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The stress is unavoidable turbulence within us. One of the
factors leading to such stress or turbulence in us; is non-
availability of holistic medical assessment, investigations and
treatment under one roof. The only way to manage this kind of
stress is international and national policy of adopting holistic
medicine in mainstream medical education, training, practice
and research.

Our stress would certainly be managed if we actually witness

development of medical institutions, which would engage in
teaching, training, practice and research of holistic medicine
and holistic health care.

The most essential and the core aspect (and also the asset) of
these institutions would be that; everyone involved in them
would be encouraged to practice NMAMSMARAN. The
practice of NAMASMARAN could vary as per one’s religious

Second characteristic would be encouragement to practice of


The third feature would be encouragement of vegetarianism.

The food served on campus to the patients and the staff
members; would be strictly vegetarian and would include
green vegetable, fruits, roots, tubers, different grains, spouted
beans, and different variety of nuts, different oils, cow milk
and plenty of drinking water.
There would be plantations of herbs such as tulsi, neem, bel,
kmari, gulvel, aghada, putrajeevak, shivalingi, kadamba,
lemon grass, pudina, jaswandi, pipal, banyan etc and other
edible fruits and vegetables also.

There would be quotes, portraits, photos, paintings, specimens,

murals of (from Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy; of scientists,
instruments, techniques, herbs etc), which would empower,
inspire and motivate the patients, the students the staff
members for working together to blossom one another!

The curriculum would include compulsory introductory course

as a foundation in which holistic approach, holistic medicine,
holistic health are introduced and explained; so as to inculcate
the unity amidst apparent diversity of people as well as medical
systems, so as to enable everyone to appreciate the contribution
of every walk of life and every system of medicine in
contributing to holistic health.

The OPD and IN DOOR treatment would be in consultation

with the experts from different systems of medicine, in as much
as experts from the different specialties. Different modalities of
treatment (under the supervision and control of experts) such
as yoga, pranayama, panchakarma, shatkarma, naturopathy;
besides; physiotherapy, intensive care, surgery and
rehabilitation would be available.
There would be a team of doctors to advise the local, state and
central governments; on designing and implementing policies
in different fields such as agriculture, industries, education,
information and broadcasting; and so on; for achieving holistic
health, on routine basis as well as during critical periods such
as endemics, epidemics and pandemics.

To be edited and other features to be added…..