clear choice for Amsterdam
• I amsterdam is a preference, a pride and a position in support of the
Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
• I amsterdam is a movement, a spirit and an attitude
• I amsterdam is individual support and love for the Amsterdam
Metropolitan Area
• I amsterdam is a motto
• I amsterdam is a conclusion
• I amsterdam shows participation in the promise of Amsterdam
• I amsterdam empowers the city and the people of Amsterdam to create
a city brand that will be recognised the world over
• I amsterdam tells the human story of our city

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Motto on red banner

I amsterdam is an answer, the conclusion of the message
being communicated. By positioning the I amsterdam
motto bottom right, the consumer has an opportunity to
pause and to come to the conclusion: I amsterdam.
The red banner provides a powerful foothold in any
environment. It is the ‘crowning glory’ of the Amsterdam
Metropolitan Area.

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Colour variations
The standard application is the black-and-white motto on
the red banner.

For full-colour applications, the motto should always

appear on this red banner. Standard application: motto on red banner

The variation of the motto on a white banner is only

applicable on red backgrounds. There is a choice of two
greyscale variants for black-and-white applications.

Motto on white banner against a red background

100 M + 100 Y 50 K 100 K

PMS 032 PMS Cool Gray 8 PMS Process Black
RGB 255 / 0 / 0 RGB 156 / 156 / 156 RGB 0 / 0 / 0

Greyscale variant on black banner

Greyscale variant on grey banner

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Positioning of motto on banner

The red banner with I amsterdam should always be
positioned at the bottom of the marcom product. This
reinforces the conclusion of the motto at the end of the

The I amsterdam motto should be positioned on the right

side of the red banner.

The red banner should always run across the entire breadth
of the product, bleeding to the left and right.

Free space above and below banner

minimum 1/4 of banner height

Justified right
2/3 of banner height from cutting lines

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Format Portrait A-format Landscape A-format Screen format (4:3)

The I amsterdam motto has fixed dimensions relative to

the width of the product. The height of the red banner is
determined by the width of the product using a simple

For portrait formats:

product width : 14 = banner height

For square formats:

product width : 16 = banner height

For landscape formats:

product width : 17.5 = banner height

This banner height (in millimetres) is also the scaling

factor for the EPS files.

Distance from bottom edge:

minimum 1 x banner height, maximum 3 x banner height

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Motto without banner

Only in a few cases may the I amsterdam motto be
used without the banner. This is only permitted when
I amsterdam is the unique sender, and only for a few
specific applications.
Do you wish to use the motto without the banner? Then
please check with Amsterdam Partners for the guidelines.

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Colour variations for motto

without banner
The motto on its own, without the banner, is used only for
spatial applications, online banners and credits in films and

Various colour and black-and-white variations are

permissible, dependent on the context.

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Positioning of motto without

When used without the banner, it is preferable to centre the
motto. The minimum left and right margins are the height
of the letter ‘I’. The ‘m’ to the right of the motto is used as a
reference point.

The motto without the banner is the most suitable variation

for banners. For the screen, a minimum height of 20 pixels
applies (height of capital).

Minimum 20 pixels

Left Right
minimum margin minimum margin

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Avenir is the corporate typeface for I amsterdam. This clear,
open typeface is well suited to our character. Avenir Light
Avenir comes in an extensive range of weights and styles.
Two or three weights usually suffice. Cursive style is only
Avenir Book
used for accentuation in running script.
Avenir Roman
Avenir belongs to the Linotype Library and to Adobe Font
Folio. It is available through the usual sales channels. Avenir Medium
Avenir Heavy
Avenir Black

rtype Avenir 17
fotografie kwaliteit verkoopt zich met kwalite

I amsterdam motto Brand manual

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Clear, adventurous and qualitative choices in photography
should be used to represent the power of the Amsterdam
Metropolitan Area.

We use a documentary style of photography. Unstaged,
in black-and-white or colour. A documentary style of
photography means: showing who we are and for whom
we work. Our photography should inspire, enthuse, invite,
and give the viewer a sense of being right in the middle
of the scene. We seek to portray reality as accurately as
possible, spontaneous and unaffected, and preferably from
an unexpected perspective.

In addition to photography, we also use clear, recognisable
illustrations or illustrative elements. This creates
strong visual imagery, characteristic of the Amsterdam
Metropolitan Area. See chapter 3 for a number of

Ondersteunende beelden (belevingsbeelden) voor I amsterdam moeten inspireren, enthou

siasmeren, uitnodigen en je het gevoel geven dat je je ertussen bevindt. Bovenstaande beelden
Brand manual

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Many events, festivals and happenings with an international flavour
are communicated using the I amsterdam motto. Amsterdam
Partners would be delighted to support your organisation in terms
of marketing and PR, if this is in keeping with the Amsterdam
Metropolitan Area’s marketing policy. Be inspired by the campaign
examples on the following pages.

Campaigns Brand manual

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Application examples

Campaigns Brand manual
Application examples
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Campaigns Brand manual
Application examples
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Brand manual

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Amsterdam Partners
De Ruijterkade 5 / 4th Floor
1013 AA Amsterdam

T +31 (0)20 530 5090

F +31 (0)20 530 5099

This manual was compiled and produced by

Edenspiekermann for Amsterdam Partners.
© Amsterdam Partners 2009 23