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FT-736R TECHNICAL SUPPLEMENT YAESU MUSEN CO., LTD. .P.0. BOX 1500 TOKYO, JAPAN FT-736R TECHNICAL SUPPLEMENT This manual is intended to serve as a supplement to the FT-736R Operating Manual. Detailed information regarding functions, installation, interconnections and operation has been provided in the Operating Manual, and is not reprinted herein. Therefore, this supplement is not intended to serve as an independent reference, but to be used in conjunction with the infor- mation provided in the Operating Manual. Because there are nearly five hundred semiconductor devices in the FT-736R, circuit descrip- tion information is provided in the form of numerous block diagrams. We hope that this manner of providing functional information proves to be more convenient for the owner and technician than would a lengthy verbal description. Those readers unfamiliar with the basic types of analog and digital circuits that serve as the building blocks of the FT-736R are encouraged to study instructional material, such as that provided in handbooks on amateur radio and digital circuit design, before attempting to understand the design of the FT-736R. Each block in the block diagrams represents one such basic circuit, while the Component Applications List provides additional details for each semiconductor. General information on integrated circuits and their applications is available in the data provided by the IC manufac- turers. Specific circuit details are provided in the schematic diagrams in this manual. While we believe the technical information in this manual is correct, Yaesu assumes no liability for damage that may occur as a result of typographical or other errors that may be present. Your cooperation in pointing out any inconsistencies in the technical information would be appreciated. Yaesu Musen reserves the right to make changes in the circuitry of this transceiver, in the interest of technological improvement, without obligation to notify owners or to modify any sets produced prior to the modification, CONTENTS CIRCUIT BOARD ACCESS - RX UNIT PARTS LAYOUT: RX UNIT CIRCUIT DIAGRAM TX UNIT PARTS LAYOUT ~ TX UNIT CIRCUIT DIAGRAM - AF UNIT PARTS LAYOUT/CIRCUIT DIAGRAM: 144MHz MAIN UNIT PARTS LAYOUT 144MHz MAIN UNIT CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 430MHz RF UNIT PARTS LAYOUT 430MHz RF UNIT CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 430MHz PLL UNIT PARTS LAYOUT 430MHz PLL UNIT CIRCUIT DIAGRAM - CNTL UNIT PARTS LAYOUT CNTL UNIT CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 5 DISPLAY, REG and PROTECTOR UNIT PARTS LAYOUT === DISPLAY CIRCUIT DIAGRAM ‘SW, ENCODER and VR UNIT PARTS LAYOUT CONNECTION DIAGRAM BLOCK DIAGRAM - SIGNAL TRACING (SSB MODE) SIGNAL TRACING (CW MODE) SIGNAL TRACING (FM MODE) SEMICONDUCTOR CROSS-REFERENCE EXPLODED VIEW - S0MHz BAND MODULE. (FEX-736-50) OPTION 220MHz BAND MODULE (FEX-736-220) OPTION 1200MHz BAND MODULE. (FEX-736-1.2) OPTION LEVEL DIAGRAM (144MHz RX) LEVEL DIAGRAM (430MHz RX) LEVEL DIAGRAM (144MHz TX) ~ LEVEL DIAGRAM (430MHz TX) ey) sesee 13 sees OP see 39 een 7 see §1 ALIGNMENT - ALIGNMENT (PLL) ALIGNMENT (Transmitter) ~ ALIGNMENT (Receiver) ALIGNMENT (FEX-736-50) +--++- ALIGNMENT (FEX-736-220) ~ ALIGNMENT (FEX-736-1.2) ~ PARTS LIST - | i | { { | { |