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UNIFORMS OF THE 4 ees h4-VERFUGUNGSTRUPPE 1933-1939 UNIFORMS OF THE 44 VOLUME 3 h44-VERFUGUNGSTRUPPE 1933-1939 Andrew Mollo Windrow& Greene Publisher's note For technical reasons it has not proves possible to reproduce certain itytrations inthis edition in their original colours. All items ilstated inthe plates may be assumed to bein black and white or iver lumi jum) unless othenvige deseribed inthe text and revised captions. Third edition © 1991 Historical Research Unit Designed and illustrated by Malcolm McGregor All rights reserved, No part of this publication may be reproduced or ‘rangmitted in any form of By any means, lectionic or mechanical, including photocopy. recording, oF in any information storage and revieval system. without the prior written consent ofthe publishers. Published in Great Britain 1991 by Windiow & Greene Lid 5 Gerrard Svoet London WIV 7LI Printed in Great Britain by BAS Printers Lid, Over Wallop, Hants ‘ACIP catalogue record fo this book is availabe from the British Libray ISBN 1-872004-51-2