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#Meaning of CULTURE

It is shared values, principles and

traditions and ways of doing things
that influence the way the
organisational members act.
 A common perception of the

organization’s members; a system

of shared meaning.
#Definition of culture

“Culture is learned as a
result of group experience
and may be identified in a
group or organization with a

#What are elements of a culture?

• Artifacts
• Shared Values and practices
• Basic assumptions
• Perceived Meanings
• Cultural Products
# Do Organizations Have
Uniform Cultures?

• Dominant Culture
Expresses the core values that are
shared by a majority of the
organization’s members.

• Subcultures
Minicultures within an
organization, typically defined by
department designations and
geographical separation.
#How Employees Learn Culture ?

• Stories

• Rituals

• Material Symbols

• Language