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Some times we feel that God would do justice and at
other times we feel we should do justice.

But in both cases; the feeling is impulsive. The modus

operandi is not clear. The mechanism is not clear. The
details are not clear. There is an ad hoc, piecemeal and
superficial approach and fragmented and ineffective
solutions to the problems.

When we practice NAMASMARAN we gradually go

deeper within ourselves; and find that we are potentially
as sinful or virtuous; as anyone else in the world and the
corrective measures for bringing the people to justice;
are no different than those urgently required for us.

Hence; if we stop being impatient to be judgmental and

bring the others to justice; before trying to heal and
rectify priority basis; then our stress would begin to

In other words; if we practice NAMASMARAN and

assert our true self; so as to evolve and share globally
beneficial perspective, plans and policies to usher in
justice; rather than waiting desperately for God or for
the others to do so; we would surely conquer the stress!
This is how through NAMASMARAN we concur with
our true self i.e. God in engendering justice in the world.
Our beliefs of “imaginary God bringing about justice”
can at the most stupefy us in fools’ paradise; and our
belief of “our own petty self bringing about justice”; can
at the most intoxicate us with sterile excitement.