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Chapter 1
1.2 Jigsaw Notes
Areas of Impact.

Chemistry impacts our lives in six main areas: materials, energy, medicine and
biotechnology, agriculture, the environment, and the universe. Be able to discuss each of
the previously named areas. Read and take notes on pages 12-17 to learn more. Work in
the groups you’ve been assigned

What is the general goal of chemists when they develop new materials? Explain your
answer with an example from George de Mestral.

What does microscopic mean? Give an example.

What does macroscopic means? Give an example.

Name three ways chemists play an essential role in meeting our energy needs in todays

Explain how chemists help conserve energy.

Explain how chemists help in the production of energy.

Explain how chemists help in the storage of energy.

Medicine and Biotechnology:

Name three ways chemistry has helped doctors better treat their patients.

Explain how chemistry has helped make medicines.

Explain how chemistry supplies materials to help patients.

Explain how chemistry helps in biotechnology.

Define biotechnology:

Name two ways chemists help in agriculture.

How can chemistry make farming more productive. Give an example.

How can chemistry protect crops? Give an example.

The environment:
Name two ways chemistry helps the environment.

What is a pollutant?

Use lead as an example to describe how chemistry identifies pollutants and prevents

The Universe:
Tell three ways chemists can study planets or stars that are very far away.