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Nursing Care Plan-2

Patient Name: -Azeemat Bibi Age: 35y Sex: Male Ward No: 12 Bed. No:28
Marital Status: Married Medical Diagnoses: Cholilithiasis Address:Umarcot
Occupation: Govt: service Date: 26-03-2008

Anxiety related to for the coming surgery

Subjective Data: Short term goal:

Patient told that she was alright At the end of my duty patient will
two years back, then she verbalize reduction in anxiety.
developed pain in right side
below the ribs but now she is Long term goal:
anxious regarding her operation. At the end of hospitalization pt:
She asked question about her will free from the problem.
surgery that what will happen.
How many days will I stay here?
She also told she is not sleeping
Objective Data:
A middle aged lady was lying on
bed with anxious mood. On
physical examination there was
pain in the right hypocondrium.
Her vitals were
Pulse: 88 b/min
B.P: 140/90 mmHg
Resp/Rate: 22 /min
Temp: 99 0F
Lab: SGPT alkaline phosphitase
were raised.

1. Assess level of anxiety. 1. To deal accordingly. Short term goal:

2. Express verbalization of 2. To establish therapeutic Patient verbalized reduction in

feeling. relationship anxiety level hence I have
achieved my short term goal.
3. Provide accurate, concrete, 3. involving patient in plan of
information about what is care that provide the sense of
being done in surgery i.e. control and help to decrease
time of operation, duration of anxiety.
stay and other related
4. Help patient to initiate 4. Reduce anxiety and facilitates
positive coping behavior used rest. Long term goal:
in the past.
Still not achieved.
5. Provide calm, restful 5. removing patient from
environment. outside stressors, provide
relaxation, help to reduce
6. Administer medication as per 6. to reduce anxiety
physician’s order like
7. if appropriate, provide 7. to divert attention from
activity that can reduce anxiety producing feeling.

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Student name: Akbar Ali Arain Discipline B.Sc. N-1(2007-9)