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Additional Practice Exercises of Proofreading (Form 7 AS UE Jan/ Feb)

Exercise 1 Difficulty: 4/5

Speaking the unconscious, it is necessary to begin with 1.
Sigmund Freud. He was the first person who to study the 2.
topic extensively and he laid out with some important, albeit 3.
controversy ideas regarding this mysterious phenomenon. 4.
Born into a Jewish family, Sigmund Freud first trained to 5.
a physiologist and practiced in Vienna. Around 1880, he and 6.
his partner treated a patient with false name, ‘Anna O’, who 7.
exhibited a variety of physical problem. The most puzzling 8.
symptom of all was her proclaim inability to move and feel 9.
her right arm. Many to Freud’s surprise, he realized that once 10.
Anna had gave vent to her deeply suppressed emotions, her 11.
symptoms eventually had disappeared. This unusual phenomenon 12.
then sparked Freud’s interest in studying the effect of repressed 13.
thoughts and emotions engendered humans. 14.

Exercise 2 Difficulty: 3/5

Most of us aware by now that broadcast stations are 1.

constantly try to publicise their news anchors as celebrities 2.
- providing them with full makeover, including glamorous 3.
attires, exotic hair styles, customized images and wide media 4.
exposure – all design to boost the station’s audience ratings. 5.
But is the beauty the key element in distinguishing a good 6.
anchor to a poor one? Recently, one group of secondary 7.
student got the chance to visit a television studio to try to find 8.
answer for themselves – by becoming anchors for one day. 9.

Exercise 1
1. speak of the (mention)
2. delete who
3. delete with
4. controversy  controversial
5. to be // to  as
7. with a/the false (name is a countable noun)
8. problem  problems
9. proclaim  proclaimed
10. many  much
11. gave  given
12. delete had
13. TICK
14. engendered by/in humans

Exercise 2
1. us are aware (aware is an adjective)
2. try  trying
3. with a full// makeover  makeovers (makeover is a countable noun)
4. attires  attire (attire is an uncount noun) (clothes and accessories)
5. design  designed
6. delete the
7. to  from
8. student  students
9. the answer

Question (5*) (agreement and countability of nouns)

It is an objective, quantifiable ways to show our determination and 1.

our wish for an abolition of functional constituencies. 2.

Darlene Etienne was said to be happy but dehydrate. Rescuers said 1.
she had survived by drinking water from bath. 2.

Her rescue comes five days after Haitian government officially 3.

ended search and rescue operation. 4.

As many as 200,000 people die in the 12 January earthquake. More 5.

than 130 people have pulled alive from the rubble. 6.