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Hearne’s Expectations
U.S. History

Class Description: This Social Studies class is the second half of American History taken by each
student in the State of Texas. The class focuses on the history of the United States from Reconstruction
(1877) to present day. The study of American history is not just the memorization of important battles and
dates. Rather it is the study of the struggles, pain, and promise of a great nation and how it dealt with
adversity. History ultimately shapes the world we live in, and we cannot separate ourselves from our
history. As Faulkner said, “You must always know the past for there is no real was, but only is.” History is
who we were, it is who we are, and it is who we will become.

Class Norms:
1. Follow ALL Woodrow Student Rules!
2. The door will shut when the bell sounds. If the door is shut, get a tardy from the office, and
come back. You will not be admitted into class after 10 minutes.
3. Participation is Required!
4. Materials: Folder with pockets 2. Paper 3. Pen/Pencil
5. Passes will be given on an individual basis. This is a privilege and can be taken away. Take
care of business during your passing period.
6. The Bell does NOT dismiss the class. When the bell rings, the teacher will dismiss.
7. Tutorials: Are available before and after school by appointment.
8. Extra Credit: EC is always available and may be applied for by filling out an extra credit
application slip. (Ex: museum visit, historical movie, extra assignment, etc…)

EVERYDAY Beginning Class Procedures:

1. Greet Mr. Hearne at the door.
2. Sign the attendance sheet in the back of the classroom.
3. Take care of any business (sharpening pencils, getting needed materials, etc…)
4. Take your seat, have folder/spiral out, and begin the day’s
5. By the bell everyone should be in his or her seat doing the
Bellwork. Equipped
Class Rules:
1. Warning
Give Best Effort
Come Prepared
2. Student/Teacher Conference Punctual
3. Student/Teacher/Parent Conference
Follow Class Procedures
Show R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
4. School Disciplinary Measures Engaged
Grading Policy:
Classwork/Participation: 50% Projects: 20% Thoughtful
Tests/Quizzes: 20% Attendance: 10%

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