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Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures for Architects--IS: 456-2000

Harbhajan Singh, Abhishek, 2008, 384 p, tables, figs, ISBN :
81-8247-192-4, Price : Rs. 695.00
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Contents: Preface. 1. Basic concepts. 2. Working stress method of design. 3. Shear, bond and
development length. 4. Analysis and design of singly reinforced rectangular beams. 5. Analysis and
design of doubly reinforced rectangular beams. 6. Design of one way slab. 7. Design of cantilever
slab. 8. Design of circular slab. 9. Design of two way slab. 10. Design of singly and doubly reinforced
T-beams. 11. Design of L-beam. 12. Design of continuous slabs. 13. Design of continuous beam.
14. Design of axially loaded RCC columns. 15. Isolated column footings and RCC footings for walls.
16. Design of stairs. 17. Design of corner balcony and coffer slab.

"The aim of this book is to present RCC designs of slabs, beams, columns footings and stairs etc in
a simplified form so that a beginner who may be a student of diploma or degree in architecture can
easily understand the procedure.

Working stress method has been chosen as the method of design since this method based on elastic theory helps in clear
understanding of structural behavior of elements under load. Efforts has been made to synthesis the structure systems and
structure design.

All designs have been illustrated with step by step solved examples, to clearly identify the importance of each step in sequence
of structure behavior and the design requirement as per IS:456-2000.

The book is divided in to 17 chapters in such an order that each chapter becomes a stepping-stone for the next chapter. The
book covers the RCC structure design syllabus of all the universities of the country for B-Arch students and for architecture
apprenticeship courses by the state technical education boards of different states."

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