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Costa’s Level of Questions

Science and Math

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What information is What additional Design a lab to show…
given? information is needed to Predict what will happen
What are you being solve the problem? to ____ as _____ is
asked to find? Can you see other changed.
What formula would relationships that will Using a principle of
you use in this problem? help you find this science of math, how
What does____ mean? information? can we find…?
List the… How can you put your Describe the events that
Name the… data in graphic form? might occur if…
Where did…? What occurs when…? Design a scenario for…?
What is…? How would you change Pretend you are…
Who was/were…? your procedures to get What would the world
When did…? better results? be like if…
What are you being What method would you How can you tell if your
asked to find? use to…? answer is reasonable?
Explain the concept Does it make sense What would happen to
of… to…? ____ if ____ variable
Give me an example Compare and contrast were
of… _____ to _____. increased/decreased?
Describe in you own What was important How would repeated
words what ____ means. about…? trials affect your data?
What science or math Which errors most What significance is this
concepts does this affected your results? experiment/formula to
problem connect to? What are some sources the subject you are
Draw a diagram of… of variability? learning?
Illustrate how ____ How do you conclusions What type of evidence is
works. support your most compelling to you?
Explain how you hypothesis? Do you fell____
calculate… What prior research experiment is ethical?
and/or formulas support Are your results biased?
your conclusion?
How else could you
account for…?