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1 Mark

1) The software development process is not standardised

a) True
b) False

2) Which of the following SDLC process allows for the straightforward definition of
progress milestones
a) Evolutionary Model
b) Watefall Model
c) Incremental Development Model
d) All the above

3) The intangible nature of software causes problems for management.

a) True
b) False

4) The time required to develop the software is underestimated. Probability of this

occurring is
a) Low
b) Moderate
c) High

5) Which of the following is /are Knowledge model/s?

a) Semantic knowledge
b) Syntactic knowledge
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

6) In a cohesive group, members consider the group to be more important than an

individual in it
a) True
b) False

7) Configuration management is concerned with

a) Managing evolving software systems
b) Managing legacy systems
c) Managing critical systems
2 Marks
1) It may not be possible to appoint the ideal people to work on a project, because,
i) Project budget is not a constraint for the use of highly-paid staff
ii) Project budget may not allow for the use of highly-paid staff
iii) Staff with the appropriate experience may not be available
iv) An organisation may wish to develop employee skills on a software project
a) Only i, iii and iv
b) Only ii, iii and iv
c) Only i, ii and iii
d) Only i, ii, iii and iv

2) Managers have which of the following set of roles

a) Planning, estimating and scheduling
b) Planning, estimating and coding
c) Planning, requirement collection and scheduling
d) planning estimating and software testing

3) Group composed of members who share the same motivation can be problematic,
i) Everyone wants to do their own thing
ii) Everyone wants to be the boss
iii) Too much chatting, not enough work

a) Only i can be the problem

b) Only ii can be the problem
c) Only i and iii can be the problem
d) Only i,ii and iii can be the problem

4) An instance of a system which is functionally identical but non-functionally

distinct from other instances of a system
a) Version
b) Variant
c) Release

5 Marks
1) Arrange the following activities of project scheduling process in correct sequence.
i) Identify the activities
ii) Create project charts
iii) Identify the activity dependencies
iv) Allocate People to activities
v) Estimate resources for activities

a) iii,i,ii,iv,v
b) ii,iii,i,iv,v
c) i,iii,v,iv,ii
d) i,iii,iv,v,ii