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8,9 A Excellent
5,6,7 B Credit
3,4 C Satisfactory
0,1,2 D Minimum
Ab X Absent

CONSTRUCT 1: Planning and conducting research or experiment

Section 1 Performance indicator A (Scientific) Performance indicator B

PI1: Making inference from similar
situations /observations
PI2: Making hypothesis in order to similar
determine the statement validity
PI3: Reasoning for experiment similar
PI4: Controlling variables: similar
manipulative, responding, constant
Section 2 PI1: Determining equipment similar
and materials needed
PI2: Drawing and labeling diagrams similar
PI3: Determining the procedure PI3: Determining the
of the experiment and procedure of the experiment
the method of data collection
PI4: Determining method of tabling PI4: Determining method for
data/ information/
observation collection

Construct 2: Conducting the experiment

Scientific Non-scientific
PI1: Setting up apparatus
PI2: Conducting experiment using the apparatus set
up Similar
PI3: Taking down readings

Construct 3: Collecting and recording data

Scientific Non-scientific
PI1: Making tables PI1: Recording
measurements/ drawings
PI2: Recording all values for manipulative variables PI2: Recording, making
notes and drawing from
PI3: Recording all values for responding variables PI3: Making correct
PI4: Recording secondary data PI4: recording repeated

Construct 4: Data analysis and making conclusions

Section A Scientific Non-Scientific
PI1: Relating the topic of the graph similar
and drawing correct axis
PI2: Uniform scale similar
PI3: Best, smooth, straight line similar
PI4: Determining gradient and similar
drawing the triangle
PI5: Determining values from graph similar
via extrapolation or intrapolation
PI6: Making conclusions similar
PI7: Relating steps in order to get similar
better accuracy readings
Calculations PI1: Making correct calculation
PI2: Getting answers with
correct units
PI3: Making conclusions
PI4: Relating steps in order to
get better accuracy readings
Other PI1: Explanation from
Aspects information collected
PI2: Making conclusions
PI3: Relating steps in order to
get better accuracy readings

Construct 5: Scientific Behaviour and moral values

Items Performance Indicator
Interest PI1: Quality work, Frequent findings,
Systematic PI2: Organized work
Cooperative PI3: Helping out a lot
Responsible PI4: Takes care of the cleanliness of the lab and