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   Bactericidal: Dermatologic Contraindicated cheadache, Avoid alcohol

Cefoxitin Inhibits infections caused with allergy to dizziness, lethargy, while taking this
synthesis of by S. Aureus , S. cephalosporins or parasthesias drug and for
   bacterial cell Epidermis, penicillins. 3days after
Mefoxin wall, causing streptococci, E. : Nausea, because severe
cell death. Coli. Use cautiously vomitting, diarrhea, reactions often
    with renal failure, anorexia, occur.
Antibiotic UTIs caused by lactation, abdominal pain,
E. Coli P. pregnancy flatulence You may
  Mirabilis, experience these
IM IV(Adults) Klebsiella. : side
1-2g (6-8 hr) Nephrotoxicity effects:stomach
(Infants) Intra- abdominal upset, diarrhea.
80-160 mg/kg/day infections caused 

IM&IV divide by E. Coli, : Bone marrows, Report severe
doses q 4-6 hr. Do klebsiella depressions, diarrhea,
not exceed decreased WBC, difficulty
12g/day Bone and joint decreased platelets, breathing,
infections caused deacreased Hct. unusual
by S. Aureus tiredness or

: Pain, fatigue, pain at
Perioperative abscess at injection site.
prophylaxis injections site,
inflammation at IV

disulfiram like
reaction with

 c  Competitively Relief of Contraindicated c: Take as

Diphenhydramin blocks the symptoms with allergy to any Drowsiness, prescribed; avoid
e effects of associated with antihistamine, third sedation, excessive dosage.
histamine at H1- perennial and trimester of dizziness,
 c  receptors sites, seasonal pregnancy, disturbed Take with food if
Allerdryl, has atropine- allergic rhinitis; lactations coordination, GI upset occurs.
Banophen, like, antipruritic, allergic rhinitis; fatigue,
and sedative vasomotor Use cautiously with confusion,restless Avoid alcohol;
    effects. rhinitis; allergic narrows-angle ness, excitation, serious sedations
Antihistamine conjuctivities; glaucoma,stenosing nervousness, could occurs.
Anti-motion mild, peptic ulcer, tremor,headache,
sickness drug uncomplicated symptomatic blurred vision Report difficulty
urticaria and prostatic breathing,
  angioedema hypertrophy, #: hypotension, hallucinations,
 ) asthmatic attack, palpitations, tremors, loss of
25-50mg q 4-8 hr Active and bladder neck bradycardia, coordiantion,
10-50mg IV or prophylactic obstruction, tachycardia, unusual bleeding
deep IM or up treatment of pregnancy. or brushing, visual
100mg if motion : epigastric disturbances,
required. sickness distress, anorexia, irregular heartbeat.
Maximum daily increased appetite
dosage is 400mg Nighttime sleep and weight gain,
!"  ) aid nausea, vomiting,
12.5-25mg tid- diarrhea or
qid or 5 Syrup costipation
mg/kg/day PO formulations:su
150mg-per day. pperessions of : urinary
Maximum daily cough due to frequency,
dose 300mg. colds or dysuria, urinary
allergy. retention, early
decreased lobido,


   Anti- Short- term Contraindicated c: headache, Every effort will be
$   inflammatory and management of with significant dizziness, made to administer
 analgesic pain (up to5 renal impartment, somnolence, the drug on time to
   activity; inhibits days) during labor and insomia, fatigue, control pain;

 %  prostagladins and delivery, tinnitus, dizziness drowsiness

 leukotriene Opthalmic: lactation;patients can occur (avoid
    synthesis. Relief of ocular wearing soft : Nausea, driving or using
 itching due to contact dyspepsia, GI pain, dangerous
c&   seasonal lenses(ophthalmic); diarrhea, vomiting, machinery); burning
    conjuctivitis aspirin allergy. constipation,flatule and stinging on
 and relief of nce. application
  postoperative Use cautiously with (ophalmic).
 'Single inflammation impaired hearing; : Dysuria, renal
dose treatment: after cataract allergies;hepatic, impairment. Report sore throat,
60 mg IM or 30 surgery. CV and GI fever, rash,itching ,
mg IV. conditions.   weight gain,
Multiple- dose Peripheral edema, swelling in ankles or
treatment:30 mg anaphylactoid fingers; changes in
IM or IV q 6 hr reactions to vision; black, tarry
to a maximum anaphylactic shock, stools, easy,
120 mg/day local burning, brushing.
&  ()*+%
&  , -
&   %
&   .
*/0 '
treatment:30 mg
IM or 15 mg IV

treatment: 15 mg
IM or IV q 6 hr
to maximum of
60 mg/day.


   Bactericidal: Acute infection Contraindicated c: headache, Taken full course
Metronidazole inhibits DNA with susceptible with dizziness, ataxia, of drug theraphy;
 synthesis in anaerobic hypersensitivity to vertigo, take the drug with
   specific(obligate) bacteria metronidazole; incoordination, food if GI upset
Flagyl anaerobes, causing pregnancy( do not insomia, seizures, occurs.
 cell death; Acute intestinal use for peripheral
    antiprotozoal- amebiasis trichomoniasis in neuropathy, Do not drink
Antibiotic trichomonacidal, first trimester). fatigue. alcohol (beverages
Antibacterial amebicidal; Amebic liver or preparations
 biochemical abscess Use cautiously : Unpleasant containing alcohol,
  mechanism of with CNS metallic taste, cough syrups)
 '! action is not Trichomoniasis diseases, hepatic anorexia, nausea, severe reactions
Amebiasis: known. (acute and disease, vomiting diarrhea, may occur.
750mg/tid or 5- partners of candidiasis GI upset cramps
10 days ± patients with (monilias), blood Your urine may be
combined acute infection). dyscrasias, : dysuria, a darker color than
iodoquinol 650 lactation. incontinence, usual; this is
mg PO for 7days Preoperative, darkening of the expected.
intraoperative, urine.
"- '! postoperative, Refrain from sexual
Amebiasis: 35-50 prophylaxis for  : severe, intercourse during
mg/kg/day in patient disulfiram-like treatment for
three doses for 10 undergoing interaction with trichomoniasis,
days. colerectal surgery alcohol, candidiasis unless partner
(superinfection) wears condom,
application: Report severe GI
treatment of upset, dizziness,
inflammation unusual fatigue or
papules, pustules, weakness, fever,
and erythema od chills.

   Gastric acid- Short ± term Contraindicated c: headache, Taken the drug
& 1 pump inhibitor: treatment of active with dizziness, ataxia, before you meals.
 suppresses duodenal ulcer. hypersensitivity to vertigo,insomia, Swallow the capsules
   gastric acid omeprazole or its apathy anxiety whole. Do not chew,
  secretion by First- line components open, crush them.
 specific theraphy trearment : diarrhea,
    inhibitors of of hearthburn, Use cautiously abdominal pain, Have medical follow-

   + the hydrogen ± symptoms of with pregancy nausea, vomiting up visits

  pottasium, GERD theraphy. constipation,
 ATPase drymouth, tounge
  enzymes Short- term atrophy You experience these
 system at the treatment of active side effect : dizziness,
 '! secretory benign gastric Ö  headache, nause,
  surface og the ulcer. Cancer in vomiting, diarrhea.
  gastric preclinical,
20mg daily for 4- pariental GERD, severe studies, back Report severe
8wk. cell;blocks the erosive pain,fever headache, worsening

    final step of esophagitis, of symptoms, fever,

 !40mg acid poorly responsible chills.
daily for 4-8 wk. production. sponsive
"- ' GERD.
Safety and
effiancy not