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S.A. Khavronina, A. |. Shirochenskaya C.A. Xasponnna, A.M. LUnpouencxaa RUSSIAN PYCCHMM ASbIK in B EXERCISES YMPAHHEHWAX Pretty and atsmments frente feom the Russian by V. KOROTKY Desiged by V. SAFRONOV PREFACE stan in Exercise ie ile for bears. 1 catsins some 800 cuetees trating most funiamens} and typed points of Rusan gram tan aa vocabulary "Te boc i dived into two pat, ‘he exercises Inluded ia thie setlon will enable students to master the sractire of the simple sealence and to len to as end answer various questions, using a elected votabulry aot exceeding 280 words ocuns, adjectives, vers, adverbs, pronouns end fanetion words). At the Se time they wl help students asinate sch phenomena of Russian fama as verb. conigstians, the formation end. wses of the past nd fate teres, the formation of lara nouns, adjectives and pronouns, “The fat thet the exercises use a Filed umber of words, which are there fegtenlly repeated, ape 40 provide futons with a lexiel Iss ao ascery for ore extensive stil of Rosson. 1 The Uae of the Cases ‘The reseoce In Risin of mamerons dcemion putters often proves to be'nstobling Bask fr foreign sade, However, wil thor fh, wigs of thie pattems and eoztderble rectice in ther se ton connetaeglre good Résian speech fobs. Hence the lage mer ferrets foci in ths sexton Ty intedclyg the cass and thelr meoaoys, the comps of ths sania flowed ibe proce. generally acepled tr Roan fate for Tovelgners They Hist thre eases and tele meanings Fist whieh are the most vital in everydey communication. Thus sens are fit taught fo ‘ane persons er chjects (ro empawn. ‘30 euea When to mame Places of action (Ma wat « Maced. 1Kypuin sen nopmpae,) and objects of action (ft wo andey, Ont ner mieux), The numerous eres wil eabie the lett 4 soiate bok case forms ad fhe conartons bn mh they cee 2. The Une of Verbs “we Ruin vr i dificult or fre stents to gasp at ft ‘This is ue (tothe pain in ite conjation {which dn rio. sal grammars ae rll in the dlvsion of verbs lao leet cee) sn (@) to sich phenomean as veal aspects, verbs incopersting the brtéle ce sad verbs of mation with and witout pele, Iti these ‘nemene that make up the sbjectmattr of the ums excises of ‘hi sectin, designed to teach the sludet to we verbs corey 4. The Complex Sentence “The execs ince In this section gve the sles pactice inte tue of exper sarees containing elses ntodued by the comnuaest Conjunctins and conjunctive wars: Spec ttnion Is given fo elses Inuolucel by te canjuetive word rorpu and the conjunction sn since thelr nize aeceuts for the greater prt of rsakes made By foreign speakers of Reson. This section ala contains euetles in ela Jag dict by tadvct spec and sonences invlvng particle cr verbal ‘vec cortrctions by compl santos Tho character of the exec sven in thi bok is dstermined by two factors (2) the apectie fre of he lenginge phoramencn staal ant @) the need to actives the form concert inspec Thy he tse of eases is est procled in qution and answer eneses, wheat ‘he ase of verbal apcts shuld be pected In exerclaes in which the Sladen tas fo compre the meanings of aspect forms er fo coor the preeate aspect fom among a ruber of forms given Inthe eerie, The authors ot thi moana etrove fo comple te excises ao that fhe talent sald nt ely menarise the langage phevrnena concerned but ‘so lee (o ws them inspec. Execieswnfer the beafings "Answer the qustlns", "What questions do the aloe) words. answer? “Conplete the sentences" ani fepae the selenes by syoanyanes ontnymoss)seoenes* wil euale the student sot ely to comaidte his knowlege of the vacius forms end conatretions ut also to ctv tae tha Goss Esch stcion complses series of graduated exercises. The iit crerles stn at seiinting the student with the ew phenomensn. Then Proce cries oe given, followed in a naber of exes by exercises Wich dena! of the stent that he sctivse the kpwledge De has teamed tn the previous oes, in the authors” opinion, the execlses will prove: most eetve if they are practised ot _ony in orem form, Sut ako rally 2 for insane in fhe fost of anawers to th teaches qustions or as ae Togues between the stent "The book shad be siied in cyl pattern and mot steht theoegh from beginning. to end. This shld qrevent the stunt from Jewning the accusative of distin ka lation from vee af roton, et ‘he iscumeatal In leltin from the ort form of passive pert itis wef to etly fhe acemalive of the object of ation tn coin ton with the ection devoted fo veel pct, et, Russa Un Eseries is baad on a Sted caster of the cranes ustan woe, feature whch makes M posible fe ise Tt fo spokane ‘any compres Reson couse, Authors