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TRUTH 1 Innovation Is New Stuff That’s Useful
TRUTH 2 A Beautiful Idea Is Never Perfect
TRUTH 3 A Crisis Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
TRUTH 4 A Great Innovation Deserves A Great Name
TRUTH 5 Any Fool Can Do Either, Genius Does Both
TRUTH 6 All New Ideas Are Made Of Old Ideas
TRUTH 7 Asking Permission Is Not Always Wise
TRUTH 8 Bet Small To Win Big
TRUTH 9 Creativity Is A Process Not An Accident
TRUTH 10 Creativity Is Its Own Reward
TRUTH 11 Crowds Are Mad, Bad, And Advantageous To Know
TRUTH 12 Cut Innovation Some Slack
TRUTH 13 Do What Your Competition Won’t
TRUTH 14 Don’t Get Lost In Translation
TRUTH 15 Different Structural Strokes For Different Innovation Folks
TRUTH 16 Even The Useless Can Be Useful
TRUTH 17 Every Company Needs An Idea Market
TRUTH 18 Everyone Can Learn To Think Better
TRUTH 19 Find The Buzz Your People Need
TRUTH 20 Free Your Children Before Someone Else Eats Them
TRUTH 21 Get Your Ducks In A Row
TRUTH 22 Got To Share To Get
TRUTH 23 Hell Hath No Fury Like Talent Spurned
TRUTH 24 Hire For How They Learn Not What They Know
TRUTH 25 How Much Is The Future Worth?
TRUTH 26 Ideas Are Fragile, Handle With Care
TRUTH 27 Innovate Your Way Out Of Recession
TRUTH 28 Innovation Can Be Measured
TRUTH 29 Innovation Is Not Everywhere
TRUTH 30 It’s A Cultural Thing
TRUTH 31 Just Enough Disunity For Progress
TRUTH 32 Leaders Get The Innovation They Deserve
TRUTH 33 Little Differences Make A Big Difference
TRUTH 34 Look Outside To Build A Bigger Brain
TRUTH 35 Madonna Knows More Than Your Boss
TRUTH 36 Meeting of Minds Not Mindless Meetings
TRUTH 37 Most Things Will Fail, Get Over It
TRUTH 38 Not All Innovation Networks Are Created Equal
TRUTH 39 Open Rooms, Open Minds
TRUTH 40 People Judge You First, Then Your Idea
TRUTH 41 Power Is Originality’s Best Friend
TRUTH 42 Quick Fixes Can Lead To Great Innovations
TRUTH 43 Reinventing The Wheel Is A Good Thing
TRUTH 44 Some Ideas Are Easier To Swallow
TRUTH 45 Sometimes Second Is Better Than First
TRUTH 46 Sometimes You Have To Gamble Everything
TRUTH 47 Success Is An S-Shaped Curve
TRUTH 48 The Ideal Design Is The Simplest Design
TRUTH 49 This Is Going To Hurt
TRUTH 50 Understand Change To Make Progress
TRUTH 51 Welcome To The Innovation Factory
TRUTH 52 What You Know Can Hurt You
TRUTH 53 Who The Hell Cares Where It Was Built
TRUTH 54 You Can Surf But You Can’t Control The Waves
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