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cet·s talk about wiring faults in an automobile. I will start with the basics.

posted a video on how to use a DVOM when a a. In the video they talked
about checking a wire for continuity. What they mean is if a wire is intact and not
open/cut causing a problem.Y

I suggest watching the video cause it will give you the basic idea what
happens when you check a wire for continuity. Meter beeps or has a visual symbol
showing continuity of a wire. First I must say never use this method when check
the resistance of continuity of an automobile airbag circuit, you can set off the
airbags if you do. If a a of the airbags is needed disconnect the battery for at
least two minutes, and disconnect the airbags from the circuit. If you feel
uncomfortable take it in, don·t risk injury here to save a few bucks. Y

ahere a few things to keep in mind when repairing a wire of a circuit that
you may believe to have a problem. Just because there is a beep/continuity on a
wire does not make it ok. A wire can still be holding on by a strand showing it is
good, but it might not be enough to carry a load/power. Always check the wire to a
ground point a make sure it shows no continuity. ahere should never be a ground
point on a power wire; this will cause a fuse to blow. When checking a wire in an
 circuit the best thing to do is place your meter probe from where the
wire starts and a probe on its end point. You may not always be able to reach these,
so break down a wire with connectors. aake connectors out of the circuit and probe
from one connector to another. Always back probe a connector never front probe.
You can damage pins causing more problems. ahe connector should have numbers on
which pin is which, but they are very small to read. Go by wire color from your
wiring diagram.Y

I will draw up some different ways to test circuits and there most common
faults. Bent pins, open female pins, pinched wires, cut harness, melted harness and
improper testing are some reasons for automobile wiring faults. Most of the time
you will find a fuse that has blown, so you put one in. It may work, but what if it
blows out later or if right when you out a new one in? You are going to need to find
the cause of this. You could take it in to a shop. But most places may not be has
skilled in wiring testing, or have the right equipment. You could take it to a dealer,
but it may cost you a pretty penny. Once you find out what is was you could have
fixed it yourself. ary a fix it yourself first. Do not go and destroy your  

while doing this. aake your time and look at thing closely. Y
A good DVOM, wiring diagram and some time could save you some money on
your automobile wiring a a . I will post some drawings of how to test circuit and
there different problems. It will be easier to explain and easier for you to see how
to test for faults. Y

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