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Sl.No.  Cable Tag  Starting From  Ending At Cable Size  Cable  Remarks


1  P‐MCC‐UPS1  MCC Panel  UPS‐1 1x(4Cx16sqmm)YWY

2  P‐MCC‐UPS2  MCC Panel  UPS‐2 1x(4Cx16sqmm)YWY
3  P‐UPS1‐UPS2  UPS‐1  UPS‐2 1x(4Cx16sqmm)YWY
4  P‐UPS‐1‐ACDB‐1  UP[S‐1  ACDB‐1 1x(4Cx16sqmm)YWY
5  P‐UPS‐2‐ACDB‐2  UPS‐2  ACDB‐2 1x(4Cx16sqmm)YWY
6  P‐ACDUP2‐REC24  ACDB (UPS‐2)  24V Rectifier 1x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
7  P‐ACDUP2‐REC48  ACDB (UPS‐2)  48V Rectifier 1x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
8  P‐ACDUP2‐INST‐1  ACDB (UPS‐2)  Inst Panel‐1 3x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
9  P‐ACDUP2‐INST‐2  ACDB (UPS‐2)  Inst Panel‐2 2x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
10  P‐ INST2‐ INST1  Inst Panel‐2  Inst Panel‐1 1x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
11  P‐DCB24‐INST1  24V DCDB  Inst Panel‐1 1x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
12  P‐DCB24‐INST2  24V DCDB  Inst Panel‐2 1x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
13  P‐DCB24‐TR  24V DCDB  Telecom Room 1x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
14  P‐DCB48‐TR  48V DCDB  Telecom Room 2x(4Cx2.5sqmm)YWY
15  P‐UPS1‐ETH  UPS‐1  Earthing 1X(1Cx10sqmm)Unarmoured  
Cu cable 
16  P‐UPS2‐ETH  UPS‐2  Earthing 1X(1Cx10sqmm) Unarmoured  
Cu cable 
17  P‐REC24‐ETH  24V Rectifier  Earthing 1X(1Cx10sqmm) Unarmoured  
Cu cable 
18  P‐REC48‐ETH  48V Rectifier  Earthing 1X(1Cx10sqmm) Unarmoured Cu cable 
19  P‐UPS1‐BB  UPS‐1  Battery Bank 2X(1Cx50sqmm) Unarmoured  
YWY cable 

NOTE‐  1‐ 2mtr loop to be left on both side of the cable mentioned above. 

2‐ Cable tray 100to 150mm needs to be provided in cable trench for laying of cables. 

DRAWING NO. ‐  MEC/23J8/05/E9/001/1085 
                           PREPARED BY                                                                                           CHECKED BY                                                                                                                   APPROVED BY
RAVI RAHUL DIXIT                                                             QUASIM AHMAD                                                                                                                 N.R. LODHA