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3-D Cell model Project

Biology I
Miss White
Due September 22, 2010

Purpose: To make a 3-D model of the cell and cell membrane

using common everyday materials. (May be done in groups
up to three)


1. Model: A model of an animal or plant cell will be made, labeled

with the following organelles (where appropriate)

Cytoplasm Lysosome Chloroplast
Nucleus Microtubules Marker Protein
Cell Wall Nucleolus Phospholipids
Mitochondria Vacuole Centriole
Golgi Body Ribosome
Smooth Endoplasmic Rough Endoplasmic
Reticulum Reticulum

2. Labeling: The cell type (plant or animal) should be labeled.

All cell organelles and parts of the cell membrane should also be
labeled. Identification of organelles should be done using flags
made of toothpicks stuck in the appropriate organelle. The name
of the structure can be written on the flag or a number can be
used which corresponds to a key of the structures.

3. Function Key: You must include a key for your model. The
organelles should be listed and identified by the flags on your
model. You are required to also include a brief explanation of
the function of each organelle in your key.

4. Cross Section of the Cell Membrane: A second smaller model of

a cross section of a cell membrane will be made. You must show
the phospolipid bilayer and the three types of cellular proteins.
Be sure to label these and include them in the function key.

Suggestions for Getting Started:

Decide if you want to make an animal or plant cell for

your model. Think of materials that would best
represent the different organelles.

Make a key of the organelles and their functions

before you make your model.

Materials used to represent organelles are not

limited. Use inexpensive material that can be found
Example: wood, yarn, buttons, thread, food, candy,
plastic, paper, styrofoam, etc

There will be only two class periods to work on this

project (9/8/2010 & 9/17/2010). Use your class time
wisely (that means plan ahead of time). You must
bring your own materials to school on the day that
we build the models. BE PREPARED.
Check Out the Website for Pictures of

Grading: Points Possible

Correctly Labeled Organelles 32
Function Key of Organelles 32
Correct Model of the Cell 8
Correctly Indicating Plant or 3
Animal Cell
Total Points 75