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Udyam Sahasam dhairyam

buddhi shakti parakrama.

Shedet yatra vertante tatra
Deva sahaykrita.

id e
G u ters
8th year
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Year 08 es co

d ff c
an 8 S tates of human de e
Volume 01 1 velo



p a m

September 2010

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Eternal Wisdom

Enjoy the
spiritual power in
Life of complicity and nirvana
lies in extreme knowledge

A devotee in meditation remembers the peace-giving almighty and

becomes so engrossed that he forgets himself. Deep association with
god provides him immense spiritual bliss and this is called absolute zero stage of self.
The great saint Maharshi Dayanandji Maharaj has said that in the state meditation, the
person, his mind and objective, all three continue to exist but Nirvana is the highest
spiritual attainment where soul immerses in the glorious, peaceful and refulgent
vision of god and looses its existence. In Nirvana, there is no separation of these three
stages. They join together to become one. A person, while taking plunging in water
remains under water for some time, nirvana is similar to it. A soul takes plunge in the
joy of super power and further enjoys salvation. a holy man explains it as when iron
kept in intense fire absorbs the qualities of iron and similarly a soul enlightened with
the divine power forgets him and gets aligned with the divine power. One's soul
enlightens in the light of divine power and virtually he forgets his existence. He is
totally immersed in bliss of divinity and this way he attains the stage that is called
Shri Bhoj Maharaj has explained Samadhi as `samyagadhiyate ekagri criyate
vikshepan parihatya mano yatra se Samadhi `. (Bhojvrati Vibhutipad 3.3)
The person who commands his soul from aberration and accepts truth means he is
concentrating to attain the state of Samadhi. One should understand different phases
of Samadhi as described in first paragraph of Yogdarshan. The more elevated state of
Samadhi is `Nirbeej` Samadhi. In this state, a person reaches to the extreme stage of
samadhi. A human being desires for clover and when he succeeds in controlling his
all such desires, his materialistic habits get controlled. His chances to re-indulge in
such activities appear far away from him. And this stage is called Nirbeej Samadhi.
This is basically the pinnacle of yoga or the life.
The extreme of knowledge is similar to that of the state of a hermit. After attaining
the extreme height of the knowledge, nirvana is possible. After attaining Nivana, one
attains the state of a Yogi. After attaining it, the bad habits which degrade the stan-
dard of life also vanish. And this is the salvation.

Swami Ramdev

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 03

Memories of medicinal plant day
and felicitation ceremony

Arrival Most revered Swamiji Maharaj and honourable Ceremony Before opening the programme, swamiji,
Acharyaji Maharaj, arriving at programme venue at acharyaji along with other distinguished guests.
Patanjali Yogpeeth, riding on cart.

Good wishesOn the birthday of Ayurveda guru FelicitationShri Kishan Baburao Hazare (Anna Hazare)
Balkrishnaji Maharaj scores of people turned up to received Patanjali Krishi Gaurav reward.
extend good wishes.

Krishi Gaurav The representative of Professor MS Ayurveda Gaurav Mayaram Unniwal, while receiving
Swaminathan received Patanjali Agriculture Gaurav Patanjali Ayurveda Gaurav reward.

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 05

enters in eighth year

06 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

is flooded with a number of maga-
Market zines carrying nasty and indecent
contents. Filthy literature is presented in the form of arti-
cles or advertisements. The young breed is inclined
towards such magazines. The description in the maga-
zine arouses sexual desires and then entire process of
contemplation ends focusing at nasty subjects only.
Acharya Balkrishna
The language used in such magazines pollutes minds of the
younger generatin. Most of the publications don't hesitate in Editor, Yog Sandesh
catering nude images of women. Many companies give adver-
tisement of their products in the magazines with half-naked
pictures of a woman to sell their sub-standard products. Even
products which are used by males and have nothing to do with
a female consumer contain advertisements exhibiting nude
female bodies.
To check such degradation appearing in our traditions and
human values, honourable Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj - with
objective to spread ancient yoga, spiritual, ayurvedic and cul-
tural traditions to scores of human beings - launched Yog
Sandesh in September 2003. Yog Sandesh has in very short
span of time, brought revolution at intellectual, spiritual and
social level. It is not mere a magazine but a weapon for great
social, cultural and spiritual revolution. It has promoted
Ayurveda, a number of rare herbals and their uses and popular-
ized yoga, which is now accessible everybody who needs it. It is not just a
Inspired by the almighty, the noble work started by Swamiji, is magazine but
helping crores of people across the world to get rid of deadly
an effective
weapon to
and life taking diseases through ayurveda and yoga. Yog fight deadly
Sandesh has revealed secrets of Ayurveda that was almost for- diseases in
gotten from many decades. This initiative was taken by the form of a
Ramdevji Maharaj with the objective of public welfare. campaign for
Ramdevji established Patanjali Yogpeeth to achieve the pur- Yoga...
pose more meaningfully. In remote areas of India, where elec-
tric power is not available or people are deprived of cable tv ...In a very short
network and have no reach to Astha or Sanskar channels are span of time,
widely benefitted by this magazine- Yog Sandesh. Yog Yog Sandesh
Sansdesh is delivering message of health in every household has stimulated
through Ayurveda and yoga. It is also benefitting people by pre- the entire world
senting different issues related to Vedic socialism, Vedic at ideological,
nationalism, Bolshevism, spiritualism and materialism. Yog social and spiri-
Sandesh also gives solution to problems related to an individ- tual levels.
ual, family, society and nation. The magazine is playing pivotal
role in establishing India as the leader of the world. It is the
result of your love and affection that Yog Sandesh is being pub-
lished in 11 languages. And on the demand of readers two more
regional editions - Malayalam and Tamil - are to be launched
very soon. With price rise of other commodities of our daily
use, printing cost too has gone-up and it seems to be difficult to
publish a magazine of this quality at a low cost. But given the
love and convenience of the readers, raising the price of the
magazine is out of question of Swami Ramdevji Maharaj.

Cont. on page 8
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 07
Cont. from page 7

Indian seers from generations have been carrying and propagating

the knowledge of Ayurveda and spiritualism and now Swami
Ramdevji Maharaj has translated it into easiest form. He has
Lakhs of readers
established that asanas-pranayam, meditation, ayurveda are all from India and
integral parts of science and psychology and with the help of Yog abroad have turned
Sandesh, Swamiji is conveying the message effectively.
Yoga Sandesh, a The truth needs a strong expression for its wider propagation. And
to Yog Sandesh. Yog
campaigner of lakhs of people, in India and abroad, have turned to Yog Sandesh. Sandesh is a
ancient Indian
traditions has
Yog Sandesh is initiating an idealistic spiritual and social revolu- weapon to initiate
tion. The revolution has made strong impact on the society. By
entered 8th glori- spiritual, social and
reading the magazine regularly, people are becoming self-reliant
ous years...
and becoming karma-yogi as described as `Yoga Karmasu intellectual revolu-
To achieve the
Kaushalam.` tion in the world.
To ensure the return of thousands of years old Indian traditions, it
objective to pop-
is necessary to expand Yog Sandesh. Everyone associated with
ularize and re-
Yog Sandesh, has a duty to make efforts to inspire and add atleast
establish many
ten members each for permanent membership. The devotees who
decades old
have faith in Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and Patanjali Yogpeeth
Indian traditions,
are in crores, in India and abroad and it is the need of hour that
it is necessary to
expand Yog more and more people get associated to it.
Sandesh beyond With the current issue in your hands, your beloved Yog Sandesh
all limits. It is has entered into glorious eighth year. The magazine used to be
being requested published in black and white print in its initial years but with love
that each reader and dedication of the devotees, it has achieved several mile
shall ensure 10 stones. For sure, the love and affection of the readers is the force
new permanent behind it. And now from May 2010, Yog Sandesh is printed in
membership so four colours.
that more and People have liked the development and in this connection we
more people received a large number of letters, emails and telephones. All of
could get benefit- us shall pledge to popularize Ayurveda and for change in system
ted. to ensure healthy and clean India and to significantly increase the
number of members of Yog Sandesh. Honourable Swami
Ramdevji Maharaj has appealed everyone in India and abroad to
get associated with Yoga Sandesh. He has also blessed and greet-
ed to all.

08 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010


Now changeover of Yog Sandesh is Yog Sandesh is the propagator of

making it more popular `rashtra dharma`
Swamiji Please accept my hearty greetings When I received the new edition of Yog Sandesh it gave
me collective feeling of joy and surprise. The picture of
I am a regular reader of Yog Sandesh. I am an ardent Yogrishi Swami Ramdev in meditation, with spell binding
devout of Baba Ramdevji Maharaj. I retired from the post
aura has added more beauty to the already attractive pages.
of scientists in DRDO and now I am settled in Dehradun.
Any literature including this magazine maintains high The beautiful presentation of subjects, selection of head-
standards of publication and contents. They boost-up sen- lines, impressive picture captions and the precious quotes
timents of nationalism and self-development. The Yog of Swamiji has made the magazine much more impressive.
Sandesh issue for May and after that is being liked very The May issue was dedicated to Bharat Swabhiman cam-
much by me and my family. The reasons for liking it paign in which, through his interview and other articles,
include- it is a good quality magazine available for the Swamiji has given clear message of his ideology and
readers at cheaper price. when in this period, prices of objectives. Now it is the responsibility of the countrymen
every item is soaring up, you are using good quality print to heed the call and associate with this Yagna with full
paper and now after converting it into four colour maga- commitment. Yog Sandesh is also a conveyor of Rashtra
zine, you have surged ahead of all the contemporary mag-
azines published for any field. And the task has been
accomplished without any price hike. Really it was a great Manish Raj Dhundara,
challenge but you did it. The second reason is you pub- Village and post - Kanwas,
lished a big and attractive cut-out of the great nationalistic district Kota, Rajasthan.
martyr Veer Sawarkarji and I felt to be in the same room
of Central Jail in Port Blair, where Sawarkar was detained.
I had been to Port Blair and Central Jail just four days Yog Sandesh is liked by all
before to my retirement, in October 2008.
Most revered Swamiji Maharaj,
Also I liked the column `samachar patro ki nazar main'. by touching feet I seek your blessings.
After going through the column it is not very difficult to
assess the impact of Bharat Swabhiman campaign, which The new issue of May is really very impressive. The edit-
is fast gaining popularity among the various sections of the ing is excellent. The interview of honourable Swamiji and
society. This column reveals what Swamiji has said at dif- Shanti Saar are really impressive. Dhyan Dharna topic
ferent places. This says much about the life philosophy as covered in June issue was liked by many people. The July
told by Swamiji. And the forth reason is that Yog Sandesh issue too was very attractive and inspiring. The cover page
is publishing colourful pictures, caricatures of national and printing was of excellent quality. I pray the almighty
agitations, national heros like Shivaji Maharaj and now it
that Yog Sandesh makes ayurveda, yoga and spiritualism
is being liked very much by adolescents. And I am sure
that in future, your army would have more number of peo- much more popular than ever.
ple having mind-set of Shivaji, Maharana Pratap,
Chandrashekhar Azad and Sardar Bhagat Singh. Rajkumar Kedia,
President, Bihar Regional Marwari Convention,
And these are the reasons why the magazines have Motihari branch,
become dear to me and my entire family. Hindi Bazar, Motihari,
East Champaran, Bihar.
Yours truly
Prakash Chandra Bharti
Retired Scientist,59, Mayur Vihar,
Sahastradhara Road, Dehradoon,

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 09

Family name - Leguminoseae
Latin name - Cassia accidentails Linn
English Name - Negro coffce

Sanskrit - Kasmard, Kasari

Hindi - Kasaudi
Gujarati - Kasondari, Sanvidh
Bengali - Kaju Kasuda,
Kalma, Sanda
Marathi - Ranak, Kasvida
Punjabi - Kasmard
Kannada - Churuchuruke
Telugu - Karsvedenam,
Dravidi - Paiyaware

Outer description
The multi-branch Negro coffce
emerge close to the root or a little
above. The leaves are found in a
bunch of 3-5, having length 2-4 inch-
es and breadth 0.5-1.5 inches, having
egg shaped curves and pointed ends.
It gives pungent smell, when inhaled.
The leaves have contents of salt. The
seeds also have Tannic Acid, Fats,
Immodin, Chryserabin and little
amount of Sodium Sulphate besides is found in bushes form The juice of the leaves alone or mixed
one toxic substance. in rainy season, near with milk, a little warm, when dropped
garbage dumps. Another type of Negro 2-4 drops in ears, it gives relief.
coffce is known as black Negro coffce.
Its branches have violet color. At the Adenoid problem
base it is black and the roots appear to In this disease prepare a paste of 10
be burnt with smell of musk. grams of leaves of Negro coffce and
mix with 2-4 black pepper. Then apply
Diseases of eye the paste to get relief.
When eyes pain or swell, fresh juice of
Negro coffce could be beneficial. One Epilepsy
drop every morning and evening is to In epilepsy and other related diseases,
be taken. Place leaves on the eyes and decoction of Negro coffce 10-20 grams
it give relief in one week. in a day if given 3-4 times would be
Pain in ears
10 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
Negro Coffce
characteristics and benefits Acharya

Mental problem 100 grams of water, boiled and then fil-

In case of epilepsy, hysteria, crushed tered. The remain is beneficial in hic-
flower gives benefits. The decoction of cups and breath related diseases.
dry flowers if given 20 grams thrice a
day, it is beneficial to women having Kidney related ailments Characteristics
problem of hysteria. 20 grams of leaves crushed with 2-4 of
black pepper and when taken in morn- It is helpful in
Cough, fever or breadth related ing and evening. kapha, vata and
problems pitta. On exter-
1) The juice of the leaves 10-15 grams Stomach problems nal use it helps
with 2 spoon honey when taken in When 20 grams of leaves boiled with treating leprosy
morning is beneficial. It also caus- 400 grams of water and taken, it and also
es vomit and thus purgation. destroys stomach worms. It is also used absorbs poi-
2) Its fresh leaves, when roasted and as evacuant for stomach. son. When
taken it help in curing court. consumed it
3) In cough when the crushed seeds of Urine related ailments helps in bile
Negro coffce, pippali and black The decoction of the root when taken and motion. It
salt, taken in equal amount in water 10-20 grams twice or thrice a day treats also reduces
for gargle and then, tablets pre- stomach related disease. spasm and
pared of 250 ml each when chewed pain. It helps in
in morning or night, it is beneficial. Hydro problems treatment of
4) For nostrils and nose related dis- When 10 grams of root, mixed in cough. It also
eases if one or two drops of leaves lemon juice and applied on stomach it treats fever.
dropped in nostrils, it helps a lot. gives benefits. Also when 2 grams of its
5) For brath related disease vegetable root taken with whey, it is advanta-
of the leaves is beneficial. geous.

Cough Blood related disease

1) If powder of the seeds, with warm Almost 10 seeds of Negro coffce mixed
water is taken three times a day, it with 1-2 black pepper, mixed in water
is advantageous. and prepared as a paste. When taken in
2) Mix powder of almanac of Negro the evening, it gives benefit in disease.
coffce 29 grams with water 350
grams and boil till residue remains Constipation
almost 40 grams. Then filter it and During constipation and other related
mix with honey and take in morn- disease, sweet mix of the flowers of
ing and evening. Negro coffce just 3-6 grams would
Medical use
When 10 grams of leaves mixed with cont. on page 12
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 11
Cont. from page 11 Elephantiasis
When the root is mixed with cow ghee
Accouchement and taken in morning and evening it
The juice of the leaves is highly helpful gives benefit.
in accouchement.
In kushtha disease
Fever When seeds of Negro coffce and radish
In this chapter, in The decoction of roots of Negro coffce mixed in equal amount and double
10-20 grams when taken in morning amount of sulphar is mixed into it to
the series of the
and evening, helps in the treatment of prepare a paste and when applied it
treasury of malaria and other disease. It helps as cures the disease.
Ayurveda, we are resistor.
In ulcer
explaining the Semen related problem In the burning skin diseases, the fresh
qualities, charac- The powder of the roots of Negro cof- leaves of Negro coffce are when
fce 1-4 grams when taken with 5-10 crushed and applied, it gives immense
teristics and ben-
grams of honey when taken in morning benefit.
efits of Negro cof- and evening with one glass of milk, it When the fresh leaves crushed and
fce. When this thickens semen. applied on the bite, it gives relief.
In scorpion bite
medicinal plant is Weakness When any person, after chewing the
used in different root of Negro coffce, whiffs in the ears
manners, it gives In physical weakness of victim, it gives immediate relief to
In physical weakness, use decoction of the patient. Similarly, when it is applied
immense benefits Negro coffce 20 Gms morning and at the place of bite, it gives relief to the
in different ail- evening. It gives strength. victim.

In skin disease Insect bite
a) The decoction of Negro coffce 40- A person suffering from insect bite like
60 gms when taken in morning and spider, wasp then the juice and paste of
evening, it helps in purifying blood the leaves are applied at the bite place,
and thus helps in skin diseases. it gives benefit.
b) The decoction when applied on the
parts having infection and used Naru disease
while taking bath cures skin related When a paste is made of the leaves of
diseases. Negro coffce and mixed with finely
crushed onion and salt and applied, it
Herpes : gives benefit.
a) In herpes like skin disease, the
seeds of Negro coffce is used. The drink of ngero coffce
b) The seeds of Negro coffce when The seeds of Negro coffce, when fried
applied with butter milk, it gives in light heat with ghee and later dried
relief. and crushed into powder and then it can
c) When the root of Negro coffce is be used as a coffee powder. This is
crushed with vinegar and applied energetic and good for stomach related
on herpes it is beneficial. Also ailments.
when the root is rubbed with lemon 
and applied, it is beneficial.

For sexual disease

When 10-20 Gms of the new leaves of
the black Negro coffce is applied with
200 Gms of water it given benefit.

12 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

The tantra-mantra, black magic, sorcery is nothing but a
mean to approach god. It is a medium to reach the
almighty. When a devotee makes efforts to establish connec-
tion with god, he uses different ways. He turns from corpore-
ality to morality. But god exists everywhere. He is present in
particles, corporeality and even vacuity. `siddhis` are nothing
but a mean to reach the almighty.

accomplishment A small
Shri Arvind
In staidness there is one stage of
extreme staidness. When a human
being tries to make himself complete is
difficult rather than to reach the stage of
his own infinity. And the infinity of
human being is the almighty. I always
aspire of extreme power, knowledge
What is mate- and pleasure though it is not possible
rialistic prob- for me to achieve. But infinity has, by
name itself, no end and it is unending.
lem? A human
Thus don't say that I achieve anything
mind always by turning thyself the same. But a
contemplates human being could achieve god after Suniti Mund
to get merged having godliness. And before reaching
with the infini- god, he could establish a relationship
with the almighty. The relationship I have taken birth of a daughter in the
ty, which is with god is within the reach of human- life of father and mother,
super power. ity. And the means are prayer, worship, Tomorrow I would be married and
Infinite and a devotion, sacrifice and meditation there
move to some other place,
are many other ways also but humanity
Why the god has created this ritual,
great pleas- As I would have to go to some other
has yet not developed such mediums.
ure. place after marriage,
They are beyond the reach in present
After giving birth, those who brought
circumstances. Though, they could be
us up and sacrificed their life for the
within the purview of humanity but are
yet to get developed.
Then they send us off. The life scat-
Such relationship could be achieved by
ters there.
Yoga. May be, we do not name him as
And there is no guarantee to get that
god but we may name him as Mother
parental love at new place.
Nature, higher and superior soul, or any
Why the relationship with those, who
other name. An atheist also realizes the
brought us on the world, is so strange,
god by going the same way. This is the And why is this, the fate of a girls?
greatness of the super power.He is pres- A daughter has little pledge,
ent in such physical elements. `Ye That all males shall feel the pain of a
Yatha Maa Prapadhyante, Tatasathaive women and respect women as daugh-
Bhajamyahma`. (Courtesy Bhagwat ter and daughter-in-laws.

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 13

Life and

14 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

two streams of life are materialistic and spir- says that the position is of body while place is
The itualistic. The pure materialistic people say of soul. The three stages of a human
that life is the beginning and the end too and spend the body are active, dream and idle. When
life following the same philosophy. While the pure spir- the body is awaken then the soul is
itualistic person believes that this life is hollow and awaken and likewise, when the body
pseudo. The truth is not there where we are living but it is in dreams so as the soul and when
is somewhere beyond. And for the life beyond the the body is idle similar is the soul.
present one, one shall dedicate his life. But what does it mean? It means
that when the body is awakening, it

Becon, a supporter of materialistic liv-

ing in west, believes that the world is
the only truth. This is ultimate and a
person shall plan accordingly. But
could we believe that this world begins
and ends here? This life is not the last
but a beginning. It is a journey to that
ultimate. And shall feel that if this life
is independent, irrespective of any
preparation for impending future than it
becomes dull.
Every object in the world is connected
with another by the help of which other
Materialism objects work. Absolute is one and only
and spiritual- one which is the axis around which
ism, the exact everything revolves. If he is also rela-
composition of tive and needs some support than
these life sys- comes the question of beingness. Our
tems is the body is also relative, a part of a system.
It is the part of the science or life to is busy with work. The body is active
true life. Rest
which we call spiritualism. as soul has come out. Thus when the
of the philoso- And in reality, neither materialism nor body is active, the soul is active and
phies are, if spiritualism in totality is correct. In similarly when world is awaken, the Enjoy the life
not wrong fact both collectively complete the life. force behind it, which is running the but don't
altogether, but As the spiritualism is true, materialism world is awaken. And likewise, when
restrict the
surely are not is also a truth. Considering both, the the body is in dreams or inactive, the
life circle is total. The Upnishadas say, soul becomes inactive and when the life in enjoy-
`Ten Tayakten bhunjhitha`. Means world is inactive so is the almighty ing the world-
There is mar-
enjoy the pleasures of life but don't do behind the world. Thus, the position is ly pleasures.
ginal gap only that. The world has been created not of soul or the super power, it is of The world
between the for pleasure but don't get indulge in the body and world. But the place is not
perishable has been cre-
such a manner that you forget every- of body or world but it is of soul and
body and thing else. Soul without body and God almighty. The soul and god drive the
ated to enjoy
immortal soul. without nature could not express their body according to its situation. Hence, but don't get
being. And therefore, the development Mandukya Upnishad has replied the indulged in it
of a body for a soul and nature for question as what is the place of soul and forget all
almighty are as important as the instru- and the almighty, where do they live. rest of the
ments of an artisan are important for The episode in Upnishad is related to
him. The Mandukya Upnishad suggests soul but the answer is related to both-
to leave apart the question of a glimpse the soul and the super power.
of a soul, one could see it clearly. To The spiritual search of Vedic culture,
clarify more, the seer has used two
words - position and place. The seer cont. on page 16
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 15
cont. from page 15 who is awake does not distinguish in
life and death. He does not have prob-
the search which has found place in lem in materialistic life. And such peo-
Chandogya and Mandhukya ple are actually awake and rests are
Upnishads, has revealed two powers sleeping. Actually awakening, sleep-
for a human - body and its soul. The ing, living and death are relative words.
search too has two aspects. The first To whom normal human being consid-
part says that body and soul are differ- er as awakening is actually in sleep in
ent and the body is not the last. Even spiritual language. Whom we consider
after the body is consigned to flames, as alive is actually dead in spiritual
the soul exists. Hence it is necessary to termss. Thus, Vedas for those who con-
believe that both are different. The sec- sider themselves as awaken but actual-
ond aspect is that the body is brittle ly are in deep sleep, says `uttishthat
while the soul is immortal. And in a jgrat' , means be awake, `prapya varan
way consider that the body is the ulti- nibodh` means touch the feet of your
mate power and not looking beyond elders and prepare for self-realization.
body is akin to death. While achieving This is the right way to understand the
the god in this materialistic world is mystery of the life.
Ishwasyamidam sarva i.e. life. If the body is not considered as a part of
When the Upnishads have explained that there the spiritual life then, there is no rele-
spiritual life are five koshs in the life. They are vancy in life. It is useless. Living for
Annamaya Kosh, Pranmaya Kosh, whom and for what? Just to eat! But
is linked to Manomaya kosh, Vigyanmaya kosh even cattle do it, then what is the rele-
materialistic and anandmaya kosh. A person who vancy of being a human being? When
life, then always engages in eating lives in anna- with the spiritual life, there is little
maya kosh. Means the materialistic life touch of materialism, then it may be
only the
is everything for him. Under spiritual said that the life has right direction. Or
direction of definition, he is akin to dead. This situ- else there is nothing but to live the life
the life ation is found in cattle also. The person and die after the age.
becomes who reaches a few notches above it But spiritual life does not mean to
means living in pranmaya kosh. These avoid materialistic living. The human
clear. Then five koshs or conditions of soul reveal body is necessary for spiritual life. It is
there is the life sketch of a human being. a medium for spiritualism. The body is
nothing for The koshas describe what the life is? the medium of soul. And knowing this
the human What the death is, what is awakening fact is the totality of the life. And
condition, sleeping condition? The life expressing same sentiments, Upnishad
being but to we are living is, according to Bhagwat has clearly said that the body is a char-
live and Gita is a dream. They are not awakened iot and senses are its horses. These
die. and according to Gita they are asleep horses are running towards worldly
but they are always mistaken to be pleasures. And mind is reining while
awakened. Living in a human body is intelligence is charioteer. The soul is its
not living. According to rider. But this process has reversed.
Taitiriyonishad, it is like death as for The reins lie with senses and when the
real life, there is something beyond the soul should have been the rider, the
human body. For real life, a human senses becomes rider. Hence the true
being would have to live in soul, mind life is a good composition of material-
science and ultimately in pleasure. istic and spiritualistic life.
In our life, living in this manner is not 
living but it is like a person deep sleep-
ing. In the mythological book Gita it is
clearly said ` Ya nisha sarvabhutanam
tasya Jagrati Sayami`. Means the peo-
ple who consider themselves as awaken
are actually in deep sleep. The person
16 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
Angel baba
Rajendra Kumar

You are a god to the downtrodden; you are an angle sent

by God,
You embraced the underprivileged and gave the pranayam
as ambrosia.
You promoted Pranayam and Yoga and doing welfare to
the world.
You are making relentless efforts to make earth a heaven
and even sinners found shelter in you.
Your arrival has turned a larger part of the world in
And your appearance is like the aerospace, like a moon
twinkling amidst stars.
Due to your service to mankind, a golden era has come.
You are abiding by Jan Gan Man,
And the sentiments of Jan Gan Man lie in you.
When the mother India gave birth to you, she thought that
you would ask for something
But you are a bond of love to tie entire world.
With you, a new dawn has emerged, Dr Taradutta Nirvirodh
Now the youth have also waken-up and are marching with Don't relegate patience, but get associated with
you. it.
Bharat Swabhiman presents the picture of future of India It is a thread which ties the human being,
India would be the leader and world a follower. Waves are waves and water is ultimately
You are Ram-Krishna, Rahman and even Mira and water,
Raskhan When in this world, storm has taken care of
In all the incarnation, you are there and you are the pride waves and water.
of Maa Bharti. But the restrain of ocean is not less than a life
It is said that whenever trouble comes to the earth, god And let someone tie such a bond, a linkage
has taken incarnation, between life and the ocean.
And now you, a yogi, saint and seer, is leading the world Now pearls, diamond, jewels ruby or dry mud
with Pranayam. All are burden, when a person faces difficul-
But restrain of breath is not less than life.
And if someone starts pranayam, even God is
not invincible.
God keeps record of the life and that of this
world, entire world is his home.
And restrain of words, is no less than restrain
on voice,
I hope that any cord would tie word to word.

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 17

Rishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has interpreted Gita as Gitamrit. For the readers of Yog Sandesh it is being
Yog published in series.

Swami Annabhadwati Bhutani Parjanyadannsambhav Evam Pravartitam Vakra nanuvartyateeh ya,

Yagyabhdvati parjayo yagnam karmasmubhdave, (14) Adhayurindrayarobho mogham partha sa jeevati. (16)
Ramdev Karma Brahmodbhav Viddhi rahmakshrasmubhdavam In these couplets, Lord Krishna says that O Arjun,
Tasmatsarvganta brahm nitya yagya pratishithanam (15) one who in this world does not apply the procedures
established by the Vedic scriptures, that person lives
Living beings come into being from food and food in sin and wastes human life and captivated by sin
is produced from rainfall. Rainfall occurs from the gratification. The human being, who is not giving
performance of yagna and yagna originates from god his share and himself enjoying the worldly pleas-
action. The Manusmiriti has stated that the sacrifice ures, is a burden in the universe. So it can be under-
in yagna is directly received by sun, which produces stood that the necessity for the actions of Yagna are
rainfall. (14) prescribed in the Vedic scriptures are essential and
One shall understand that actions originate from the indispensible in different ashrams or stages of the
Vedic scriptures or barahma (nature) and Vedic society. But seers could think that when they have
scriptures originate directly from the supreme lord. attained moksha what is the meaning of doing karmas
Therefore the all pervade ultimate truth established because for a person who has attained moksha what
eternally in performing sacrifice unto the supreme is the need of doing karmas. But the answer to this
lord. question lies in next couplets.
The third chapter of Gita is Karmayoga. The mean-
ing of Karmayoga is work, without a wish of result.
Yagna is the example of action, without the wish of
result. In this episode yagna does not mean havan or
sacrifice. Since during the time of Gita, there was a
tradition of yagna and hence this word has been taken
into consideration. But still the meaning has been
truly introduced by Lord Srikrishna. In Gita, the word
yagna signifies self-surrender. Means this entire
world is an example of yagna a lively example of sur-
render or action without wish. Brahmaji created this
universe alongwith yagna. The spirit behind the
yagna is to give and not of selfishness. The spirit is to
surrender, to sacrifice, to do better to others and then Therefore without attachment, without interruption,
only a human being would step forward in real sens- perfectly perform prescribed actions, since by per-
es in his life. This is the route of karmayoga. But forming the prescribed actions a person achieves the
there are two routes in the life, Karmayoga and highest good.
sankhyayoga. The great warrior Arjuna was eager to It is correct that prayer and action are the medium to
know the view of Lord Krishna regarding sankhyayo- reach the almighty. But karmas are categorized in
ga. He asked to explain the lord in terms of eremite, three groups. First, karmas done without the senti-
body and the deeds. Lord Krishna replied the same in ments of yagna and purely for personal gains. Such
the next three couplets. actions are totally to please him and depict arrogance.
Yasvatmatirev syadatmatriputshaya manava, Such actions keep a human being deprived from the
Armanyeva va santushthasthya karya na vidhyate. (17) true objective, aim and meaning of the life. (Mogham
Naiva tasya kritarntho nakritenaiva kashyat se jivati). The second class is a good mix of material-
Na chasya sarbhuteshu kashichdarthvyapa shraya. (18) istic sentiments and yagna sentiments. The objective
And is to get good results but more the objective of yagna
Tasmadsakte satata karyam karma samachar is served more is better. The third category is the deed
Asattafo vyacharkarma parmopnoti purusha. (19) with desireless, unattached action is exclusively to
One who remains ecstatic within the self, self-illuminate please the supreme Lord. This is the best way to
and fully satisfied within the self only, activities do not exist attain the highest reach, a human being could
for him. (17) achieve. When Lord asked to Yoga Vashishtha to
a) In this world for him no purpose is gained by explain why desireless and unattached person is sup-
discharge of actions neither is any sin incurred by posed to work? Whatever Vashishtha replied is the
non-discharge of action and among all living beings gist of the next three couplets of Bhagwat Gita.
never needs to depend upon anyone.
b) For him no task is left to do. He has nothing to
do with krit karma or akrit karma and neither he has
to depend upon any living soul for the purpose to ful-
fill his desires. (18) (To be continued in next edition).

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 19

Physical development and
chemical medicine
to the mythological books human beings live 100 years. But for healthy and pleasing life the
According following qualities too are necessary. And they are

[ 1 ] Tenderness of childhood [ 2 ] Development of body

[ 3 ] Brightness [ 4 ] Power to think and wisdom
[ 5 ] Balminess of skin [ 6 ] Vision to see
[ 7 ] Power of life [ 8 ] Courage to perform gallant
[ 9 ]Brain to distinguish what is bad or good and [10] senses - hands, legs to perform
Acharya work.

The seer says that anybody if deprived A little negligence could deprive a
with any of the above mentioned quali- human being of healthy body and mind.
ties does not remain happy. Resultantly As it is already said that in this age,
his body develops fatigue. there is no addition in the minerals and
The 100 years considered age of a contents available in the body.
It is said that the
human being is divided in different cat- Generally in this age, a human being
age adds-up. But egories. A) Childhood - from birth to has divergent thoughts and actions in
it is contrary to it. 16 years B) middle and old age from 17 various fields. The power to take deci-
And in effective years to 60 years. They are further cat- sions and thought process get strength-
egorized in three groups. 1) Age of ened. And due to continuously generat-
the age decreas-
development - 17-20 years when there ing thoughts, sleep is not perfect. The
es. As the age is increase in minerals within the coition power decreases and in action,
ripe, geezer hood body,2) Youth - 21-40 years, when the it decays manual power.
overpowers and body is loaded with minerals, seminal Other symptoms related to old age also
fluid and power and 3) Absoluteness - grow in this age. Wrinkles develop on
the body slowly
41-60 years, when there is no increase the skin and face besides hair turning
turns incapable. in the physical strength but the body grey. Baldness starts developing. The
And for being contents are static. And C) Old age 61- digestion capacity and hunger also
active for a 100 years, when the power of the body diminishes. Thus keeping all such con-
becomes feeble day by day and one day ditions in mind, a person should fix his
longer period, it a person dies. diet. Intense heat, cold or rainfall con-
is necessary to As it is said that in the age bracket 41- ditions become intolerable. Thus a per-
understand the 60 years the power of a human being is son in this age group should avoid it.
static but he is suppose to take nutrient Another problem, which is created in
chemical medi-
and balanced meal and has to be free this age is deposition of fat on different
cines. from mental anxiety and worry. A per- parts of the body particularly around
son in this age group is supposed to fol- neck, face and hips. The person appears
low routine in specific seasons and in to be fat. But this also indicates weak-
general besides pathya-apathya, means ness of metabolism. And now it is clear
improving eating or diet habits. that the body is not receiving same
20 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
amount of energy from digestion of
minerals. After 60 years, a person's
energy gets decayed and even after
making efforts; it is not possible to hind
the symptoms. The metabolism energy
decays and hence in many parts waste
products get deposited. Even more
fe the quantity of waste products not only
generates in the body but also deposit
in various parts. Thus even after taking
nutritious and good food and restricting
diet, body does not gain energy. Even
the eye sight starts dwindling. The
process of calcification starts in eyes in
which more calcium is deposited. The
synovial fluid, found at the joints of
bones too starts drying thus they
become rough and dry. And even their
flexibility lessens. Hence in this age, and softness. In brief we can say that
complaints of rheumatism increases the process which keeps a person
besides swelling at the joints and cervi- younger and bar from becoming weak
cal spondylitis. The nerves system too with increase in age is chemical medi-
weakens. Thus the strength of ear and cine. With the help of this even eyes
mind reduces. The flexibility in artery and ears power increase. The bright-
starts dwindling. ness of the face returns and colour of If a person is
The capacity of the major parts of the the skin too brightens. This chemical free from men-
body - lungs, heart and kidneys too medicinal process strengthens all sens-
tal problems
weakens. And all these reasons cause es of the body. And the person remains
high blood pressure, insomnia and youth for longer period. A person and tensions
increase in protest glands. The psan- remains strengthened for physically and simultane-
creas nerve too does not function well and mentally. The chemical medicine ously he also
causing diabetes. Unfortunately if any also helps in forming a healthy and
fracture occurs, the bone does not com- strong society. And this is the only rea-
exercises and
pletely realign. The lens of the eye also son for each person has advantage of has a habit of
create problem resulting in cataract. this medical aspect. diet control as
Jaws get weaken and teeth displace 
suggested in
from their place.
In short, the body starts weakening and Ayurveda, he
person is getting physically and men- remains
tally unhealthy. Ultimately he proves to younger for
be a burden on himself, family and ulti-
longer period.
mately on the nation.
And in such pitiful condition, the
description of chemical medical
process as described in Ayurveda
proves very useful. The objective is
keeping metabolic system right, which
increases number and strength of tissue
cells. This experiment makes nerve
system stronger and regains flexibility (To be continued in next edition)
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 21
has quietly entered in our soci-
ety, our life. The economic liber-
alization has less advantages and more shocks.
Multinational companies identified consumer hidden
in Indians and impressed upon spending more on
such articles. Thus, these companies are earning
crores of hard earned rupees by Indians. The market
or these multi-nationals are still making inroads into
the consumers. Multi-nationals have prepared market
for each age group.

I am worried as my husband has stench them from different diseases. But still
Patanjali in his breath, complaints a newlywed models with glittering teeth appear in
woman to her friend. She advised her to the advertisements. Public even after
take a doctor and the doctor ask to use all the teen decay does not realize the Advertisement
Colgate toothpaste, having the security falsehood of such advertisements. A
s not only
cover. Similarly close-up closes us. beautiful woman, wrapped in the saree
Means only use of close-up could bring of some particular company, or a young
make a deep
a couple more closely. And now the boy in company's suit, or cute couple hole in the
question arises that the strong bond of standing besides a beach holding pepsi pocket but
husband-wife depends on the five or cola or girls, tied in company's also catalyze
rupees valued Colgate or close-up swimming suit, standing half-naked in our lust. They
paste? water, all these are parts of the adver-
provoke to
I am a Complan boy! tisements of the products of multi-
I am a complain girl. Hence there is no national companies. Even a fat person spend more
need for parents to conceive a baby as with round belly and his wife weighing as compared
they are the children of complains. 2 quintals consider themselves as too to the pur-
Likewise, many advertisements to turn handsome and beautiful after wearing chasing
grey hair black and to stop hair loss in these attires.
capacity. This
form of jelly hair dye, oil and medi- Thus beauty of a human being lies in
cines come in different media. But the the company related attires he wears.
is a psycho-
fact is that till now no medicines could But the fact is that beauty lies with the logical trap
be found to stop hair loss or hair turn- health and nature of a human being. laid by multi-
ing grey. But still many advertisements The success of multi-nationals lies in nationals to
related to it appear regularly in media the aggressive campaigning they carry. mutilate our
which only create confusion among the These companies spend crores of
public. And this is also applicable to rupees every year for advertisement
society and
tooth powder. But hitherto, in the world purpose. Here is the record of cost of culture.
no paste or powder could be discovered advertisements borne by multi-national
which stop decaying of teeth or save companies.
22 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
gler jeans, modern tiles and other such
items. The women or the house wife
could take rest for entire day but would
not find any time to clean the house.
Reason, she does not have vacuum
cleaner. When there is no food proces-
sor in the house, she would have prob-
lems in cooking meals. And the result is
unnecessary and irrational expenditure,
which soon becomes part of life. The
status symbol goes high but not the
salaries in that proportion. And this
starts an inner struggle within a human
being but ultimately he votes in favour
of the products propagated by the
multi-nationals. And this leads to the
beginning of the fall of a human being.
This is the beginning of an honest per-
son turning corrupt. Thus it is clear
that the advertisements also relate with Multi-national
the corruption. companies have
The products are not sold on the quali- crores of rupees
ty but the company's glamour, which budget to pro-
they associate with it. These advertise- voke a common
ments basically generate inferior com-
Indian to pur-
plex in human being. Mostly the prod-
chase those
uct advertised is for middle class but it
is displayed as being used by the high-
products, cost-
est end of the society. It is well known
ing much more
than his pur-
MNC Ad expenditure weakness of a middle class family to
chasing power.
cost in crores in live like people of higher society. And
But it is psycho-
2007-08 hence the advertisements prove disas-
logical slavery
1. Hindustan Leavers 1422.83 trous. A common man could spend
that the con-
2. ITC 427.83 huge amount to get products advertised
sumer purchas-
3. Brooke Bonds India 470.00 in the media but could never afford the
es it thus dam-
4. Colgate-Palmolive 256.51 living style displayed in the advertise-
aging himself
5. Nestle 172.21 ments. economically
6. Godfre Philips 137.94 And this causes inferiority complex and psychologi-
7. Goderej General Electric 1.49 among the human beings. It increases cally. According
8. Proctor and Gambles 68.84 and at one point of time, becomes dam- to a definition of
9. Philips 93.80 aging for the personality. Due to the advertisements,
10. Herbert Sons 66.08 dreamy world, created around the low it is an art to
11. VST Industries 14.05 and middle class is directly generating highlight the
12. Glaxo 217.46 frustration. The western cultural inva- qualities that
13. Cadbury India 157.44 sion in the form of consumerism in the product
14. Britannia Industries 179.78 Indian society is damaging the moral does not have.
15. Racket and Coleman 207.85 values of our fellow citizens. These Still we people
magical advertisements take a human are being
The advertisements of these companies being into an imaginary world. The trapped in the
have developed a new type of problem continuous bombarding of the adver- malicious cam-
in the society, i.e. status problem. Now tisement forces a person to at least try paign.
the concept of roti, kapada and makan the product. And this desire diverts the
has no place in the society rather it has
been replaceds by chips cookies, wran- cont. on page 24
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 23
The pro-
grammes and
films displayed
on TV channels
are undeclared
war for propa-
gating sex and
violence. The
objective of this cont. from page 23 thinking of their directes or artists or art
war is to pro- professionals but these muggers.
mote adultery, mind of a human being. This starts an This is a fact of newly developed cul-
immorality and unending run to achieve this mirage. tural world. Our culture has been mort-
Furthermore, the companies have start- gaged in the hands of these multina-
violence. This ed giving loans for the purpose, which tionals. The foreign origin channels are
lead to psycho- The serials,
further binds a common consumer. The showing stimulating and absurd life
logical frustra- target is developed middle class, which style. And watching it, concupiscence
films and
tion among a is 27 crore in the country, equivalent to develops in the deprived class of our other stuff
common man,
the total population of America. This society. The channels are showing being pro-
group, aspiring to live lavish and inter- undeclared propaganda of sex and vio-
who builds a duced by the
national standard life gets insensitive lence on war footing with objective to
fake imagination and does not even consider working promote immoral, vicious, nature and TV channels
around himself with some changes. With ultramodern violence among the society. are damaging
publicity mediums and a privileged To fill the void in the life, one reaches the culture
based on what class category in the society, these to any extent and gets indulged in sex
has been fabric of our
multi-nationals are dumping their prod- and violence.
shown on the ucts in our society. Due to their aggres- The sinfulness of the epicurean culture age-old soci-
sive publicity, we are losing our sense of western nations has affected our cul- ety. In a sin-
to think. Now the entire production is ture. Their rotten structure promoting gle shot, our
for 27 crore population. These multi- economical and psychological slavery
nationals have now pushed their chan- is turning a burden on us. We have been
culture, tradi-
nel network in the Indian society. CNN, deprived by our own values and cul- tion has
Star, ATN, MTV, LTV, UTV and many ture. The threat is looming large on cul- become slave
other channels are showing vulgarity in ture distance and self-banishment, into the
the name of entertainment. The serials, which is posing more severe threat to
programmes, films are making the our age-old social fabric of the nation.
hands of
society culturally bankrupt. Over two And psychological slavery is much multi-nation-
dozen channels have purchased prime more serious and bigger threat than als.
time slot on these foreign channels. economic slavery. Hence we are losing
Thus the culture to be displayed in the our self-confidence.
films and serials is being decided by 
the money flowing from these multi-
nationals. And it is happening for the
first time in country that the concept of
the serials and other programmes are
not being prepared according to the
24 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
Science Fat in cow's milk
It has been scientifically established in
the world that cow self-reliant on green
fodder could be a source to make the
society disease free. It is miraculously

on fat in
effective to fight the diseases produced
in human body. And Ayurveda is prop-
agating the same theory since many
years. The Vedas in Indian tradition
give lot of description on clean envi-

Cow's milk ronment, pure drinking water and green

fodder to cows. Even in western coun-
tries, they have common knowledge
that how important is cow for the soci-
Subodh Kumar ety and hence, the culture of dairy
industry began. In India also, the rates
the word appears to be simple but has been wor- of milk commercially, on the advice of
Cow shipped since age-old period to modern era. dairy experts have been decided
Kamdhenu is not a figment of mind but an established scien- depending on the fat contents.
tific fact. In the modern era also, cow milk protects our health
and fulfill the wishes. The cow milk is said to be alike When the Cow's milk was
ambrosia as it has many crucial contents, which treat differ-
Cow has
ent diseases in the human body. The cow milk contains
alike ambrosia? wandering
Omega-3, which is used for the treatment of many diseases. In Indian tradition, once cow's milk
was considered as nectar. But after-
nature. When
And cow, not only in its life period benefits us but even after
the death too, it is much valuable. wards, they don't tie cows and give the cow is
them cotton seeds like it is done in tied and
modern day dairy farms. Also they
given chemi-
were not putting cows in unhealthy
atmosphere, with use of fodder and cally based
water contaminated with chemical fer- fodder, it
tilizers and poisonous insecticides. does not pro-
(Keeping this in mind, biological agri-
duce milk
culture is being promoted again).
with healthy
Issue of fat in milk fat. To turn
The experts gave suggestions to use its milk like
milk with more fat with some precau-
ambrosia as
tions. The main use of fat, in old days
was in hawans but it was not suggested it was previ-
as intakes in human body separately. ously, it is
This thought also resembles with mod- necessary to
ern medical science. When going
through details of Panini era during
promote bio-
ancient India, it specified that the fat logical agri-
content in cow's milk was less than 1 culture.
percent. Even the Rigveda says same
Tayorid Ghritvad Payo Vipra,
Rohanti Dhaitibhi,
Gandharvasya Dhruve Pade.
In couplet 1/22/14 also speaks out the

cont. on page 26
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 25
cont. from page 25 of rupees. And the society has been kept
in dark regarding the advantages of
same message. It said that the intelli- Omega-3.
gent persons use ghee and cow's ghee
after due consideration. The fact lies in the ambrosia
When the like milk of mother cow
Fat in dairy milk But here also misleading fact is being
cow does not In Vedas cow has been described as a propagated. Omega-3, which is being
wander and wanderer. But in dairy culture, cows given too much importance, is found
thus remain are tied and hence, the actual labour only in the cow, fed with green fodder.
labour less, it cow needs does not take place. And And in the circumstances, with artificial
with no labour, cows harbor the same fodder and unmoving cows tied to a par-
develops dis- disqualifications as an idle human ticular place, only saturated fat increas-
qualifications, being possesses. The scientific research es. And this saturated fat cause high
produced in a found that in cow's milk, there are two blood pressure and heart problems in the
types of fats - unsaturated and saturat- human body. In the milk, unsaturated fat
human being
ed. The importance of unsaturated fat (EFA Essential Fatty Acids) omega 3
sitting idle comes infront of the world only after and omega 6 are 25-30 percent of the
and doing no the noble prize in 1982. Even in 1990, total fat. It is called Essential Fatty Acid
work. the effect of unsaturated fatty acids was (EFA) as they are the fats which are very
considered on physical health only. But important for the human body.
since 2000, the effect of Omega-3 has We have urged the Indian Government
been calculated on mental tension. that if rates of milk are decided on fat
Now the importance of unsaturated fat content then it shall not be based on the
has gone-up many notches and it is pro- total fat but unsaturated fat. The saturat-
vided as Omega-3 capsule during the ed fat is causing heart ailments in the
treatment of many diseases and thus society. More the cows get green fodder
companies are doing business of crores more they produce unsaturated fat,
26 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
which is beneficial for the society. The found in commonman of any other civ-
society would be healthy and disease ilization in the world. And this is due
free. to only mother and holy cow, which
Dairy industry is just selling the cow's keeps providing Omega-3 to Indian
milk on the basis of the fat and promot- brains.
ing sale of buffalo's milk and hence The modern science also says that in
overlooking and damaging health human brain, 70 percent is fat with
aspect of the society. Artificial milk, phosphorus which is known as DHA
homogenization and pasteurization are and EPA in scientific language. These
other problems associated to the milk. two elements are made of Omega-3.
The dairy industry in European Union And this is the fat element which We have
(EU) is busy with Lipgene research makes the cow milk like ambrosia. And asked the
campaign, which is being done to the related important point, known to
ascertain as how unsaturated fat could most of the scientists, is that semen has
be naturally produced more in cow's also contents of these two elements of India that if
milk. Almost 21 research laboratories which are essential parts of human the rates of
are working on the single subject. But brain. Though, the western medical sci- milk are
in our old tradition, as has been men- ence and culture has not attached much
decided on
tioned above also, in Panini era only importance to `Brahmcharya` till now.
good quality fat was naturally found in In Yoga education this has been the fat con-
cow's milk. attached much importance. There in tents then it
The modern research also shows that many Asanas a person turns upside shall be on
Omega-3 helps in formation of DHA, down so that the flow of such elements
when taken in meals. This DHA ele- could reach to the brain. And alike pos-
ment boosts brain and vision power in tures in Bhastrika, Pranayam, fat. It is well
human being. DHA has two elements, Kpalbhati, Anulom-vilom also give known fact
Omega -3 and Omega -6 and when immense benefits to person exercising that milk with
these elements are found in proper pro- it. The same message has been con-
portion they make brain sharp and bal- veyed in famous Veda couplet in which
saturated fat
anced. it aspires for the health of all senses for causes heart
a person to survive 100 years - ailments.
Today also, Indian brain is Tacchakshuradevhitam shukramuccha-
considered intelligent rat- means when shukra means semen
While hearing the discourses of hon- is retained in brain, all organs remain
ourable Ramdevji Maharaj have you healthy for years. And this is that
ever thought that how with total ease Indian knowledge, which is yet to reach
with unmatched and distinguished abroad. Many ancient old discoveries
intelligence and memory power, by India are now benefitting foreign
swamiji give discourses with lots of nations when we are ignoring it.
examples from Vedas, ayurvedas and To enhance memory power for middle
even modern science , medicines with aged persons western medical science
full authority and that too in three lan- use Phosphatidy Iserine which is pre-
guages- Hindi, English and Sanskrit. pared of the brain of cow, butchered in
This symbolifies the age old ancient abbotairs. And this gives enough indi-
Vedic culture, when all the four Vedas cations as why entire world is not
were remembered and thus, the age-old ready for ban on cow killing.
Indian treasury was kept safe. Today Artificial vitamin D and many other
also we come across many persons, articles, which helps them making
particularly in rural areas, having total money are obtained from slaughter
command on Ramcharitmanas and houses. And even the ongoing experi-
could speak any couplet easily. Indians ments on vaccine in world are done on
have excellent memory power. We take the remains of the cows.
it for granted as it is natural. But it is 
not. No such brilliant brains have been
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 27
In Aryashastra, meals and trade
have been given the status of
yagna and a regular yagna. Lord Vasishwanar
has in this context said `Aham Vaishwanaro
Bhutwa Pranina Dehmashritihi,
Pranapansamayuktaha pchamyanayam
chaturvidham (Gita - 1514).

Health and
science of diet
Lord Vaishwanar (Jathragni) is present in every human being
Swami and with the help of soul takes mean in four forms -
Dayanand `charvya`, `choshya`, `lehya` and `peiya`. Thus, meal is not
only for the body but it is a form of yagna or prayer to god.
And therefore in our ancient books much importance has
been attached to the purity of the place, where we eat. The
most important thing is the place. Eating while standing or
at any place is not good. As praying at impure place even
annoys the almighty. The place shall be pure, isolated, a cow
nearby and neatly cleaned with water. Also the person taking
meal shall be equally pure. Thirdly, the material with which
Aryashastra prayer is to be held shall be pure and fourthly, the objects in
which the material is stored shall be neat. Thus after lots of
says don't
consideration, ancient saints have decided their restrictions
have attach- for taking meal. Lord Manu, in connection with the meal has
ment for food. written `Ayushyam pradmukho bhukte yashwasyam dakshi-
But use it namukha`. Persons who want to live for longer period shall
keep east direction while taking meal, for those want of glory
thinking as
shall face south direction during meal taking. East direction
`prasadam`. strengthens soul and power. Lord Sun emerges from East
This would giving more strength to human soul. The western pundits too
ultimately have their own calculation on this issue.
Dr George has in his principle said that when a person facing
purify soul north eats, the electric current flowing through the nerves has
giving life a more intensity and gravity. Hence it is not as beneficial as
peaceful exis- facing east. Likewise, persons aspiring for fame shall face
tence. south direction as it is said that the soul of dead old members
of the family is in south direction. Bathing and praying
enhances the purity of body and soul. After washing both
hands, legs and mouth and facing east take meals calmly.
Our seers have already told that take meals with wet feet but
never go to bed in that condition. Age increases when a per-
son with wet feet takes meal while it decreases when he goes
28 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
to bed in that condition. It is suggested to keep mum while
taking meal. It has the reason that while speaking it would
produce less saliva and to supplement dry mouth, water
intake would be required. These two conditions would dis-
turb digestion system. In Mahabharata is it written ` Ek vas-
tro Na Bhujjit` . Means don't take meals with one cloth on
the body. Always cover the body while taking meal. And if
the cloths are silky it is good. And the logic behind it is total
mechanism of the body get activated while taking meal. And
outer atmosphere and air could disturb the system. And as
In the ancient
silk is poor conductor of electricity it keeps power within the
body intact. Thus, meals shall be taken with pure sentiments. and old
First perform pooja after taking bath and then only take books direc-
meal. When not feeling well, wipe entire body with wet tions have
cloths and change attire. Before taking meal, show `naivaid-
hyam` of god to the edibles. When meal is taken as
been men-
prasadam, would not have much inclination for food. All the tioned as
products of the world have been created by god and hence, which direc-
any of his items when used shall be after offering prasadam tion is best to
to him. Any person who is not offering his property to him is
alike a thief. Even the edibles shall be pure.
face while
The intake meal divides into three parts. The macro particles taking meals.
turn into feces while medium sized particles develop flesh Facing differ-
and micro sized particles strengthen mind. When curd is
ent directions
churned its micro particles in the form of ghee floats at the
top similarly the micro particles of food make mind or soul. have different
Thus, a pure meal makes pure mind. It has been seen that not benefits.
taking meal makes a person weak and pale and imagination
power diminished but taking meal reverses the process.
Then brahmacharya and meditation are becoming difficult.
Hence always use pure food. In western nations, much has
been thought on diet but they had only decided the chemical
contents in the diet. They have broader aspect as items hav-
ing good percentage of calcium, protein and vitamin are
good for health. But Indian old books had spoken and
described much more than that. Which item is better in
which season, how it should be taken and for what type of
body has been described in ancient Indian philosophy only.
What type of intake has what effects on the body has also
been stated in Indian old books. But there is no such detailed
mention in western discoveries. They have only one season -
winter and hence their diet chart could be prepared for entire
year. But in India we have all the six climates equally strong.
The western scientists are not aware what changes did
weather change brings on vata, pitta and couph with subse-
quent effect on mental and physical status.
And furthermore, the experts of western nations are still not
unanimous on edibles. After the meal has been taken how it
could be analyzed? What qualities does develop in it to pro-
vide nutrition, it is not the application of simple chemistry
and find answer. And the most important is what is the rela-
tionship of food with soul? Only our ancient books have

Cont. on page 30
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 29
Meal giving
burning sen-
sation is
princely food
but not good
Cont. from page 29
for health and
cold, stale given an answer and satisfactory logic behind it. Restricted food is
and rancid Baccate, simple food is pure while meal with acid, salt, hot,
food is also spicy is royal while stale and rancid food is impure. Only lifeline
pure and simple meal provides enthusiasm, peace to the soul. In Aryashastra, restricted food has
harmful. It In increases the age, good qualities and spiritual develop- been given due importance. The
increases ment. While princely meal would develop stupefaction, dis- symptoms of limited food too have
inhuman atti- eases and inhuman tendencies. Thus a human being shall been described. It is said that two
tude and always use simple and pure food. In Arya literature, onion third part of the abdomen could be
and garlic too have been banned. filled with food and third part with
invites dis- In dinner light food should be preferred. While sleep senses water. Keep rest for air communica-
ease. But become weak and thus there is no proper digestion of the tion. This increases age, power and
pure and sim- food. Avoid full meals when get too late at night. Heavy food kills diseases. After taking meals,
does not digest and such meals disturb body and soul both. wash mouth. After taking meals first
ple food
At night don't go to bed soon after taking meals and remain sit in veerasana posture. There is
increases awaken at least for two hours. Or else meals would not be abdomen fire above the left of
age, enthusi- digested. Undigested meal would not help in sound sleep. umbilicus. Hence resting on left side
asm and Absence of sound sleep result different dreams and incom- helps in better digestion. No hard
plete sleep would cause problems for health. Drink water labour shall be done after taking
peace in the
after a little gap of taking meal. The water intake shall be lit- meals. It increases blood circulation
life. It also tle, clean, tasteless and a little aromatic. Drinking water if and thus creates problem in diges-
generates exposed to sun light or moon light or to both in evening time tion. Also avoid sitting after meals as
good quality is very useful for intake. The water having no exposure to it gives heaviness in body and laxity
sunlight or not been absorbed by air generated couph even if in organs. But sleeping makes body
and ensures it is pure. If you have to drink such water, first warm it and healthy. If you take walk after dinner
spiritual uplift- then use after sometime. it lengthens age but if you run after
ment. Coconut water has always been useful as it is digestive and meals, for sure death would follow
destroys bile. Bhav Prakash has regarding water, written that you. These are all rules for meals
drinking excessive water or no water is not useful. To and should be followed for better
inflame digestion drink little water but several times. life.

30 &IØæðYOG
ðàæ & I Sep 2010
Teachers to
help overcome
students weaknesses
and teachers want to carve a better character
for their child and thus impose a few bans.
They ask him not to play with some boys, or not to abuse
or not to waste time. But child thinks that the elders are
unnecessarily harassing him. He fails to understand their
sentiments. Due to ignorance, he feels bad about it. Acharya
It should be ample clear to a student that a teacher always Satyanand
thinks better for him and following their orders would
ultimately make him or her successful in life. An acade-
mician has portrayed picture of a human being as a per-
son having his own shortcomings put in a baggage and
tied at his back while another baggage had wrongdoings
of others and tied it with his neck. Now when he walks he
could only see the problems of others ignoring his own.
Such person would not be successful in his life. To hide one's
A student should always be thankful to his teacher as he own disquali-
has always shown him the correct path. He has punished fications is
him for wrongdoings, which helped him adopting right
path. A teacher tries to give the best to a student. After
like overlook-
completing studies, when he goes to work in some organ- ing one's real
ization and commits some mistake, the only question face. Those
asked is who was your teacher? And this is an insult to the who envy
teacher. Thus while giving education; a teacher tries to
make the student perfect so that he does not defame
people, who
teacher or the parents. A great person had rightly said in tell their guilt
this connection - to accept guilt today is for better tomor- are actually
row as you would relinquish the guilt and one day would
for sure become a great personality.
distance from
Education their well-
Many students take it bitterly, when the teacher points at wishers. Only
their problem. They consider it as their insult. But this is
a good-wish-
the mistake they are making. The teachings of elders
always ensure path of progress and development. er makes you
Kabirdasji has also said - Nindak Niyre Rakhiye, Angan alert and
Kuti Chawaye, means keep your critics closer, who would away from
always point out wrongs committed by you. And it is an
undisputed fact that teachers always help them overcom-
wrong path.
ing their wrongdoings.

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 31

and sleep
common life, sleep is very important. It is interesting to note that almost half of the life,
For human being spends in sleeping. And this shows how important sleep is? Unfortunately,
people could not take good sleep. Many people take long time making efforts to sleep while
a few others have a very short sleep. Many persons get-up too early in morning and unable
to sleep thereafter. Hence they feel tired and remain irritated for the whole day.
Dr. Sherlley
Tellas, Which Yoga exercise could be helpful Deep sleep is very important. For the
for good sleep? Before answering this children and adolescents, particularly
question fist we shall know what the up to 18 years, deep sleep is must for
Chief Research
process of sleep is. A human being has their development. During deep sleep a
Advisor, Yoga
three types during his sleep. Light small gland keep ejecting a particular Deep sleep is
Research and
sleep, when a person could wake-up hormone, which is called development
Development necessary for
easily, deep sleep, when the person hormone. Thus deep sleep is must for
department, the mental
takes time in waking up and dream children and adolescents. Therefore,
sleep, sleep when the person dreams. growing-up children shall avoid habit development
Patanjali All three sleeps had their effect and of awakening late in night. But deep of a human
Yogpeeth, function. Light sleep is the situation sleep is important even after gaining
which is between going to bed and full adulthood and further body devel-
being. When
body and psyche going to sleep. This opment slows. Development hormone a person
light sleep is, unlike deep sleep not is very necessary as it helps the child in does not get
restful and does not energize the body. sharpening brain and regular growth. sound sleep
in night, he
tired and irri-
tated after
leaving the
bed. This
casts adverse
effect on the
whole routine
and even

32 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010


During deep sleep, injuries get faster Yoga exercises are performed in day, it
recovery. As it has been already men- ensures that in night heart functions
tioned that apart from light and deep properly without tension and provoca-
sleep, there is another type of sleep - tion. (Applies psychophysiology and
dream sleep. Since long time, people biofeedback 2009) It is important as
have been affected due to dreams. Why most of the heart attacks occur in the
dreams are important? This has been morning hours. If yoga helps in proper
described by many psychologists, par- functioning of heart in night, it is bene-
Yoga exercis- ticularly Sigmund Froyd. It has been ficial for the persons who have been
es helps in discovered that dream sleep plays diagnosed with heart ailments.
improving important role for the development and Yogasana helps in enhancing memory
memory preservation of memory power. power and many evidences could be
power Though, most of the people forget what presented to prove it. (Details in next
besides they had dreamt but every healthy per- issues). The ongoing research in our
sound sleep. son dreams in sleep and it is important laboratory is working on whether yoga
Yoga exer- also for the brain to function normally betters dream sleep (which is necessary
cise also particularly for memory process. for conservation of memory power)
ensures disci- Yoga exercise helps in getting sound and ultimately helps in enhancing
pline in one's sleep. The scientific studies in our lab- memory power?
life. oratory it has been established with the Yoga exercise also systematizes the
help of EEG, pace of eyes, muscle routine and brings discipline in life. In
power, electrocardiogram and other view of the busy schedule in modern
process, that Yoga exercises have deep life, a person should wake-up in morn-
effect on good sleep. If a person, with ing for performing yoga exercise. And
relaxation exercise, breathing normally if a person wakes-up in the morning
and then performs shavasan (corpse there would be no problem in deep
pose asana), which may be extended up sleep at night.
to 30-40 minutes have many positive 
effects. Such person would go to bed
early, would not have repeated wakes-
up in night, less light sleep and more
duration for deep sleep. (Medical sci-
ence monitor 2009). Likewise when

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 33

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produce high quality Ayurvedic medicines, having
combination of age old knowledge lying unused since
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ultra sound and CT scan.
Dr Anurag Vijaywargiya
MD, Ayurveda Ayurvedic treatment
The medicines shall be used according
to the symptoms, nature, country,
weather, and climate. Arogya vardhini

Ayurveda has vati, praval-panchamrit, giloy sat,

turmeric powder, mite powder, copper
powder, lemon juice, elovara juice and

treatment of black salt help in getting relief. And in

Unani medicines habbe kabid nau-
sadari, jawarish jalinoose, daruhaldi,

stone in makoy, apamarg, olive oil, and in case

of sharp pain use of vrikka shoolantak

gallbladder vati and shool vajrini vati are highly


What Ayurveda says

Ayurveda experts have clear opinion
Gallbladder is like a small pouch situated below kidney. In that a patient could for sure get relief in
Ayurveda it is known as gallbladder. Stone for-
such problems. Many experts strongly
mation in gallbladder is called gall-stone. Generally,
stones in gallbladder are formation of crystals of cho- oppose the doctors' attitude to remove When stones
lesterol. Some stones are formed due to gall-salt. Gall- entire gall bladder in case of stone. it is develop in
salt are elements develop in gall and store in bladder. alike killing the patient. According to
gall bladder
These stones could be the size of a pin head. Some Ayurveda, there is no need for opera-
might be equal to the size of walnut. Though it is still tion in case of stones of gall bladder. the doctors
not total clear as why these stones form? But it could When Ayurveda medicines are used, it operate upon
be said easily that due to imbalance of the elements could give relief even in intense pain
forming gall, these stones develop. In the gall fluids to remove
condition. On principle remember that
more quantity of cholesterol is the most crucial reason stones with length less than 9 mm
entire blad-
in the formation of gall bladder stone. der. Removal
could be treated in one to one-and-a-
We shall know the fact that whenever half month using regular medicines and of any body
the gall bladder stone obstructs veins in this period they dissolve and come
connecting intestines to bile, it causes part unless it
out through urination.
great pain. In medical language it is is very essen-
Many patients have found immediate
said Billiary Collika. The main symp- tial to save
relief using Divya pharmaceutical med-
toms produced in this condition are
sharp stomach pain, vomiting sensa-
icines. Bid size stones take time from 6 the life, it is
tion, vomiting, perspiration and jaun- to 9 months to dissolve. You could akin to kill a
dice. Due to stone in gall bladder there Perform ultra-sonography and see the
size reducing. In the modern day sci-
could be swelling or infection in gall
bladder. In the medical language these ence, many persons acknowledge Ayurveda has
symptoms are called Collisistayatis Ayurveda as unscientific method but very effective
The stones of gall bladder develop par- those poor fellows do not know that medicine for
ticularly middle age women having many diseases could be cured,
Ayurveda may not be laboratory tested
stones in gall
heavy and bulky body. Women who are
using contraceptives or estrogen are but it is time tested. Many patients suf- bladder.
more exposed for danger for gall-blad- fering from diabetes and not received
der stone. The patient could feel intense any relief in modern day science were
pain soon after taking meals and it con- far satisfied with Ayurveda treatment.
tinuous for minutes or even hours as
the bile vein struggle to get rid of the Control
stone. Many times stones via bile duct Control your cholesterol. Formation of
it reaches intestines and creates cholesterol in bile is major reason for
immense pain. The doctors for the con- formation of stones. When the quantity
firmatory test perform blood test, x-ray, of cholesterol increases it starts
36 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
artery and reduce its toughness. It also
checks fat deposition. And ultimately
high blood pressure is controlled.
Likewise, pomegranate juice, grapes,
onion, raisin, trifla, butter milk and
roasted gram also check cholesterol in
the body. A medicine could be prepared
at home also, which is again very ben-
eficial to counter cholesterol. Mix 250
grams coriander in same amount of
white cumin seeds and then prepares a When to go
fine powder of it. Then use this power for medicines
3-6 grams in morning without any
Stone formation
other intake. Repeat it in evening. And
is a silent
don't take anything before and after one process without
hour of taking the medicine. any symptoms
and does not
depositing in gall bladder and forms a Other prohibitions require immedi-
ate attention.
layer. Another layer of calcium billiru- Stop doing dieting. If you increase of When the patient
binet which forms with combination of decrease the weight fast there is very suffers severe
calcium and billirubin deposits above possibility of gall stone generation. pain, doctors
it. And slowly such layers keep deposit- Stop smoking. Smoking causes many remove entire
gall bladder. It is
ing forming a stone. To keep check on diseases apart from gall stone. Women, called operation
cholesterol, avoid high starch and fat already suffering from gall stone colysychtechmi.
content food and edibles with fibers. should avoid use of contraceptives and And during oper-
Also avoid butter, sweets prepared of estrogen replacement therapy. The ation a direct
passage is creat-
milk, and other items prepared of milk, high percentage of estrogen cause high
ed from liver to
besides other edible items, ghee, palm risk of stone formation. intestines. Some
oil, fried edibles, white sugar and pol-  doctors prefer,
ished rice. not to remove
Different researches have established gall bladder but
slowly treat
that if turmeric used one gram daily it stones with
lowers tri-glysride and total cholesterol shock wave treat-
substantially. And use of Ayurveda ment, which is
tablets made of guggal is also very also called
much useful. Take dose of two capsule
Another effective
or one capsule, morning and evening in process of opera-
right proportion of warm water. And tion is laparo-
avoid any intake before and after taking scopic Coli syc-
capsules. Also use of fly-seed (isab- tectomy. When
this process is
gole) helps reducing cholesterol. Use adopted a patient
fly-seed husk five to ten grams and had to stay for
then take adequate water followed by less time in the
drakshasava. This stops formation of hospital and after
treatment, he
stones in gall bladder. Use of garlic in
gains health fast.
any form reduced cholesterol. Garlic But the persons
has excellent quality to reduce choles- who have already
terol in blood. undergone some
Emblica officinalis (Aaola) also effec- stomach related
surgery are not
tively control formation of cholesterol. advised to go for
Emblica officinalis has two qualities. this treatment.
First it provides enough vitamin C and
then it has high quality pectin fiber.
These fibers push cholesterol out from
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 37


Thoughts of
Bhagat Singh 27
Sep, Birth

still relevant of Bhagat


00 &IØæðYOG
ðàæ & `Œ I Sep 2010
Sardar Bhagat Singh was born on 27 September 1907 in a reputed Sikh family of
Layalpur, Punjab. His ancestors were Khalsa sardar and had played a very
important role in forming a Sikh state under the leadership of Maharaj Ranjit
Singh at a time when Pathans were creating trouble at the western part and
oppressor British were marching ahead from East direction. Due to their valor
and courage, the family was given huge land as a reward.

The grandfather of Bhagat Singh was When Bhagat was just 14, he came in
Sardar Arjun Singh was a big zamindar touch with a few of the revolutionary
Special on of the locality. He was full of national- groups of Punjab. The non-cooperation
You can kill a
Bhagat Singh istic feelings. His brothers Sardar in 1921 failed and many youths pon-
person but not his
thoughts and
Bahadur, Dilbagh Singh had served dered upon adopting some other way to
under British and resultantly got pres- achieve freedom, leaving the path of
tige and prosperity. But Sardar Arjun non-violence, which Mahatma Gandhi
Singh did not follow his brothers. The was propagating. The actual revolu-
grandmother of Bhagat Singh was a tionary life of Bhagat Singh started
brave and courageous woman. Sardar from Kanpur. After 63 years of
Arjun Singh had three sons - Sardar Independence and martyrdom of
Jaishankar Mishra Kishan Singh, Sardar Ajit Singh and Shaheed Bhagat Singh, still his views Bhagat
Savyasachi, Joint Sardar Swarna Singh. Bhagat Singh appear to be relevant and timely. At the Singh.
Editor, Yog Sandesh was born in village Banga of Layalpur age of 23, he had the knowledge of
district. In primary school, he started Hindi, Urdu, English, Sanskrit,
taking education along with the eldest Punjabi, Bangla, Irish languages.
brother Jagat Singh. But at the age of Besides being a thinker, he was the first
11 Jagat Singh passed away. This inci- lecturer of sociology in the country.
dent had a great impact on the child Shaheed Bhagat Singh was always con-
Bhagat. sidered a great revolutionary and patri-
After sometime, Sardar Kishan Singh otic person. But he was not only a rev-
went to Nawabkot near Lahore where olutionary or patriotic but also great
he had some chunk of land. Now writer, journalist, thinker, philosopher
Bhagat Singh was to be admitted in and overall a good human being. From
some High School. The common tradi- college to the isolated cells in jail, he
tion among the Sikh community was to continued his studies. He also edited
admit child to Khalsa high schools. But Akali, Kirti, Arjun and Pratap
Bhagat Singh disliked the pro-British Newspapers. For the squad, he always
attitude of the management of the prepared posters, pamphlets, leaflets
school. Hence Bhagat Singh was and others literature. During blast in
admitted in DAV school of Lahore. Assembly, his leaflet contained the
After clearing High school examina- important line that we are taking the
tion, he took admission in National col- step to represent the public of India.
lege. When Sardar Bhagat Singh was in But Independence does not mean that
class 9th, he went to Kanpur where a the rule just changes the hand. It comes
Congress convention was in progress. into the hands of black hands from
In the college Bhagat Singh was close white hands. This is not independence
to Sukhdev and Yashpal. but just transference of power. The real
During the first world war 1914 to freedom would come when the person
1919, Sardar Bhagat Singh was in who is toiling the land would not sleep
Lahore. His father Sardar Kishan Singh hungry, the person weaving cloths
was an active member of Gadar party would not be cloth less and the person
and had proximity with Rasbihari who constructs the houses would not be
Bose. He donated Rs 1,000 to the party
and helped in safe escape of Ras Bihari
Bose from Lahore. Cont. on page 40
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 39
atheist to theist. And in those circum-
stances, Bhagat Singh in very con-
trolled manner explained his opinion
and view. In very graceful and gentle
manner, he contradicted the opponents The great
and left them without any answer. warrior
Bhagat Singh had, written that he is not
a terrorist but a revolutionary having
Bhagat Singh
some perfect views, aims and objec- Why the great thinker,
tives besides a long programme. He warrior Bhagat Singh
suggested youngsters to read Marx, would not be relevant
Lenin and new views and opinions. He for his views, philoso-
asked to be lead by those views. He phies for decades? His
asked them to go amid common man, thoughts and philoso-
cont. from page 39 work with labourers, farmers and edu- phies would be provok-
cated middle class young persons and ing in mind and heart
homeless. Shaheed Bhagat Singh had inspire them for political awareness for decades. Many rev-
thought-provoking principles. Now his and class awareness. olutionary leaders laid
thoughts should come before the com- For the work, he said that he does not their lives for the sake
mon man. need political leaders but workers. In of India's independence
Honourable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj our country we have plenty of leaders. and kissed gallows
The failure of
is also working hard to carve out an Many persons had adopted politics as smilingly. Before they
India as the revolutionarists had ever spend time activity as in day they were hanged, they were
tive movement
seen. But we are still tied to the shack- would continue with their money-mak- so eager to lay his life
had shaken les of law, which was formulated by the ing business and in the evening go for for the sake of nation
youths like Britishers many decades ago despite political lecture. But Bhagat Singh was that they gained
Bhagat Singh. that we consider our self independent. not impressed with such lot of leaders. weight. In normal con-
And at this Maharaj Shri has launched Bharat He was in search of committed workers dition, the prisoners
point, revolu- Swabhiman to bring change in the sys- having no other objective expect revo- who have been given
tionary leaders tem and to help forming country lution. In Lahore Central Jail, on July death sentence lose
like Bhagat according to the dreams of such free- 30, 1930 when he was to be hanged weight. This was the
Singh parted dom fighters. It is the dream of Swamiji while addressing other freedom strug- extreme of the nation-
their ways. and to realise his dream, he has blown glers, he said I am happy to get highest alistic sentiments. It is
Bhagat Singh, the bugle. In every nook and corner of reward for freedom struggle. Britishers very difficult to write
from here the nation, in villages, cities and vari- think that after hanging me they will history of these leaders
onwards start- ous areas, people are coming forward kill my thoughts. But they are mistak- as they kept their strat-
ed his own themselves to become members of en. They could kill me but not to my egy quiet secret that a
revolutionary Bharat Swabhiman. And not only this, ideas. They could finish me but not to very few members of
group. Before they are also inspiring others to take the my views and thoughts. And for British the group had the
Shaheed membership. rule dead Bhagat Singh would be more information of their
Bhagat Singh, Today in the country there are differ- dangerous than the live one. planning. Views and
revolution was ences on the basis of caste, religion, He said that after I would be hanged, opinions get matured
only red but creed and society. Thus, the youths the fragrance of my thoughts would with the blood of revo-
he gave it a should know the thoughts of Shaheed spread in entire nation. This would fur- lutionary leaders.
right direction Bhagat Singh which he had expressed ther provoke young blood and they Shaheed Bhagat Singh
and injected in an article written in The People, pub- would do anything to get liberty and was such a revolution-
revolutionary lished from Lahore. He had ridiculed freedom. And this commitment of the ary leaders. His views
views. the falsehood of god, religion and poli- youngsters would push Britishers to the were relevant during
tics as projected by the pundits. The wall. It is my firm confidence and I am independence and now
title of the article was, ‘Why I am an waiting for the day it happens. I am also, after almost six
atheist.’ waiting the day when I would get the and half decades of
The death was knocking the door and reward in return of the services I have independence, it is rel-
gallows was ready. Saints and religious rendered to the motherland and the love evant.
leaders were trying to convert him from of people for me. 
40 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
II Vedic Vinay II
Oh lord of power!
Hisheyamarmain Ditseyam Shachipate Manisine. Yadaham Gopati syamah.
Rigveda 8/14/2, Samved 9/2/9 and Atharva 20/27/3
Rishi Goshuyaktakshavasuktinau kandavayano. Devata-Indraha. Chandra Viradgayatri.

Meaning Shachipate - On lord of power, yat donation. The lone deserving person
aham - If I, Gopati Syam - am the mas- for the donation is that person only. In
ter of money and land then my mind fact all our money belongs to such per- The donation
shall be, asmai manishine - with this sons only, who are masters of their given to per-
Acharya mind, dityasam - to whom I want to senses. But Oh Lord many times due to son indulged
Abhavdev donate this property, shiksheyam - only own interests or just to fulfill commit- in worldly
Vidyalankar his I could give. Vinay - Oh Shachipati! ments, the donation was given to non- pleasures
The lord of power! You are the master deserving persons. This is really a mis- and greedy is
of powers and since you are complete use of your powers. This is sin. This is a sin. To give
in yourself, you are utilizing it proper- bribe and self-inflicted step. No, fur- donation to
ly. But I am a commonman and incom- thermore, it is betrayal to the entire such person
plete personality but still I shall utilize human community no, but to whole is a misuse of
this power as you do with full justice. nation. Those who are undeserving per- the power
And thus I want and take oath that I sons shall have no right to get a single given by the
shall be a true vaishya and use cow, penny as donation. No idea shall come- all-mighty.
land, money justifying and truly. up in my mind to give donation to such Donation
Oh al-mighty you give me such brain persons. Thus Oh Sachipati, give me shall be given
that I only give this money to the more power so that I could clearly tell to good per-
deserving person (manishi) and I shall no for donation to undeserving fellows. sons who are
never aspire to donate it to non-deserv- I could muster courage not to give earning liveli-
ing man ever. The `manishi` persons donation to such undeserving persons. I hood on the
are those who is master of his senses shall donate to the person, who has god path of reli-
and not their slave. He has conquered in his heart and even he shall be in the gion and
his senses and full control on himself. It heart of common man of the nation truth.
is only the use of money if donated to also. Thus the money donated to him is
such fellows. Such donation only gives surely spent in the welfare of the com-
thousands times result than the normal mon man.
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 41
India rich in
natural resources
and talent is poor - Why?
country India is a victim of exit and desertion and hence efforts put in by the
Our Non Resident Indians goes into the account of other nations and Indians are
kept deprived of its better results.

nation at throwaway prices is the

Jasbeer Singh, wastage of the resources. Similarly,
Belgium, Europe exporting material prepared by low
Brain drain
class artisans would keep them under
means poverty as they would not be able to
desertion of achieve much of the transaction. In
talent to for- India is rich in natural resources and Europe, one engineer costs Rs 6 crore.
eign coun- talents but it is being used effectively Thus, they insist on hiring engineers
tries. The by developed nations for the develop- and doctors from India where they get
skilled man- ment and growth of their nation and cit- trained manpower without many
power of izens. Most of the Indians do not have efforts. And most of the doctors and
India is giv- better facilities in every aspect of life- engineers, educated on Government
ing its servic- including education, medical, health, subsidy leave the nation to serve for-
es to foreign nutrition, traffic, security, sports, cul- eign lands. And this benefits the foreign
companies ture, entertainment and environment developed nations. They get trained
and we are and are living sub-standard life. manpower without spending time and
deprived of Many items from India are exported at money. Thus every penny spent on the
basic servic- very cheap prices, including raw met- higher education in India goes for the
als, fruits, spices; cloths made by poor development of other nations.
class weavers and unfinished diamond Even skilled labours are also moving to
articles prepared by lower class arti- Singapore, gulf and African nations.
sans. To export natural resources of the They are working on meager salaries in
42 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
very adverse conditions and it helps in
maintaining higher living standards of
the locals. Thus Indians are working in
odd conditions abroad but the benefici-
aries are foreigners.
Since last some time, Indian industrial-
ists are providing cheap software facil-
ities to developed nations. For this they
press labourers on very nominal pay-
ments for constructing beautiful head-
quarters and other buildings, roads and
others. These Indian industrialists earn
very high returns due to the hard work
put-in by the local workers and then
purchase stakes or entire firm or com- money of poor and poverty ridden, low
pany in other nations. Thus, the lower paid employees, work for the foreign
paid employees are benefiting foreign- nations and help in preparing big, com-
ers in two ways. First they provide plex and modern equipments, which
cheap labour as in foreign nations they are sold to India at very high prices. Working
work at very low salaries and two mak- Hence, India suffers loss in four ways. someone
ing economy of Indian industrialists Firstly, we export raw natural resource
strong who invest in foreign companies at cheap prices secondly, we allow our
and benefit-
and generate employment for the locals engineers, who got their degrees after ted someone
in that country. spending crores of rupees from Indian else. This is
The Indian giants, in their companies coffer to go out, thirdly free donation of
the success
and industries, like plucking tea leaves our engineers to those nations and
employee labourer at very cheap rates fourthly - purchasing equipments made formula for
and thus, earn huge returns. The condi- of Indian raw material and engineers at developed
tion of these labourers has not changed very high prices. nations. Our
in last 63 years of independence, their In India multi-nationals earn huge prof-
salaries might have a little change but its after engaging cheap engineers and
their masters have taken over firms and labourers. Thus a major share of the doctors are
brands like Jaguar cars. Thus the profit money being earned by the hard labour working in
earned by local Industrialists in earning of Indians is benefitting foreign other nations
huge profits after employing very nations, their citizen, companies and
lowly paid labourers is utilized for the their stake holders.
and the ben-
betterment of foreign nation as their The above mentioned facts are enough efit and pres-
investment in that country generate to explain that India's development is tige of their
employment for the locals. highly affected by exit and desertion work is being
The black money deposited in Swiss process. As a result, Indian people live
banks helps in the economic growth a poor and victimized life while their
earned by
and development of developed nations efforts bring prosperity in other developed
and their citizens. Thus the hard earned nations. The facilities due to exit and nations.
money by Indians, collected corruptly desertion policy, is confined only to a
and fraudulently by some elements is few Indians, who gets benefitted.
bettering the life of foreigners. 
The agony does not end here. The
developed nations utilize cheap man-
power and the raw material, imported
from developing countries for the com-
pletion of big projects. The engineers
from India, who could get their degrees
from the hard earned income tax
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 42
Hindi on
official languages in United Nations are Chinese, Spanish,
English, Arabic, Russian and French. But while consider-
ing Indian population and Non Resident Indians (NRIs), Hindi is the
second most spoken language in the world. The persons, who claim
to work for the betterment of the language, always benefitted them-
selves rather than promoting language. But just imagine the spirit-
edness of Hindi, it has established and publicized itself on the
strength of people speaking it, on the world sphere.

On the basis of most reliable data of United

Aniruddha Singh Nations, the condition of Hindi as compared
Sengar to official languages is given in the box

1. Chinese 80 crore
2. Hindi 55 crore
3. Spanish 40 crore
4. English 40 crore
5. Arabic 20 crore
6. Russian 17 crore
Hindi was sup-
7. French 9 crore
pressed for over
300 years by Undoubtedly Chinese is spoken by more
English and still, people as compared to Hindi but it is con- Indians use Hindi language, during routine
in our own coun- fined to some areas while Hindi is spoken in life and in other activities. In Many nations,
try, the origination many countries worldwide. Another con- Hindi is being taught as world language and
spiracy is when the survey of Hindi is con- many students are reading, writing and
of Hindi, this lan-
ducted, sub-languages are kept separated learning Hindi. In the educational institu-
guage is getting from Hindi. Dr Jayanti Prasad Nautiyal has, tions of those nations, there is facility of
biased treatment. in his survey conducted over the years, Hindi education from primary to higher
But despite all revealed some startling facts. Dr Nautiyal level. In foreign universities they have facil-
odd conditions, concluded that persons knowing Hindi are ity of doing research in Hindi in universities
110.30 crore while Chinese speaking people and getting doctorate. They include
Hindi is becoming
are 106.00 crore. Thus, more number of America, Canada, Maxico, Cuba, Russia,
popular in many people speak Hindi and it is number one Britain, Germany, France, Belgium,
countries in the language in the world. Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark,
world. There are many countries where the popula- Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Poland,
tion of Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Czech, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,
Indians, who established there since many Ukraine, Croatia, South Africa, Pakistan,
decades amounts to 40 percent or more of Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutan,
the total population of that country. These Myanmar, China, Japan, South Korea,

44 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

ing Hindi is over 1500. Many organizations
are working for the upliftment and welfare
Emergence of
of Hindi in US and they include
International Hindi Committee, World
Hindi in
Hindi committee, Hindi Trust and others. Japan
Many Hindi language magazines are being
published from there like Vishwa, Saurabh, Japan has spiritual attach-
Hindi Jagat, Kshitiz, Vishwa Vivek, Bal ment and bondage with
Bharti and Hindi Chetna. In America there India. Japanese are too
is large number of Hindi poets and writers keen to read Indian litera-
and the renowned of them are Messers Renu ture. And due to the same
Rajvanshi Gupta, Gulab Khandelwal, reason, the creations of
Vekprakash Batuk, Indukant Shukla, Hindi writers are being
Shaligram Shukla, Sushma Bedi, Usha translated into Japanese.
Priyamwada, Rameshwar Ashant, Umesh Furthermore, more
Agnihotri, Anjana Sandhir, Sudh Dhingra, Japanese are showing
Dhananjay Kumar, Madhu Maheshwari, interest in learning Hindi
Amrendra Mishra, Suresh Rai, Kusum and doing research and
Sinha, Rakesh Khandelwal,, Manju Tiwari, writing thesis in Hindi.
Seema Khurana and Kalpana Chitnis. One of the people at the
In United Kingdom, many universities service of Hindi is
including Cambridge, Oxford, London, Professor Tojiya Tanaka.
Yarkshaire and others are teaching Hindi. He teaches Hindi, doing
According to a survey conducted in his own doctorate work in
England, Wales and Scotland, in 2004-05, Hindi besides serving the
180, 764, 711 students respectively had said language in other man-
that they are Hindi speaking. In the field of ners. Besides writing
literature also, many agencies and organiza- Hakusuisha (Hindi region),
tions are active. They include Bhartiya Indo no shukyo to jeititsu
Bhasha Sangam, Gitanjali, Bahubhashik (Religion and stories of
Sahityik Samudaya, UK Hindi Samiti, India), he has also written
Hindi Bhasha Samiti, Chaupal, Kriti UK, and translated Agyey,
Kriti International, Katha UK. The publica- Narendra Sharma,
tion of Hindi magazines based on Hindi Harishankar Parsai,
poetry and literature has increased mani- Bhishma Sahni, Mohan
Magnolia, Uzbekistan,Tazakistan, Turkey, folds. Rakesh, Ilachandra Joshi,
Thailand, Australia, Afghanistan, Argentina, In Canada also Hindi is very popular and is Rahul Sanskratayan, Rahi
Algeria, Equator, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, being accepted as academics and literature Masoom Raza, Hajari
Uganda, Oman, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Kuwait, language. Dozens of magazines are pub- Prasad Dwivedi, Bechan
Kenya, Eote-dr-Ivore, Guatemala, Jamaica, lished in Hindi and many organisations, Sharma, Yashpal, Amritlal
Zambia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Nicaragua, New working to promote Hindi are active. The Nagar, Bhagwaticharan
Zealand, Panama, Portugal, Peru, Paraguay, weekly newspapers brought out from Varma. His articles are
Philippines, Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Canada are Hindi Times, Hindi Abroad and being published in Hindi in
Malaysia, Madagascar, Mozambique, magazines include Vishwabharti, Namaste various magazines in
Morocco, Mauritania, Yamane, Libya, Canada, Hindi Chetna and Vasudha. India and Japan. The
Lebanon, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, United In Mauritius Hindi is treated in very digni- other writers being
Arab Amerates, Singapore, Sudan, fied manner and is widely acclaimed. It is Professor Tomia Mijokami,
Schechelas, Spain, Hongkong and the lone nation in the world, where Professor Akeera
Honduras. Parliament accepted the proposal to estab- Takahashi, Professor
In America over 2 crore Indian origin peo- lish World Hindi Secretariat for the global Gujiee, Professor
ple are living. In Harvard, Pen, Michigan, promotion of Hindi and to mount pressure Yoshifumi Mijunu and
Yale and other universities have Hindi to grant official language by United Hideaaki Ishida.
departments. In America, over 75 universi-
ties have Hindi faculty. The students learn- Cont. on page 46
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 45
Hindi literary cont. from page 45 creation of renowned Hindi writers
Premchand, Jaishankar Prasad,
in overseas Nations. The department has already been Fanishwarnath Renu, Jainendra, Aghyey
set-up and is working in right direction. In Mohan Rakesh, Nirmal Verma, Ilachandra
nation this island of 12 lakh population, over 5 lakh Joshi, Usha Priyawanbda, Mannu Bhandari,
are Hindi speaking. In Mauritius Hindi is Sarveshwardayal Saxena are available in
In Mauritus, the literary taught from primary level to University Polish language. Likewise the work of
working for the growth of
Hindi are Pundit level. Radio, Television and other medium, Kabir, Tulsi too has been translated in
Laxminarayan Chaturvedi, day and night carry programmes in Hindi. Polish language.
Somdutt Bakhori, Brijendra In all the 254 primary schools of the island, In Russia, Moscow International Relations
Bhagat, Madhukar,
Gyaneshwar Raghuveer, Hindi is taught. 585 teachers are serving Institute, Moscow University, Moscow
Girjanan Rangu, Jaglal Hindi and 48,842 students are learning Humanity University, Saint Petersburg
Rama, Danishwar Sham, Hindi. University and others almost two dozen
Thakur Dutt Pande, Thakur
Prasad Mishra, Dhanraj In Italy in Venn's, Turin, Rome, Oriental, institutions are teaching Hindi and about
Shambhu, Madhu Milan universities, Hindi is taught. The 1500 students are learning the language.
Vishnudutt Chandra, number of students is 150 but it is increas- Jawaharlal Nehru Culture Centre, Moscow
Krishnalal Bihari,
Harinarayan Sita, ing fast now. In Netherland, almost 2.25 is also playing an important role in the pub-
Munishwarlal Chintamani, lakh Indian origin people are living. Here licity of Hindi. In Kazak, Karelia, Taros,
Pujanand Nema are promi-
nent. Hindi Council, Hindi Prachar Sabha, Bashkortostan, Chuvash, Bladivavastok,
In today's era, the writers Loydan University, Hindu School Indian Culture centres are available where
doing the service for Hindi Institutions, Hindu Broadcasting Hindi is taught. From Russia, half-a-dozen
are Raj Hiraman, Hemraj
Sundar, Brijlal Mohan, Jai Corporation, Dutch Hindi Samiti, SLS, students come to India for Hindi education.
Jeeut, Mukesh Jeebodh Gopia International, Sanata Institutions and The Russian Hindi academicians include
and in women achievers Arya Samaj Institutions. In four universities Professor Lyudmila Kalona, Dr Indira
are Rajvanti Ayodhya,
Sumati Budhan, Keshali of Holland, i.e. Loyaden, Amestardam, Gajiyeva, Professor Sargaye Saribriyani, Dr
Ragpat, Champawati Utrect and Koningan, Hindi teaching facili- Alexansadra Dubyandskaya and Ananth
Bumma, Jaivanti Rangu ty is available. For the publicity and popu- Seetha Guria are to name a few. The
and Kalpana Lalji. In story
writing Abhimanu Anant larity of Hindi, programmes are being car- Russians are very keen to learn Hindi. In
carved a niche for himself. ried on different audio and visual Medias. Bulgaria too people are inclined towards
He also earned praises for
writing novels. The other
Hindu Broadcasting Corporation i.e. Om is Hindi languages. Study centres have been
writers who have done a media of Dutch Government. opened for both, Hindi and Sanskrit. In
excellent work include In two universities of Korea, Hindi is Sofia University, Hindi teaching is avail-
Pundit Jaiprakash Sharma,
Surya Prasad Mangar taught. It is four years course in which on an able. Here Professor Emil Boeva, Dr Milena
Bhagat, Jainarayan Rai, average 500-600 students are learning. In Bratoeva, Dr Rushwa Sukolova are commit-
Munishwarlal Chintamani, Surinam, there are 6 air and 4 TV centres, ted for Hindi.
Bhanumati Nagdan,
Dipchand Bihari, Ramdev where Hindi programmes are carried in the In Fiji, in the origin and development of
Dhurandhar, Pujanand field of music, religious campaign, discus- Hindi language, culture and tradition,
Nema, Indradev Bhola, sion, interviews, information, advertise- Pundit Totaram Sandhya and Pundit
Veersen Jaga Singh,
Satyawati Jagmohan, ments and news. In Surinam, the Hindi lan- Ramchandra Sharma played key role. The
Pushpa Bamma, Mohanlal guage is composed of avadhi, magahi, labourers who were taken from India many
Brijmohan, Lochan Videshi,
Bhojpuri, maithli dialects. Hence it is said decades back, did not know Fiji and they
Sonalal Nemchari, Brijlal
Ramdeen Karun, Suniti as Sarnami Hindi language. People in preserved Indian tradition during Colonial
Aliyar, Keshavdutt Surinam speak Hindustani Hindi and live in Sugar Refining Company. They arranged
Chintamani, Jai Jeeul,
Damodar Somori, Janardan Hindustani culture. Bhajan, Kirtan, Satyanarayan katha, Arti
Kalicharan, Krishnalal In Poland, Hindi language and literature is and kept Indian tradition alive. Even the
Bihari, Danishwar Sham taught in Warsaw, Carob and Poznan uni- Indian festivals like Ramnavami,
and Raj Hiraman. In
Mauritius the growth and versities. Professor Shayer, Dr Rukovaska,, Shrikrishna Janmashtami, Dushehra, Holika
development of Hindi is Professor MK Briski, Yutyush Pornovyaski, Dahan and other festivals are celebrated
systematic as compared to Ajey Vugovaski, Ms Alitysya, Karlikovska, with traditional fervor and gusto. Even the
other nations. Hindi is writ-
ten in more divergent man- Dr Agneyashkya, Kovataska Soni, Pofessor fruits and vegetables bear the same name.
ner in this nation. Danuta Stashik, Professor Taush Tulsi, Chandan, Aam, Nimbu, Imli, Bel are
Pobojanyak, Ms Anna Shvakustska, the same, what we call them in India. Thus
Daryush Gosher and Dr Agneshka have it may be said undoubtedly that Hindi is
translated many literary work in Hindi. The flowing freely in Fiji.
46 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
In Finland, Helsinki, in Sweden Stalckhome made in English.
University in Denmark, Copenhagen Hindi is the language of the biggest democ-
University offer courses in Hindi. In racy of the world. Hindi speaking people
Norway, the condition of Hindi is strength- stand largest in the world. Even NRIs cul-
ening. In this country of 46 lakh population, tural language is Hindi. It is very unfortu-
Hindi speaking people are 7,000. Many nate that Hindi which is, on its own, becom-
Hindi language magazines including ing popular across the world including
Parichaya, Pahchan, Triveni, Alfa, Omega, America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
Apravasi Times, Sanatan Manch are being islands is being ignored in our own nation.
published from this place. Apart Hindi chan- The language which is becoming the world
nels ZTV, Soni TV, Zee Cinema, B4U language is being ignored in its place of ori-
movies, MTV are quiet popular. gin. In universities, embassies or even
China has much older cultural relationship offices related to growth and development
with India. In Paiching and Nanchir of Hindi, they use English as their medium
Universities, Hindi is offered. Professor Chi of communication and their attitude towards
Shyen established Bharat Vidhya Vibhag, Hindi is dismissive. We have not taken
which is now very important institution for Hindi seriously and at least we Indians did
Hindi learning. Professor Chi Shyen has not contribute much in the popularity of
also translated Balmiki Ramayan, Godan, Hindi. Though in the era of globalization,
Rag Darbari of Shrilal Shukla, and articles TV, Hindi films and different channels of
of Jaishankar Prasad and Krishna Chander. Doordarshan had their role in the publicity
What relationship Nepal shares with India is of Hindi. Due to the popularity of Hindi
needless to explain. The cultural and social now various foreign origin channels like
relationship of Nepal and India are not a Discovery, National Geography have started
secret. The southern part of Nepal basically dubbing or preparing their programs in
is of Hindi knowing people which are geo- Hindi. But despite it, our own Governments
graphically linked to India. This part of did not make serious efforts in this direc-
Nepal has basically relationship of `roti- tion. Asia, Europe,
beti` with India. The growth of Hindi in Right to Education in national language Scandinavia,
Nepal is similar to that in India in ancient Hindi - Swami Ramdev
America, Australia
period, middle period and now modern peri-
od. The Hindi language magazines being Honourable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has
and African conti-
published from Nepal include Tarang, Jai said that it is better to have knowledge of nents, Hindi and
Nepal, Sangam, Adarsh Vani, Kisan foreign languages because it helps in better Hindi loving per-
Bulletin, Kokila, Nav Jagran and Anuradha. communication, contact, trade and activi- sons have carved
The weekly magazines are Lokmat, Inqulab ties. But to use other nation's language as a special niche.
and tri-monthly magazines include national language is an issue of shame and
Himalini. Besides many organizations are insult to us. No other nation in this universe
Today, many for-
working in Nepal to promote Hindi. That gives education in foreign language. We eigners are learn-
includes Janakpur Baudhik Samaj. Hindi is would make efforts to official announce ing Hindi and
available from middle level to university Hindi as national language and other Indian Hindi literature is
level. languages like Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, being read world
When the trade relationship of India devel- Kannada, Marathi and Punjabi as languages
oped with other nations, the students in that of official communication in their respec-
country, who had learnt Hindi presumed that tive areas. He education of management,
the companies doing business in India science and technology would be in Hindi
would give them job as they are aware of and other regional languages so that poor
Hindi. But when these companies came to and deprived class children could also get
India, here they found many English speak- an opportunity to hold good positions in the
ing persons. Hence the Hindi learning Government like IAS, IPS, doctor or scien-
efforts of these students had no meaning. It tists.
is also an irony that people learn Hindi for
conversation with us but we prefer to speak
English. All mails, communications are
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 47
The mother's lap is the sanctum for anybody. The accomplishment of the
sacred word is from Mandh means metal. This means a mother gives
birth to child and then gives good culture to get established in the society respect-
fully. In this universe, the most powerful identity is of eternal Lord Brahma but the
way in which he expresses him the most are - guru and mother.

of women in
Nation's building
Bahan ion building, family development, soci-
ety or nation building, women plays Mother is the
very important role. A man has created origination of
several miracles in this world but their universe and
mothers were women. Swami
Vivekanand has said you give me 100
life. She is the
ideal mothers and I would give you an foundation of
ideal nation. building many
Mother is a valuable reward for every be character or
living creature on this world. For get-
ting better crop, seeds and soil are
the nation. Her
made better. And similarly if we have culture helps in
to elevate the society, they first achieving per-
improve the mother physically, mental-
sonality and
ly, intellectually, socially, spiritually
and economically. This science was in success.
ancient times given recognition by Mother is a
saints.They said `yatra Naryastu valuable gift of
Poojante Ramante Tatra Devata. In our
god to every
culture mother is symbolized for
knowledge, power and prosperity. creature on this
Maa Saraswati gives knowledge, while universe.
goddess Lakshmi is for wealth and Ma
Durga denotes power. The fact was
The manner in which we can enter into ascertained by the then rulers in India.
`brahma` but can't be explained, similar It is written in mythological books that
is the magnificence of mother power, king Janak ploughed the land and
which can not be explained in words. found mother Sita there. This also
Nature is the creation of god and if the means that the emperors in ancient
extension of god has to be summarized India were mighty and strong and
in one word, it is mother. A mother has behind them the public was doing
always constructed and it is the system labour. And as a result of the intense
of the divine power. Where ever in this labour, the power and property they get
universe, there is construction there is is the prosperity i.e. Sita. In Indian tra-
woman at the base of it. May it be dition we always use `dhanya` word
physical construction, character, opin- with `dhan`. Besides money, dhanya
48 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
means crop production which is another the glorious past of India, almost 2.5
important aspect for the growth and lakh mothers, sisters participated in
development of the nation. Bharat Swabhiman campaign. Under
Today, the same Sita, i.e. prosperity of the campaign, the womenfolk is going
the beloved country is trying to get free door to door and awakening the cele-
Mother India, in from the shackles of corrupt demons. brated man folk. They are giving the
Mother Nature, mother cow, mother message of Guru Swami Ramdevji
the massive Ganga, mother public, mother Bharat Maharaj. They are teaching them Yoga,
campaign initiat- and the mothers of all mother mother shaking-up their esteem and pride.
ed as Bharat earth is being tortured by some demons. Never ever in the past in any campaign,
Swabhiman They are responsible for the abjection, such a large number of women ever had
poor condition and plight of the mother participated. And as the justice system
besides your earth. Unfortunately, these demons are of god prevails and efforts are rewarded
glorious sons, ruling and clawing these six mothers. so our efforts would also get reward
daughters are Who else can feel opprobrium to these today or tomorrow. It would never by
six mothers than a mother? A mother unsuccessful. Revered Swami Ramdevji
also coming for-
could give culture to a human being but Maharaj says the secret of success is
ward in large could not provide life of culture, better patience and seriousness in nature, con-
number to sacri- judicial system, better political and tinuity in action, polite in behavior,
fice their lives administrative facility, no-terrorism and heroism in duty, every moment has
no-adulteration market, disease free, some achievements and proper
for the sake and
and pollution free and a prosperous exploitation of mental, physical and
respect of your nation. Today, the human being is not on spiritual strengths. The nation, which is
milk. the right path and thus he needs Baba
Ramdevji Maharaj the most.
And the beginning for the creation of
super powerful India in 21st century has
already been started. In media and all
over, the mother is being projected as a
utility object, which is great insult to
entire womanhood and motherhood. It
is a conspiracy to kill our self-respect.
And to protest Baba Ramdevji Maharaj
has come forward. He challenged them
that woman is not an object of utility but
it is a power to pray. She is not weak but
a strong power. In the first phase of
Bharat Swabhiman campaign, women a model for the celebrity woman is a
have awaken each person in their house model for all. Lord Rama took incarna-
and inspired them for yoga and thus tion in this motherland itself. He also
contributed majorly in making their came on the soil in the guise of Krishna,
body, soul, heart healthy. It was but nat- Vivekanand, Dayanand, Buddha,
ural that large number of womenfolk Mahavir, Arvind and now Swami
joined the campaign as it was a cam- Ramdev. In his proximity, for the pride
paign for nation building. It is the his- of the nation, it would be a great honour
tory, which says that Kekayee, Durga, that even the life is sacrificed. For the
Hari Rani, Sati Sanyogita, Rani Laxmi existence if anybody would have to lose
Bai, Rani Padmini, Rani Chenamma, his existence, it is a matter of pride for
Durga Bhabhi all were on the front, him. `Main bhi bahan banu bhagwan,
when they foresaw trouble on their jisse bhade bharat ki shan`. Mother
beloved motherland. India, in the massive campaign, your
But then their number of a few hundreds gallantry daughters would also put-in
or thousands. But now in accordance to all efforts as your heroic sons are doing.
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 49
Kapalbhati exercise strengthens bones.
Since bones are made of sock-
et made of bones, this exercise is helpful. Bone
Do you
in and around the inner portion get stronger
and thus, the teeth and gums also get stronger.
Dr Kuldeep Singh,
Dentist, Patanjali Yogpeeth,

Bleeding from gums is a common disease and many per-

sons are affected from it. In the initial stage, it is known
as Gingivitis means infection in gums. But when it touch-
es nearby bones apart from the gums, it is called Pyria.
The main indication is bleeding. In the morning while
brushing the teeth, blood oozes out. When the patient gets
up in morning, he finds blood from teeth. And when the
disease is aggravated blood comes out entire day.
 It gives found smell from the mouth.
 Many times pus also comes from gums along with
 Pockets are found between gums and teeth, where
food particles start depositing. This makes the prob-
lem more serious.
 Slowly the teeth become weak and slowly start
 The lower teeth, in the lower jaw are more affected.

 The main reason behind bleeding from gums and
pyria disease is food particles entangled in teeth and
gums and its decaying. The bacteria present in
mouth decay particles, which form toxins. These
toxins start decaying teeth and then gums. They
form pockets and then in pockets more food parti-  Excess use of some medicines like for SP, Sugar as
cles get deposited and convert in toxins. This slowly its reaction brings redness in gums and cause
reaches to the bones and toxins start decaying bones bleeding.
also. This weakens teeth, which falls ultimately.
 One of the reasons of this disease is not cleaning
Pyria: rea-
teeth properly. When teeth are not cleaned properly  To stop bleeding from gums, properly and regular- sons ans
food particles deposit amidst teeth and decay. Many ly clean teeth. precaution-
times, the non-uniform brush cause injury in gums  Every day in morning and in night before going to sa
and injury cause bleeding. bed it is important to clean teeth.
 Those who smoke, the probability of disease catch-  Before going to bed, after cleaning the teeth, mix
ing them is greater. warm water, salt and alum and properly gargle.
 The persons, having weak immune system or having  Gargle mouth, after eating anything.
Hemophilia or AIDS they are more prone to this dis-  Chew babul or neem branch for five minutes and
ease. Due to some fungal and bacterial infections keep its juice in mouth.
also, gums turn red and it starts bleeding.

50 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

 Kapalbhati exercise strengthens bones. Since our
teeth are in sockets of bones, they could be in better
grip of bones for longer period.
Beautiful teeth are precious gift of nature…
 `Sheetali` and `Seetkari` pranayam helps in fighting
Attractive teeth make our smile magnificent the disease.
and give us a feeling of freshness
But rotten teeth make our life painful and
wipe out happiness from our life
So here we bring you the ways to avoid teeth
problems and maintain a splendid smile.

 If bleeding has started from gums then it needs
urgent and emergency attention or else there is
threat that it could spread in rest of the teeth. It
could be treated in different manners.
 Since the main problem is related to impurities and
hence scaling of teeth is very important. Consult
some expert doctor for scaling. Now modern ultra-
sonic scalar machines have come and hence there
is no loss to the teeth. There is misconception that
teeth gets wear, when scaling is carried but it is not
a fact. And on the contrary, cleaning makes teeth
healthy and disease less.
 Once a year, such cleanliness should be carried so
that the risk of pyria is reduced. Domestic treatment
 If pockets are present between teeth and gums and  Prepare a decoction of leaves of pointed guard, syzy-
if the depth is 5-6 mm, then go for root planting gium cumini (jamun), mango and jasmine and keep
and gum treatment after scaling. a portion of it in mouth regularly.
If the pockets are deeper, then surgery of gums is  Boil curcuma longa (haldi) with water and when it
carried by Gingivectomy method so that the place becomes little concentrated then mix it with little
is made ready for cleanliness. honey and keep a little of it in mouth to get benefit-
Treatment in Yoga  The ash of syzygium cumini (jamun) dry branch,
 Pranayam is very helpful in treatment of pyria. But when applied on teeth also helps in stopping the
at the first place, it ensures that the disease does bleeding.
not attack teeth. Pranayam helps in correcting the  Mix 5 tola of quince juice in equal amount of milk
small blockages in blood vassals. When one grows and drinking this mixture helps in curing gums prob-
elder, blockage starts in the capillaries of gums. lem.
Thus, the blood circulation at that place reduces  Use 10 gms of campher, 10 grams of blue vitriol
and defense cells of blood too did not reach at (roasted) and 20 grams black pepper alongwith
proper place. The pranayam helps in opening the `majufal`, `pippali' and alum, all 20 grams tobacco
small blockages in capillaries so that the blood cir- 40 gramms, mix all together and prepare a fine pow-
culation becomes normal. It reaches and due to der. Use this powder as tooth powder which would
cells, germs get killed. This ensures healthy gums. give relief in the problem. Doing gargle with honey
 The immune system of the body strengthens when and mustard oil too is advantageous in the problem.
Pranayam exercise is carried. It helps in killing 
germs present in gums and thus ensures better

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 51

To control Yoga Darshan. It is clear from the
description that Yoga is basically a
spiritual art. Presently public come to a

psyche is practionary for a particular disease and

practionar gives them advice related to
some exercises and Pranayam. These
asans and pranayam is confined up to

hathasan and its benefit is confined The objective
upto body only.
In Yog darshan meditation and asans
of Yoga is the
with sitting postures have been accept- rule of peace
ed like padmasana, siddhasana, on psyche is
to Yoga darshan, Yoga is - Yogashitvrittiniro-
According dha. Psyche combined qualities of satva, rajas
swastikasana, sukhasana, vajrasana and
the sole
others and not the 84 asanas described
and tamas. Hence it is also called tri-quality. With even objective of
as hathyoga. In Yogdarshan bahya
minimum of these three qualities, the mind makes five
positions - vacuous, sane, insane, concentrated and
kumbhak, anvantar kumbhak, Yoga.
stamhvritti and others have been men-
constrained. These are said to be the roles of psyche. Hathyoga is
Also four states of psyche have also been catego- beneficial for
The pranayam of hathyoga are different
rized. They are awakening, in dream, idle and active.
The psyche adopts its behavior and on the basis of
but both types of asanas and pranayams the health but
gives benefit to health and soul when
which it is called the character of psyche. Endowments then it needs
carried out. It also provides high level
i.e. psyche are of different nature but Maharshi to cross all
mental and spiritual powers. But
Patanjali has divided them widely in five groups, certi-
fication, disperse, alternative, sleep and memory. despite all the benefits, a person does the borders
not want to spend time due to total lack and reach the
of interest. Thus he wants to adopt a
These five characters sometimes clash shortcut method for getting healthy but
extreme of
Vaidhya or sometimes live without any con- is it possible? Yoga sad-
Rajendra frontation. To check these tendencies is  hana.
Prakash the basic objective of Yoga. Here check
does not mean forcibly, banning, sup-
pressing control of these activities but
control means mergence of these ten-
dencies with the psyche. The last resort
to check psyche is control and all sens-
es merge here. Certification, disperse,
alternative, sleep and memory are
merged in the psyche and hence Yoga
practitioner comes out from normal
condition to an elevated platform.
For the control of these characteristics
and to get benefit of the ideal condition,
described above, some special treat-
ment is needed. He would have to make
efforts to remove idleness, confusion
and others and adopt other ways like
practice, remembering god, devotion
and others. He would also have to
undergo control on senses.
Maharshi Patanjali has to control self
described the nine ways from articles
12 to 39 in Samadhipad chapter of

52 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

life long study written Vedabhashya,
revaluating ancient vedic life styles. He
also opposed idol worship and many
misgivings. And in the same series,
Acharya Baldevji runs a gurukul in
Kalwa, Haryana where since 9 years of
age, Swami Ramdev took education.
Acharya Balakdevji had once, revealed
a memoir related to Swami Ramdevji.
In intense cold conditions of Punjab
and Haryana, the brahmacharies of the Baba
ashram were wearing just two thin Ramdev was
cloths. Some newly joined students
firm and deci-
said that they would die in such condi-
tions. But perfect follower of discipline
sive since his
said - I would pour soil on your bodies. childhood and
But Yogrishi Baba Ramdev at that ten- the present

Convenor der age said what would happen even if

we die? We would take re-birth.
Sacrificing atleast one life for the sake
life of Baba
Maharaj is

of Vedic of good work could be done. Today, his

life is the result of tough measures and
stance; he had taken during education
the reflection
of what hard
work, he had

period. He has developed his personal-
ity as a promise and inspiring others to put-in during
follow disciplined life. his gurukul
In an international convention, held in period.
Delhi in 2006, Swami Ramdevji Following
- Swami Ramdev Maharaj said that had I not read
Maharshi Dayanand, I would have
Dayanand, he
been toiling fields like other peasants.
Baba Ramdev has carved a niche for him- To pay tributes to the person, who is trying to
Yogrishi self, battling for medicine free, and dis- inspired him, he has named the place, carry the
ease free world. He is ruling crores of hearts through on which Patanjali Yogpeeth is estab- entire world
Astha channel. Yog science is an ancient practice lished, as Maharshi Dayanand Gram. on the path of
which is a gift by Maharshi Patanjali and other holy fig- Maharshi Dayanand was born in development,
ures. It is a heritage of Vedic culture. But Baba Tankara village, Saurashtra in a
peace and
Ramdev has linked Pranayam to a commonman with Brahmin family. Though, his mother
the help of research and it is really a remarkable tongue was Gujarati, he utilized Hindi
achievement. to spread his message. Swami Ramdev
Swami Ramdev supports a valued life had re-birth in gurukul. He is following
Dr Sharda while displaying beautiful exercises of `krinvanto vishwamaryam` means try-
Tungar pranayam, yogasans and others. The ing to build the best world. To make
natural question comes in the mind people aware, the source of energy are
from where he earned all this knowl- couplets and poetries based on nation-
edge? He explains each activity in alistic sentiments. Thousands of per-
beautiful language and immediately son, sing with the lyrics. The poetry has
develops rapport with the audience. no description of any god or goddess
What is the moracle? Basically his and only Om, the base of Indian culture
objective and expression, both are is kept at the centre.
beautiful and welfare oriented and 
hence, he got such popularity. The
founder of Arya Samaj Maharshi
Swami Dayanand Saraswati had after
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 53
II Taitiriya Upnishad II
rest part

THE second episode of


Anna brahmoti vayajanat. Annaddhyev

khalvimani bhutani jayante. Annen jatani
jivanti. Anna prantantyabhisavishntiti. Mano brahmoti vyajanat. Manaso have, khalvi-
Tadwigya. Punrev varunam pitarmu- mani bhutani jayate. Mansa jatani jevanti. Man
panasar. Adhihi bhagvo brahmoti. prantantyabhisavishntiti. Tadwigyay. Punrav
Tahovach. Tapse Brahma Vijgyasasva. varun pitarmupasar. Adihi Bhagwe Brahmoti.
Tape brahhmanoti. Sa tapotapyat. Sa Tahowarch. Tapas Brahma Vigigyasya. Tapo
tapastpatya. Brahmoti. Sa tapotaptya. Sa tapotaptya.
Anna means food is brahma. Everything
generates from Anna. Everybody is alive He knew that soul is Brahma and soul is the
on anna and even after death; a person is centre for generation. A human being is alive
consigned to flames with the help of anna. due to mind and later die when the mind comes
To get more knowledge, he reached to his out. After gaining this knowledge he again
father saying that considering annamaya went to his tather. Considering manonaya
What is kosh as Brahma, Brigu achieved and now kosha as Brahma, he said what ever I had to
Brahma gyan give sermons beyond it. Varun said per- achieve, I did it. Now tell me beyond it. Varun
and the way form tap and with its help know the true said perform tapa. And from tapa know the real
to achieve it... power of Brahmaji. Tap is brahma and it Brahma.
helps in ascertaining the real power of
Brahmaji the creator of the world. Fifth episode
Bhrigu reach to of Bhriguvally
his father Varun Third episode Vigyan brahmoti vayajanat. Vigyanpaddrov

repeatedly and
of Bhriguvalli khalvimani bhutani jayante. Annen jatani jivanti.
Prano Brahoti Vyajanat. Pranadwedyaya Vigyanen prantantyabhisavishntiti. Tadwigya.
ask for more khalyimani bhutani jayante. Pranen Janati Punrev varunam pitarmupanasar. Adhihi bhagvo
sermon and Jeevanti. Pranam prantantyabhisavishntiti. brahmoti. Tahovach. Tapse Brahma
Brahma gyan. Tadwivgya. Punrev Varuna Pitarmupnasar. Vijgyasasva. Tape brahhmanoti. Sa tapotapyat.
Adhihi Bhagvo Brahmanoti. Tahowatch. Sa tapastpatya.
But father
Tapas Brahma vijigyasasya tapo brahmati.
always asks him Sa tapotaptya. Sa tapotaptya. He knew that Vigyan is Brahma and vigyan is
to perform Tapa. the centre for generation. A human being is
He knew that soul is Brahma and soul is alive due to vigyan and later dies when the
the centre for generation. A human being vigyan comes out. After gaining this knowl-
is alive due to soul and later die when the edge he again went to his father. Considering
soul comes out. Afte gaining this knowl- vigyanmaya as Brahma, he said what ever I had
edge he again went to his tather. to achieve, I did it. Now tell me beyond it.
Considering pranmaya kosha as Brahma, Varun said perform tapa. And from tapa know
he said what ever I had to achieve, I did it. the real Brahma.
Now tell me beyond it. Varun said per- 
form tapa. And from tapa know the real

Forth paragraph
of Bhriguvally (Continued in next issue)
54 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010
Guru Purnima observed with traditional fervour
in Patanjali Yogpeeth.

Inauguration Gurupurnima festival was inau- Blessings On the Gurupurnima, Yogrishi

gurated with lightening the lamp Swami Ramdev gave blessings to devotees
and followers.

Guidance On the occasion of gurupurnima, Address Honourable Yogaguru Swami

Yogaguru honourable Swami Ramdev and Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishnaji Maharaj
revered Acharyashri Maharaj while performing addressed to the devotees, who had gathered
Yoga exercises for devotees. in large number on Gurupurnima.

Launching The website of Ganga Raksha Manch Oblation After oblation, the ceremony of
was launched by Acharya Balkrishnaji Maharaj. Gurupurnima concluded.
Service to
poor is true
worship of God
times, we come across of surprising information. And in this era of internet, it is
Many almost regular to get something astonishing in some corner of the world. And last
days, one such piece of information I came across. All the walls in Tirupati temple of
Andhra Pradesh would be gold coated. The Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam looks after the
management of the temple and its President DK Adhikesh Kalunaidu informed that almost
Rs 1000 crore would be spend this year on this project. Now the artificial human effort to
further add to the grandeur and glory of already sprawling temple is how much relevant or
praiseworthy is a point to discuss.
In our country, we have many temples. injustice is made to me? You yourself
Write-up by Shanta When going through the earnings made are living amidst gold, silver and dia-
Kumar, Member of by these temples, various astonishing mond but I am seeing my children What a poor
Parliament facts come to light. The richest temple deprived of even one time meal and
of India is Balaji temple in Tirupati. wailing with hunger. What type of
person might
The net earning last year was Rs. 600 world you have created? think after
crore while the total budget for last In India still 28 crore of persons live seeing tem-
year was Rs 1925 crore. 15 tonns gold below poverty line. According to the ples decorat-
is also deposited with the management United Nations Food Programme
of the temple. The temple also earned details, the number of hungry people is
ed with gold
Rs 46 crore by selling ‘laddus’. This is highest in India. Over one -and- a - half and silver
apart from, what the temple manage- lakh farmers were forced to commit ornaments.
ment earns from sale of donating hairs. suicide. A report revealed that many
Oh God, why
The Sai Baba temple in Shirdi also falls persons died of hunger in a village in
in same bracket. The annual earning of Odisha. A mother sold her daughter of it is happen-
these three temples collectively goes 10 years for a paltry sum of Rs 500 to ing? Is this
around Rs 130 crore. The Akshardham save her rest of the family from death justice? You
temple in Delhi was constructed with due to hunger. The number of poverty
have been
cost of Rs 200 crores and daily thou- ridden persons has gone-up by 4 crores.
sands of persons come for the darshan Still over 70 percent people are spend- decorated
of gods and goddess. ing life earning Rs 20 per day. with orna-
On one hand, these temples are being In our country, the gap between rich ments while I
filled with assets, cash and other valu- and poor is increasing.These economi-
ables, the walls are decorated with gold cal odds have become serious threat to
and my family
and on other hand, scores of persons, the nation. The deprived, oppressed are looking to
living in hutments does not have any- youngster is adopting wrong means to meet two
thing to eat. When a hungry, poor peo- earn livelihood. Naxalism and Maoism ends.
ple see such lavish expenditure on tem- are the consequences of the same prob-
ples and glittering of gold and silver lem.
might be thinking that God why this When I was thinking all this, the

56 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

gry and keep him amidst gold, silver
and diamond.
It is true that the main objective of tem-
ples is to spread message of religion
and spiritualism. To work for back-
wardness and poverty are not works to
be done by temple managements. Some
of the readers find it confusing. But
temples and religion do exist in the
Wake-up your-
society and are for the society. The
self, help nation to
main job of temples is to spread spiri-
come out of slum-
tualism but ultimately temples are a ber and take pledge
part of this society. The society is to finish of such
crushed under the weight of poverty forces, which are
and economic odds. damaging the
The decoration of temples is acceptable nation
upto certain limit. It expresses the sen-
timents of the devotees. But a few of
the leaders are so hungry of getting
prayed that they installed their own
statues and asked workers to pray. Swami
Maximum donation is given for reli- Ramdev
thought of Swami Vivekanand came to gious purpose. But still many persons
me. Since childhood, Swamiji had did not give donation in an apprehen-
aspired to reach god. He had intense sion that the money would not be prop-
feeling of gaining ‘nirvana’ and hence, erly utilized. But if these temple man-
Rather than he became the decipal of Swami agements get indulge in social services
decorating a Ramkrishna Paramhans. On his guru’s and come with more constructive ideas,
temple with instructions given before the death, more persons could come-up for dona-
Swami Vivekanand toured the country tion.
worth Rs 1,000 for two years. When he came across Decorating entire temple with gold
crores had the the poverty, backwardness, hopeless- plates, costing Rs 1000 crore could
money been ness and coerciveness, he was badly have been given to 10,000 most poor
given to disturbed. And then he made the families with one house, a cow shed
famous declaration from the rock in and a cow, these families would have
10,000 under
Kanyakumari, He said Oh God! I don't come above the poverty line. With one
poverty line want nirvana. I wish to take births and cow, 10,000 families would become
people, with a re-births on this land till every person self-dependent and also 10,000 cows
house, a cattle on this motherland did not get proper would be donated. The temple trust
shed and a meal. Please give me repeated oppor- could also adopt a few families and
tunity to serve my motherland and its work for their welfare and upliftment.
cow, it would people. When such help would be extended to
have helped in Now, India has become the hungriest many families, they would come above
their uplift- nation in the world. Actually God do the poverty line. Thus a service to true
ment. These not live only in lavishly built temples temple would be carried.
but he also lives in hutments, made of Each big temple trust could run a free
10,000 families
wood and mud. The human being has hospital so that the poor could be treat-
could have constructed several thousands of tem- ed free of cost. Such temple trusts
come above ples, but the almighty has created only could also run good educational institu-
the poverty one temple. i.e. human being. To keep tions so that free education could be
line. that temple hungry and decorating tem- given to poverty ridden children. Many
ple with gold and silver is not the actu- such programmes could be carried out.
al worship. Even god may dislike to
keep several thousands of people hun- Cont. on page 58
Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 57
Cont. from page 57 nation liberated. I do not opine that
don't get involved in religious activities
Mostly black money is donated in tem- but don't do it blindly. Just remember
ples. When crores of rupees are earned that the biggest prayer is service to
Honourable after corrupt practice, lakhs are donated deprived human being.
Swami in the temple. This gives a satisfaction Honourable Swami Ramdevji dreams
Ramdevji and also feeling that even god is a part to bring change in the administrative
Maharaj is of the corruption. The corruption has set-up in the nation via Bharat
trying to bring become cancer for the nation and when Swabhiman andolan. He rightly says
change in the indirectly, it gets support from religion that the country is facing less due to the
though indirectly, it is more concern- activities of demons but more due to
ing. At all the prominent temples, it the reluctance of good persons. Now
through should be hanged that this is god's tem- time has come to break silence. It is a
Bharat ple and after donating money earned wake-up call. Wake-up yourself, help
Swabhiman through corrupt practice don't become nation to come out of slumber and take
campaign. He more sinner. Donate less but with hon- pledge to finish of such forces, which
says the est earning. In history Mohammad are damaging the nation. Swamiji
nation suffers Gaznavi looted Somnath temple for 6 Maharaj has said that for building a
months. The rulers that time also kept healthy, prosperous and culturally rich
less from the
decorating temples with valuable orna- nation we need each person to be
activities of ments and did not pay attention on the healthy and prosperous. We need our
the demons society and nation. The national char- country self-dependent with swadeshi,
but more acter and unity diminished and nation country with controlled population
from the apa- was divided in various parts. Even the growth and country free from hunger,
thy of good ornamented god could not save the poverty and unemployment and 100
persons. nation. The country was ruled by for- percent voting to eradicate political
eigners for many thousand years and it corruption from the nation. This is my
was over 100 years struggled to get the dream for India.

58 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

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Dhemaji, Shilapathar 9954505285 Saran, Chapra 9708211580 Delhi, Rahini 9675108940
Dhubri, Bilasipara 9435214890 Sasaram, Fazalganj 9431188737 Delhi, Vishwasnagar 9811968494
Dhubri 9954092126 Sheohar, Khairwa durp 9430214479
Dibrugarh, Banipur 9435739760 Siwan, Khoripakad 9199835981
Dibrugarh, Duliyajan 9954234809 Goa, Bordem 9326134137
Goa, Parnem
Dibrugarh, Milonenagar 9435702961 Chhattisgarh Goa, Vascodagama
Dibrugarh, Moran 9435705984 9766621196
Dibrugarh, Namrup 9854833871 Bustar, Kudagao 9752154649 Gujarat
Dispur, Kamrup 9957199416 Bhilai, Power house 9302423908
Golapara, Dudhnoi 9957199423 Bhilai, Sector 10 9752094805 Ahemadabad, Narora 9723231592
Golaghat, Bognakhoa 9436019729 Durg, Station road 9425515437 Ahemadabad, Ambavari circle 9377463000
Golaghat, Bokakhat 9613281432 Durg, Gurur 9424137577 Ahemadabad, Batva 9427418538
Guwahati, Bamuni Maidan 9435549961 Durg, Indirapara 9039767297 Ahemadabad, Vastral road 9228244376
Guwahati, Basistha 9435126900 Durg, Station Road 9993287243 Amreli, Jafrabad 9824175207
Guwahati, Kamrup Bhagduttpur 9435543441 Durg, Utai 9826116236 Amreli, Manekpara 9724336813
Guwahati, Kumarpada 9435011021 Dantewada, Bacheli 9826688398 Amreli, Rajula D 9426421873
Guwahati, Narangi 9864072606 Dantewada, Main road 9406260165 Amreli, Wadia Devli 9428795729
Guwahati, Nunmati 9864326551 Dhumtari, Kurur 9406233837 Banasknadtha, Disa 9428089237
Guwahati, R.G. Baruah road 9435045510 Janjgir, Chapa ankaltara 9301971263 Bharunch, Ankaleshawar 9825461119
Guwahati, Rehalbari 9864010374 Janjgir, Chapa linkroad 9926138917 Bhavnagar, Botad 9727229988
Jorhat, R.B. lane 9435052148 Janjgir, Chapa sakti 9981068990 Bhavnagar, Mahua 9925866729
Kokrajhad, Gosaigao 9435561015 Janjgir, Chap, Sivri narayan 9425228262 Bhavnagar, Talja 9426440539
Nagon, Lanka 9435601509 Jaspur, Kunkuri 9425574063 Gandhinagar, Dehgam 9429744566
Nagon, Lumbding Dutta Plaza 9435396779 Mahasamund, Basna 9755469609 Gandhinagar, Mansa 9427314388
Nagon, Lumbding kali bari road 9854854521 Mahasamund, Pithora 9424220690 Gandhinagar, Sector 14 9825989138
Nalbari, N.T. Road 9435028083 Mahasamund, Sarajpali 9407623881 Gandhinagar, Sector 29 9427628522
Sibsagar, Aamguri 9854170293 Raigarh, Kharsiya 9826648791 Jamnagar, Hawai chowk 9427628522
Sibsagar, Sonari 9954997568 Raipur, Bhatapara 9826160829 kachchh, Anjar 9427443666
Sonitpur 9864366333 Raipur, Baloda bazar 9926155173 Mehsana, Kherlu 9662517751
Tinsukiya, Dumduma 9435032717 Raipur, Bhantapara 9691539053 Navsari, Dudhiya talab 9879385222
Tinsukiya, Parbatiya 9435336448 Raipur, Chura 9993444200 Navsari, Bansara 9427706721
Tinsukiya, Tulsiram road 9864344234 Raipur, Gudhiyari 9893690342 Porbandar, near Sri Ji Towers 9724336810
Raipur, Rajim 9691072563 Rajkot, Dhoraji 9426479859
Bihar Raipur, Tatiband 0771 2572013 Rajkot, Morbi 9426214945
Arariya, Forbisganj 9431291597 Rajnandgaon, Ambagarh chowki 9406297333 Rajkot, Takshshila society 9724336814
Banka, Aliganj road 9955999185 Rajnandgaon, Dungargarh 9827188819 Sabarkantha, Dharor 9427070718
Bhabhua, Ekta Chowk 9955999194 Rajnandgaon, Dungragao 9752094822 Sabarkantha, Modasa 9428133696
Bhagalpur, Navgachiya 9308529600 Rajnandgaon, Khairugarh 9827181617 Surat, Bardoli 9924050236
Bhagalpur, Kehalgao 9931743009 Rajnandgaon, Maheshnagar 9827752815 Surat, Kantaneshvar mandi 9909407025
Bhagalpur, Sultanganj 9852472142 Sarguja, Ambikapur 9977241406 Surat, Rander road 9825281057
Bhojpur, Navada 9931063317 Sarguja, Sitapur 9406100143 Surat, Tarsari 9909951841
Buxar, Baba Nagar 9430624076 Surat, Oodhna 9327989952
YS_SEP4-Aarogya-eng.qxd 7/15/2010 12:47 PM Page 3

Surat, Warcha road 9825797207 Kullu, Bhuntar 9816088057 Chhindwara, Sausar 9329434945
Vadodara, Bodeli 9825132635 Kullu Manali, Hotel Natraj 9816043457 Chhindwara, Tunnardeo 9993494439
Vadodara, Nizampur 9377136379 Kullu Manali, Gompa road 9817077020 Dhar, Kukshi 9753378882
Vlsad, M.G. road 9427469333 Mandi, Joginder nagar 9816101027 Guna 9425467123
Visnagar, 9428389998 Mandi, Churag 9817038048 Gwalior, Lashkar 9302210020
Mandi, Kotli 9418180560 Gwalior, Morar 9407223892
Haryana Mandi, Sundernagar 9418464977 Gwalior, University road 9826236038
Ambala, Narayangarh 9416366980 Simla, Middle bazar 9418095779 Hoshangabad, Itarasi 9752591905
Barvala, ward no. 6 9466613072 Simla, Sanjauli 9418474284 Hoshangabad, Pipariya 9827328030
Bhiwani, Behal 9812271880 Sirmour, Paonta sahib 9418078023 Hoshangabad, Siwni malwa 9826664069
Bhiwani, Loharu 9416524044 Sirmour, Paonta sahib, ward 5 9418549333 Khargon, Sanawad 9424059195
Bhiwani, Tosham 9896417557 Solan, Arki 9817891992 Khargon, Radha Vallabh Complex 9977843436
Faridabad, Fatehpur Biloch 9899620624 Solan, Sapron 9418023128 Muraina, Jivaji ganj 9425126773
Faridabad, Ballabhgarh Sec.3 9213733474 Una, Amb 9805012411 Muraina, Porsa 9926214873
Faridabad, N.I.T. 9871621954 Una, Jakhera 9805389405 Rajgarh, A.B. road 9425038477
Fatehabd, Bhuna 9466671690 Una, Nangal Jariyala 9418043126 Rajgarh, Byora 9425039355
Fatehabd, Dariyapur 9467253514 Una, Daulatpur chowk 9805012411 Rajgarh, Parayan chowk 9977256401
Fatehabd, Ratiya 9416108394 Rajgarh, Sarang chowk 9826813365
Gurgaon, Sohna 9812600700
Jammu & Kashmir Ratlam, Sailana 9893707529
Hisar, Agroha mod 9812172770 Akhnoor, Kameshwar mandir 9419193602 Shajapur, Gulana 9425636865
Hisar, Barvala 9991687551 Jammu, Katra 9311999108 Shajapur, Kalapipal 9754585389
Hisar, Iklana mandi 9416958662 Jammu, R.S. pura 9419607097 Shajapur, Shujalpur 9977661099
Hisar, Mandi Adampur 9416958662 Shahdol, Budhar 9752591942
Hisar, Narnond 9416092359
Jharkhand Sheopur, Baroda road 9893792829
jind, Narwana 9354233160 Bokaro, Cooperative colony 9835130725 Sidhi, Kotaha 9926649464
jind, Patiyala chowk 9813225180 Bokaro, Hajari 9334289682 Singrauli, Navanagar 9826407168
Kaithal, Chika 9416055180 Bokaro, sector 1 9308992177 Singrauli, Bedhantali 9425162124
Kaithal, Pundari 9034207112 Bokaro, sector 9 9204684566
Kaithal, Siwan 9466216070 Dhanbad, Baghmara 9931303488
Kaithal, Gharonda 9466575333 Dhanbad, Jhariya 9334254597 Akola, Akot Bus stand road 9421826158
kurukshetra, Babain 9416553966 Dhanbad, Katras bazar 9835113513 Akola, Akot Taweri Hardware 9420127866
kurukshetra, Pehwa 9896621409 Gadhwa, 9430767537 Akola, Balapur 9422193088
kurukshetra, Shahbad 9416220127 Giridih, Baksidir road 9430192223 Akola, Murtijapur 9822631654
Palwal, Hodel 9813679691 Godda, Sardar patel nagar 9835555020 Ahmednagar, Jamkher 9657695673
Palwal, Rasulpur road 9996541067 Hajari bagh, Gola road 9939523290 Amarawati, Nandgao Khandeshwar 9422914470
Rohtak, Kalanor 9812288371 Jamshedpur, Birsa nagar 9835701755 Amarawati, Chandur bazar 9423109259
Rohtak, Meham Shiva market 9466755690 Jamshedpur, Jugsalai 9334028873 Amarawati, Dariyapur 9420520751
Rohtak, Meham thana road 9416311691 Jamtara, Station road 9955998342 Amarawati, Kaloti nagar 9423424992
Sirsa, Elnabad thana road 9416620413 Kodarma, Jhumritalaiya 9955998339 Amarawati, Morshi 9420189338
Sirsa, Elnabad Gandhi chowk 9812917673 Lohardaga, Shantinagar 9835522486 Amarawati, Mudaliyar nagar 9403205022
Sirsa, Elnabad Sri Jivan nagar 9416016223 Pakur, Bhagatpura 9431779100 Amarawati, Paratwara 9403310469
Sirsa, Mandi 9416645440 Palamau, Daltanganj, Shahganj 9470177400 Amarawati, Surji 9423427184
Sirsa, Mandi Dabwali 9416994820 Palamau, Daltanganj, Ridma chowk 9430714494 Amarawati, Tilhara 9423427184
Sirsa, Raniya 9354897555 Ramgarh cantt, Gola road 9835392818 Beed, Ambajogai 9881371629
Sonipat, Gohana 9812658697 Beed, Majalgao 9822670053
Sirsa, Gannor mandi 9416087863 Karnataka Beed, Subhash road 9822670053
Yamunanagar, Workshop 9416070202 Banglore, R.T. Nagar 9342886181 Bhandara, Tumsar 9422131876
Yamunanagar, Jathlana 9996058960 Banglore, Vidyaranyapura 9242113910 Buldhana, Nandura 9890519051
Yamunanagar, Kamani chowk 9896055940 Belgaum, Nipani 9341918019 Buldhana, Shogao 9421465525
Yamunanagar, Bilaspur 9812573102 Belgaum, Athani 9880134797 Chandrapur, Bhadrawati 9764190733
Yamunanagar, Chanchraili 9416992391 Belgaum, Gokak 9448875179 Chandrapur, Brahmwati 9371942773
Yamunanagar, Mustafabad 9255342952 Belgaum, Old P.B. road 9008100884 Dhule, Devpur 9422772834
Yamunanagar, Radaur 9255262203 Dawangere 9008100897 Dhule, Dondaicha 9421614576
Yamunanagar, Sadhura 9416343959 Gondia, Amgaon 9423606088
Yamunanagar, Workshop road 9255342952
Madhya Pradesh Jalgaon, Bhusawal 9823474737
Barwani, cutchery road 9425406654 Jalgaon, Dusnur 9673301848
Himachal Pradesh Baitul, Amla 9406949678 Jalgaon, Chopra 9764971494
Kangra, bhavarna 9816082872 Baitul, Athner 9752591909 Jalgaon, Dharangaon 9403019258
Kangra, Dadh 9816453245 Baitul, Bhainsdehi 9425002862 Jalgaon, Fezpur 9923222201
Kangra, Dehra 9811031069 Baitul, Multai 9425002300 Jalgaon, Mukatainagar 9423914367
Kangri, Jawali 9817550109 Baitul Sadar 9424408288 Jalgaon, Shivram nagar 9823291111
Kangra, Nurpur 9418465052 Baitul, Sarni 9826654405 Jalna, Partur 9423390268
Kangra, Shahpur 9418565054 Baitul, Shahpur 9424422973 Kolhapur, Bhargaon road 9422048957
Kangra, Badoh 9418561670 Bhopal, M.P. nagar 9827055858 Kolhapur, Jaisinghpur 9970225833
Kangra, Jwalamukhi 9418222983 Chhindwara, Chandan Gao 9424771500 Mumbai, Kurla east 9821757416
Kangra, Lambagao 9418632915 Chhindwara, Pandurna 9826637736 Mumbai, Ghansoli 9820728734
Kangra, Nagrota Bagwan 9816133224 Chhindwara, Parsiya 9425834141 Mumbai, Sayan 9867171072
YS_SEP4-Aarogya-eng.qxd 7/15/2010 12:47 PM Page 4

Mumbai, Tardeo 9821129412 Dhaulpur, Lal bazar 9414238419

Nagpur, walker road 9422508182
Punjab Hanumangarh, Mandi pilibanga 9001936430
Nandurbar 9422746074 Abohar, Lakkar mandi 9478209300 Hanumangarh, Nauhar 9950450837
Nasik, Satana 9763547893 Amritsar, Ajnala 9814439641 Hanumangarh, Rawatsar 9414095138
Nasik, Manmaad 9970720183 Bhatinda, Bhagta Bhai 9357513000 Hanumangarh, Sangariya 9414904147
Pune, Chinchwad 9422350607 Bhatinda, Raman Mandi 9417940724 Jiapur, Shahpura 9460850193
Pune, Dhankodi 9823715727 Bhatinda, Tlawandi 9815758785 Jhalawad, Murti chaurahah 9460751025
Pune, Dhyari 9763104429 Faridkot, Jaitu 9417929003 Jhunjhunu, Bisau 9413890445
Pune, Kasarwadi 9922916206 Faridkot, Kotakpura 9814364230 Jhunjhunu, Chidawa 9414081430
Pune, Mawal 9881969722 Faridkot, Sadak 9915903888 Jhunjhunu, Nawalgarh 9982824014
Pune, Badgaon Chakan Road 9881962722 Ferozepur, Abohar 9417285868 Jhunjhunu, Surajgarh 9414542775
Pune, Vishrantwadi 9730068928 Ferozepur, H.K.L. road 9855979270 Jhunjhunu, Pilani 9351493980
Pune, Padmavati 9422011723 Ferozepur, Jalalabad 9357190335 Jodhpur, Badaliya 9829380763
Pune, Khadki 9822025236 Ferozepur, Mandi Ladhuka 9915715534 Jodhpur, Falodi 9351047079
Sangli, Mirz 9422615570 Ferozewala, Neempur chowk 9888173072 Jodhpur, Osiyan 9983555086
Satara, Ajinkyatara Road 9423865212 Ferozepur, Fazilka 9814845604 Jodhpur, Peeper city 9414412196
Satara, Wai 9423260737 Ferozepur, Jeera 9888173072 Pratapgarh, Paliwal Gali 9414396892
Solapur, Pandharpur 9823025501 Gurudaspur, Batla 9216969631 Sri Ganganagar, Sadul shehar 9413155772
Thane, Badlapur 9822172767 Hoshiyarpur, Dasuha 9878073709 Sri Ganganagar, Suratgarh 9928116144
Thane, Kalaue 9323260127 Hoshiyarpur, Mahilpur 9815859364 Sri Ganganagar, Rai singh nagar 9414482243
Thane, Kalyan (W) 8108403001 Hoshiyarpur, Mukiriyan 9779459218 Sikar, Duttaramgarh 9828313348
Thane, Ulhasnagar 9967439597 Hoshiyarpur, Tanda 9888086548 Sikar, Fatehpur 9928182884
Vardha, Arvee 9823863530 Jalandhar, Adampur Doaaba 9815262703 Sikar, Lakshmangarh 9414704587
Vardha, Hinganghat 9096968564 Jalandhar, Noor Mahal 9872762170 Sikar, Lakshmangarh Bus stand 9414038935
Vardha, Karanja 9422113194 Jalandhar, Fillor 9988231270 Sikar, Neemkathana 9799490632
Vardha, Silu 9421816025 Jalandhar, Bhogpur 9417006231 Sikar, Peerali 9829774244
Vashim, Magrul Pir 9403286037 Jalandhar, Jalandhar cantt 9417006231 Sikar, Sri Madhopur 9414664326
Yavatmaal, Arni 9423624321 Kapurthala, Fagwara 9872217062 Tonk, Jaipur road 9214669457
Yavatmaal, Digras 9423399593 Mansa, Budlara 9915715537 Tonk, Joshiyan 9414257623
Yavatmaal, Ghantji 9975744471 Mansa, Sardulgarh 9872793181
Yavatmaal, Kalam 9637459115 Moga, Badhani Kalan 9888447227 Uttar Pradesh
Yavatmaal, Pusad 9423652155 Moga, Focal Point 9417011879 Aligarh, Raghuveerpuri
Yavatmaal, Shivaji Chowk, Darwaha 9420370192 Mukhtasar, Malot 9316150444 Chaurahah9412275952
Yavatmaal, Umarkhed 9881639259 Mukhtasar, Lambi 9416994820 Agra, Jagishpura 9410203981
Yavatmaal, Bani 9420773636 Navanshehar 01885 500560 Agra, Lawyers colony 9897890745
Ropar, Anantpur Sahib 9855695457 Agra, Sadar bazar 9837357003
Meghalaya Ropar, Marinda 9814133810 Agra, Shahganj 9411652305
Shillong 9436101262 Ropar, Nangal Township 9256036888 Agra, Shamshadabad road 9837261757
Roopnagar, Nangal Dam 9805012411 Allahabad, 12 jairam 9452380635
Orrisa Sangrur, Dhuri 9217121541 Allahabad, Sardar Patel road 9453770166
Balasor, Sovarampur 9437408719 Tarantaran, Patti 9815344836 Allahabad, Civil lines 9936112666
Bargarh, Attabeera 9438679018 Tarantaran, Khandur sahib 9818061604 Allahabad, George Town 9415024184
Bhadrak, Baudpur 9938541533 Allahabad, Naini 9307946674
Bhubaneswar, Chadrashekarpur9437170929 Rajasthan Allahabad, Sulem Sarai 9889671698
Bhubaneswar, Ganganagar 9437041006 Alwar, Bansur 9413631090 Azamgarh, Kaptanganj 9919391009
Bhubaneswar, Shahidnagar 9861117809 Alwar, Kishori 9983249923 Azamgarh, Lelganj 9473519147
Bhubaneswar, Samantrapur 9437231424 Alwar, Ramgarh 9828932913 Azamgarh, Mubarakpur 9235877687
Baudh, near Town hall 9438218148 Alwar, Chawanpadi 9799498459 Badaun, Agrawal Bhawan 9837885655
Cuttack, Bankabazar 9437027980 Anupgarh, Station road 9414955189 Bagpat, Baraut 9410862719
Cuttack, Sector 6 9861258880 Banswada, Bagidaura 9636839905 Behraich, Station road 9369820044
Dhenkanal, Jawahar chowk 9437005920 Barmer 9460461427 Banda, Atrara 9005960950
Ganjam, Aska 9861317101 Bharatpur, Wasan gate 9414307690 Banda, Padmakar chowk 9415024184
Ganjam, Behrampur 9437078912 Bharatpur, Bayana 9414716446 Barabanki, Lakhera bagh 9760095132
Ganjam, HInjali Katu 9861857814 Bharatpur, Deeg 9799498461 Bijnore, Nurpur 9719450825
Jajpur, Birja Complex 9437027310 Bheelwada 9928666823 Bijnore, Chandpur 9412528318
Jharsugura 9437253499 Bikaner, Deshnok 9983353148 Bulandshehar, Bhoor 9999295755
Kandhmal 9178454713 Bikaner, Khajuwala 9413384744 Chandauli, G.P. road 9415228307
Kendrapada, Baniyamal 9437144032 Bikaner, Napasar 9929687072 Chandauli, Mughalsarai 9415007229
Kendrapada, Pattamundai 9437637440 Bikaner, Nokhamandi 9314416581 Chitrakoot, Kadwi Bhagwan 9450551302
Keonjhar 9437054812 Bikaner, Sri Dungargarh 9414416410 Farrukhabad, Kamalganj 9005673453
Mayurbhanj, Jashipur 9432473138 Chittaurgarh, Madhuban Colony 9414396862 Fatehganj, Harihar ganj 9415494536
Mayurbhanj, Karanjiya 9556048630 Churu, Sudulpur 9799284295 Firozabad, Tundla 9219612228
Nayagarh, Amrendra bazar 9237074383 Churu, Salasar 9414086425 Gazipur, Jakhaniya 9415263488
Nuapara, Khariyar road 9437070541 Churu, Sardar Shehar 9462073145 Ghaziabad, Nehru Nagar 9810513314
Raigarh 9777453712 Churu, Sujangarh 9414540067 Ghaziabad, Sahibabad 9990732932
Sundergarh, Rourkela, Koelnagar 9937590212 Dausa, behind Poonam Talkies 9414821364 Gonda, Cuthery road 9793034611
Sundergarh, Rourkela, Steel market 9337402962 Dausa, Mehwa 9828666325 Gonda, Mankapur 9760095167
YS_SEP4-Aarogya-eng.qxd 7/15/2010 12:47 PM Page 5

Gorakhpur, Argya Mandir 9415836161 Sonbhadra, Anpara 9839297167 Koochbihar, Mathabhanga 9800245203
Gorakhpur, Awas Vikas colony 9838634442 Sonbhadra, Bina 9450165785 South Dinajpur, Banshibari 9932203778
Gorakhpur, Durgabani chowk 9696883357 Sonbhadra, Chaupan 9956215283 South Dinajpur, Buniyadpur 9233527000
Gorakhpur, Golghar 9760095173 Sonbhadra, Muirpur 9919875445 Dajeeling, Champasari mor 9933003527
Gorakhpur, Raptinagar 9889043740 Sonbhadra, Obra 9415874315 Dajeeling, Kalingpong 9832321011
Hamirpur, Maudha 9839125676 Sonbhadra, Obra, Aryasamaj Chauraha 9454820445 Dajeeling, Karsiyong 9434222541
Hamirpur, Raath 9450267513 Sonbhadra, Renusagar 9452790523 Dajeeling, Unique market 9832068478
Hamirpur, Subhash bazar 9208599024 Sonbhadra, Shaktinagar 9450317434 Hugli, Chinsura 9830167486
Hardoi, Shandila 9450665380 Sultanpur, Amethi 9760095168 Hugli, Arambagh 9735826117
Hardoi, Mallawan 9889067854 Sultanpur, Clocktower chowk 9451494301 Hugli, Vadyawati 9748746484
Hathras, Agra road 9758966160 UUnnao, Shuklaganj 9450468808 Hugli, Chandannagar 9330623190
Etawah, Bhasthana 9259250471 Varanasi, Golgadda 9415228307 Hugli, Konnagar 9433411122
Etawah, Vijaynagar 9412408671 Varanasi, Hukulganj 0542 2581676 Hugli, Rishra (RAvindra Sarni) 9903414073
Jaunpur, Kerakat 9415255279 Varanasi, Nichibagh Chowk 9795122333 Hugli, Rishra (N.S. road) 9433104426
Jaunpur, Shahganj 9695105227 Hugli, Shahganj 9231682540
Kannauj, Faguha 9760095206 Uttarakhand Hugli, Sheorafuli 9230464200
Kanpur, Barra 9415442400 Hugli, Mogra 9733583689
Kanpur, Birhana road 9335086999 Almora, L.R. Shah road 9358194090 Howrah, Fajir bazar 9331817133
Kanpur, Chandra nagar 9760095205 Champavat, Lohaghat 9997135959 Howrah, Lilua 9800881832
Kanpur, Kahu Kotli 9336110564 Dehradun, I.D.P.l. 9997118417 Howrah, Sadar 9339116164
Kanpur, Pathak road 9451287516 Dehradun, Rishikesh 9997338296 Howrah, Salakiya 9339310390
Kanpur, LaL Bunglow 9452522154 Dehradun, Sehaspur 9760095149 Jalpaiguri, Lataguri 9433584225
Kaushambi, Bharwari 9838935085 Hardwar, Bahadarabad 9627251631 Jalpaiguri, Mahamayapara 9800881833
Khalilabad, Mahadawal road 9235594531 Hardwar, Bhagwanpur 9319966886 Kolkata, B.T. road 9830858537
Khiri, Paliya 9415168534 Hardwar, Kankhal 9897237007 Kolkata, Berakpore 9874862427
Lakhimpur Khiri, Gola Gokarnnath 9412847962 Hardwar, Awas vikas colony 9897000438 Kolkata, Baruipara lane 9874238440
Lucknow, Aramabagh 9893266666 Hardwar, Roorkee civil lines 9760038599 Kolkata, Dev road 9831255531
Lucknow, Crossing Chauraha 9235731613 Hardwar, Luxor 9761040588 Kolkata, Dakshineshwar 9433651181
Lucknow, Gomti nagar 9415567631 Nainital, Haldwani 9410941883 Kolkata, Dumdum 033-64556433
Lucknow, Indira nagar 9838511449 Nainital, Kaladungi 9410516458 Kolkata, Gariya 033 24628976
Lucknow, Kukrail pul 9412157602 Nainital, Lalkuan 9410905770 Kolkata, Ichapore 9432109363
Lucknow, Kanpur road 9415100681 Nainital, Lalkuan 9837067198 Kolkata, Kayapara 9883291996
Lucknow, S.G.P.G.I. 9454198855 Nainital, Ramnagar 9837318789 Kolkata, Kharda 9433805509
Lucknow, Virat khand 9335910536 Pithoragarh, Gangolihat 9458138845 Kolkata, Maniktola 9903520880
Maharajganj, Sonoli 9839820080 Bajpur, Teachers colony 9927929133 Kolkata, Manmathanath ganguly road 9433061902
Maharajganj, Siswa bazar 9450432128 Gadarpur 9927058100 Kolkata, Naya palli 9874926152
Mahoba, Bhatynapura 9450271724 Jaspur 9917442644 Kolkata, Raja Ram Mohan Rai road 9831020142
Mainpuri, Banshi Gaura 9358322139 Jhankat 9411301828 Kolkata, Salt lake 9432200172
Mathura, Dampier nagar 9837271222 Khatima, Rajendra nagar 9837508720 Kolkata, Sodpur 9432317236
Mathura, Kausi Kalan 9219699850 Khatima, Sanjay Market 9917970090 Kolkata, Strand bank road 9831031583
Meerut, Mawana 9897525095 Kichcha 9927520100 Kolkata, Titagarh 9331020072
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Mzaffarnagar, Khatauli 9219864519 Sitarganj, Gurudwara road 9756389979 Malda, Mangalbari 9232609613
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Inhouse News

Medicinal plant day

and felicitation ceremony
held in Patanjali Yogpeeth

aridwar, the land of god has been development of model village, dam con-
established as the first region to struction, milk production and stopping
be developed as `Ayush Pradesh` land decaying. For doing excellent service
Medicinal by setting up of Patanjali yogpeeth. And
continuing the process a programme was
in the field of Ayurveda the Patanjali
Ayurveda Gaurav reward was given to Dr
plant organized to observe Medicinal plant (jari- Mayaram Unniwal. For praiseworthy work
bank to buti) day. Three dignitaries, who excelled in the field of agriculture Professor MS
in the field of agriculture and ayurveda Swaminathan was given Patanjali
be set-up were felicitated. On the occasion Yoga Agriculture Gaurav reward for the year
soon- Rishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj extended 2009-10. The reward was accepted by his
Baba his best wishes to Acharya Balkrishnaji
Maharaj and prayed the almighty to give

Ramdev him long and happy life. He said that

Acharyaji is a man of multi-dimensional
Guru purnima festival observed
personality. He said that whatever he has
given to the society would be remembered in Patanjali Yogpeeth
for many decades and still he would do
much for the upliftment of the society. He

exhorted the people to contribute in the n Patanjali Yogpeeth, the festival of
expansion of the popularity of medicinal Guru Purnima was celebrated with tra-
plants. He informed that under the guid- ditional fervor. A massive and attrac-
Plant ance of Acharyashri a bank of medicinal
plant would be established. Here the farm-
tive ceremony held under the guidance of
honourable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj.
more ers would be provided free of cost guid- Honourable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj,
saplings ance regarding medicinal plants. while detailing about the oath to be taken
Acharya Balkrishnaji Maharaj in his reply by disciples, gave the example of Gita. He
for envi-
said that with his relentless campaign hon-
ourable Swamiji want to give a healing
said, ‘Oh Gurudev, with your proximity,
my attraction for the worldly pleasure has
conserva- touch to the world, cashing on the treas-
urer India have, in the form of medicinal
diminished and I am available to you. With
your blessings, my illiteracy, attraction and
tion- plants, Yoga and Ayurveda. On this pious confusions have been minimized and I
Acharya ocassion three distinguished persons, who have realized that I am a immortal, regular,
Balkrisha had excelled in the field of agriculture and
Ayurveda were felicitated. These rewarded
self-controlled and peaceful soul.’ Now I
have been placed in you and in me, I am
personalities were given Rs. 1 lakh cash seeing your image. He Yogeshwar, He
and citation. Shri Kishan Baburao Hazare Gurudev, now, I would follow your
(Anna Hazare) was honoured for the preaching, without a bit of doubt.

64 I YOG SANDESH I Sep 2010

Swamiji said that in Hindu culture, the The Chief Managing Director of the park,
teacher and student tradition is lasting Acharya Balkrishnaji exhorted the indus-
since Vedic era for a strong knowledge trialists to promote farmers friendly food
giving system. When the writing art was procession. He said that in hilly areas and The
not invented, with objective to collect what barren lands, farmers who are sowing
has been said on the basis of memory and grains are no getting adequate profit of
to transform it till next generation, their produces. Since they do not get mar- food
Gurukuls were set-up. One Guru use to
give collective knowledge, which is being
ket for the sale, they had to suffer loss
despite that these grains are rich in miner-
from the
remembered by several disciples sitting als and proteins. produces
infront of him. After sometime, these stu- If processed food of these grains is sup- of com-
dents turn as teachers and carry the respon- plied, it would check anemia and other dis-
sibilities forward. eases, prevailing in urban areas. And poor
Thus, the student teacher tradition is run- farmers could increase their earnings farmers
ning since many thousand years. Lord through this processed seeds. And also on would
Krishna had for a person wanted to learn barren land, such grains could be cultivat-
said that he should have polite, counter ed. Acharya Balkrishnaji Maharaj was give
questioning, eagerness as essential quali- speaking in the convention at the Ashoka boost to
ties. When the student completes educa-
tion and takes leave from the teacher, the
hotel in New Delhi, which he inaugurated
after lightening the lamp. On the occasion,
both -
student was told three words, which is a the Minister for Food Processing, Industry
comprehensive attitude for the life. These Subodhkant Sahai and Secretary Ashok and the
ved words are Matrudevo bhava, Pitrodevo
bhava and athithi devo bhava.
Sinha besides various industrialists were
Acharya Balkrishna said that Guru
Purnima is also said as Vyas Purnima as
Maharshi Vyas was symbolic to gurus. . The doctor of Patanjali
The festival is known for discipline, dedi-
cation and honour. It is fact that a student Yogpeeth felicitated
could develop his entire personality only
after sitting in the feet of the teacher. This

tradition could be revived to give relevant aridwar. Many patients suffering
direction to teacher student relationship. from curable and incurable dis-
eases are being benefitted with
the natural Yog Panchkarma medical and
Research centre located at Yoggram, in
Farmers friendly processed Patanjali Yogpeeth. The chief medical
incharge of the centre Dr Nagendra Kumar
food should be promoted Jeeraj was felicitated with Dr Vitthaldas
Modi natural Medicical reward 2010. He

- Acharya Balkrishna was honoured by Shri Mahavir Natural

Yog Science College and CMMA for serv-
ice and write-ups in the field.

atanjali Food Park, Haridwar con- The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr
ducted a convention on newer tech- Raman Singh gave a citation and Rs
nologies in food procession held in 35,000 cash. Dr Niraj has won many
which many industrialists participated. rewards for naturopathy.

Sep 2010 I YOG SANDESH I 65

Convention of Published by Divya Yog Mandir (Trust)
industrialists on newer Become a member of
monthly magazine
technologies YOG SANDESH
Office: Patanjali Yogpeeth, Maharishi Dayanand gram,
Delhi-Haridwar National Highway, Near Bahadarabad Haridwar
Phone: 01334-244107, 246737, 240008 Fax: 01334-244805, 240664
Yog Sandesh monthly magazine is available in
Hindi . English . Gujarati . Marathi
. Bangla . Punjabi . Oriya . Assamese
. Telugu. Kannada .Nepali

In Delhi, a programme on newer technolo- Sir,

gies in food processing was inaugurated by I am paying the annual/five-year/11-year membership
the Chief Managing Director of Patanjali fee for Yog Sandesh Rs
Food Park Acharya Balkrishnaji Maharaj . ...................................... through cash/money order/
bank draft/ pay in slip ...................................... Dated
...................................... Please send Yog Sandesh
magazine to me every month in lan- the address below

Father's/Husband name
On the dais, Acharya Balkrishnaji Maharaj, .......................................................................................
union Food and Processing minister and .......................................................................................
other signatories were present. ...............
..................................................... Pin

Special Rules
On the newer technologies, Acharyaji dis-
cussing with union minister for Food 1. Membership fee : Annual : Rs 150/-; Five years : Rs 700/-; 11
years : Rs 1500/-
Processing Mr Subodhkant Sahai.
2. Draft should be maade in favour of Yog Sandesh and payable at

3. If the magazine subscription is for other places than Haridwar,

additional 70 rupees

4. Please write your name and address clearly

5. Foreign subscription is for one-year only. one year membership

fee charges is 800/- orUSD20/- or GBP10/-

6. Membership fees can be deposited in account of

Yog Sandesh, no. 30721914467 State Bank of India, Patanjali

Yogpeeth, Shantarshah, Bahadarabad, Haridwar.
Dr Nagendra Kumar ‘Neeraj’ of Patanjali
Yogpeeth received reward from the Chief
Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr Raman Singh.
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