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stadt IETS ‘Saaerwatrg Wisner Posteo 20140401 Wainer PVCHR Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi SAA/2A, Daulatpur, Varanasi - 221002, (India) Weimar, 21.07.10 Dear Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, in consideration of Weimar's special responsibility growing out of its history and as a signal to all the unnamed victims of dictatorships and other tyrannies throughout the world, the City of Weimar is honoured to present a Human Rights Award. We are pleased to inform you that you, dear Mr. Raghuvanshi, will be given this year's Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar. Congratulations! Itis the purpose of Weimar’s Human Rights Award to help protect human rights workers who are in danger of their life and well-being by putting them into the spotlight of public attention. This purpose has met with international acknowledgement. We would be pleased to present the Award to you personally here in Weimar on the international Human Rights Day, 10" December 2010. With best wishes from Weimar Sincerely Stefan Wolf Lord Mayor Der Oberbilrgermeister seers Benaig 13-184 Bronte 18-15 Nonagiaiwoch:peenossen