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[Synergy Footwear pvt. LTD.

Business Plan
j îe are Manufacturer and Retailer of a complete
range of foot wears and accessories ,including
Belts, Bags, and Socks .
j îhile our initial goal is to open at least 10
showrooms across India and, expansion plans
include potentially franchising our retail store
and/or building a well-recognized brand name. In
turn, we would hope to penetrate a sizable portion
of the online retail market.
j Rur company will tends to be overly youth
focused. However, by closely following
generational fashion trends as well as our own
customers purchasing preferences, we will tailor
our inventory to meet the specific needs of our
clientele. îe will solely focus on the our styles,
colors and fits .
j îe will initially seek customers locally, but will
increase our reach in overseas as we build our
brand and secure our image.


j The total sales reported in the India retail industry
in 2009 (including food service and automotive)
exceeded $4 trillion.
j Total population:- 1.15 bn.(approx)
j 73% of population are under 60 yrs .
j 34% of population are under 30 yrs.
j The median income :- Rs. 35,000.

There are many footwear companies. However, few
are actual companies.
j —s we have our own manufacturing unit as well as
R&D, so we are able to give what will suites on
any particular customer.
j Customer can ask their unique design from any of
j Rur main competitive advantage is our lowest
price with best quality or services.

j  navailability of funds.
j  ntested market.





j major players ..i.e..rebook, nike, puma, action,
bata etc.
j Piracy
j Rur main focus will be to finding the gap in the market
and fill it with our best products & services.
j —s we are a budding company , so we are very much
aware that we are not easily going to be accepted in big
market or in metropolitan cities.
j Rural market for our survival .
j Big cities: îe will make some tie ±up with some
discount department store chains with good credit ratings
and reputations for prompt-payment. These will include
v-mart, pantaloons, lifestyle, More etc«

j Rur customer will be all either male or female
young or mature(65+).

j Fitness freak.

j Rur ideal customer is between the ages of 13 to

25, and 65 above.
Though we are not going set our any outlets in metros with
our brand name, but still we want communicate with our
customers who are purchasing our goods from above
given  

  Twitter, Facebook , Rrkut and MySpace etc.
       
    


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