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INSTI“UT ARCHFOLOGIQUE BELG2ADE APXEQHIOUIKH HHC STARINAR CTAPHHAP Nouvelle série volume LVII1/2008 Hone cepija krsitre LVII/2008, BELGRADE 2009 BEOTPAIL 2309, Monumsey 1861 — TR. Moms, Ober die Zeifolge der Vewrémmgn Dioklesas nd seiner Mivegenter vk ak Sern L860, Betin 266, EXILINB2, 808 ‘Miner 980 F. Mirzer, Mains” (2s. 12), REXIV (980), 2206-230 “Miallo’é 1994 —V. Miklos, & Hoard of. Ronan des (Aagasts Nero) fom the Mining Dis- trot KosmajGn Sein at an English samara), Ninomatiar 7, Beograd 1998, 25-2. ‘Neos Rad 2002-1.C, De Neon Rodi UUnmuevo linge d plone co a mara «RIP, “Po ster pressed te preps ofthe Barcetons Con bot ofGreck nd Resta Epigraphy” Barean 202 ieoet 1974 —C. Meal, Laue susie 3 apoque réicatne (812 ~ 43 J. C), some 2 Provopograpie dex chev lers Romans, Eris 178 ‘Papazagion 1978 -F Papazoglou, rhe Central Balkan Tbe Pre Rona Tomes. Tal inar- (tue, Dardains. Score and Mesias, Ame an 1978 PaGaié 1960 —E, Pali drt nase Aor iho ao ¢Herezvn, Sua 1960, Peale 1978-—E Paki, Sabo el, Sa eo 1975, Patsch 1904 ~ K, Ftch,Arbtlg chi. isc Untnochamgen 2 eschiste de osc nProving Dalmation, Scere, MBH 9, 1904, T1301 ‘Popov 1987 Pogoié, Le mornayage des Scoisges, Bograd Do Sad 1987 ‘Popov 1H -P Popov in B,fornovi, ML ovale et Gomolaa, Lae La Tone Seem ‘Nov Sad Biogad 198 Pome OSOBHH CJL 13 VALLE PONTI: BEJIELUKE 0 1OCIOBI AKTHBHOCTHMA YRIEXHHX PAMJbAHA ¥ CIOBOHOM KY NOWETKOM IIPHHIAIIATA, WIMPw ‘Rayon pe tc, Any Ara cee ae vss, 397) moo nsec wocemes emo iss Bo ‘CHOBOAH ,IYLIABIEB, Yintwpserer y Beorpany, @rmonoijom Gasyaer, Oneness 8 nerepmiy, Beorpan Trect Enon soso Premersten 1898 A. von Pesci, Die Anfinge dr Provine Mocsen,farast. CA (18) Toshenfer 2003 -P Rother, Geka ten Germann, Zur Ausseunung ven Erlapesie tenuner Augustus in Germanien, 225 148 2003, ar, ‘Ste, Cro 1983 ~ @ EM. de St, Cris, he Class Stn the Anvient Oreck Weld froth Ache Age othe Ar Congusss, Landon 1983 Sol 982 1 Sols, Di ricoh Peon momen i Rom Ein Nasnbch,I, Belin — Hew Veet 198, Starr 1950 Ch G Star, The Roman gy, 8 READ. 424 Combidge 1950 Oe) ‘Sutherland 1984-C.3.V Sutberknd RIC, I Landon 19847 § ‘Spe 1271 R. Syms, Donubion Papers chest 1971 Syine 1984 -R. Sy, Reman Papers (eh ines), Oxford 1984 ‘Syme 1986 R.Srme, The Aagstom Ari ry, Oxford 986. ‘Spe 1588 R. Syme, Romon 2gpers IN BR Biro), Onford 1988 Syme 14884-R. Syme, RomonPamers V(Ch A R Biney), Oxford 1988. Vituct 1988 G, ine), "Lem Di 11958, 91 ‘Weigel (998 — RD, Weige, sada eoomsiere ‘che, Sorpl-X, Milano 1998, 1 ‘ene 1048 —C Mendel, “Trannioa” RS VILATIO) co. 181—9. Wilkes 199 — J, Wis, Doar, 18, ime sporne pase opto tremens eCuptiny MehAprepas" ‘Neumteanancas tannery me ns IVANA POPOVIC, Insitute of Anhazology, Belgrade RELIEF DECORATED HANDLES OF CERAMIC PATERAE, FROM SIRMIUM, SINGIDUNUM AND VIMINACIUM. Une 9pa7s8sres-497 2) (DO, 102298STAOSSEIISE rk reser ate Received: Janay 30,2009 ‘cep: May 04, 2009 Atsec:Fow eso purae ore ine!) mi bet fi whih ithaca seme on tes fits sae, wy oft edicroanhie ests esha oS hve be i liste meso Sgtnus no 7 an ee bane er Vise) Tete ct etd Sesion Rei mn ae ning parle ln anno at ‘maitainod there as tle or kite wae. aa tion trator le number of fsgments af thee es sels aso few hans with or wihoat i eg zve been found in Sinmian,Singidann and Vin acum, These halos ae dacorated nel initat- ingihe omamenl scheme fhe meal fat ofl ‘er pure. Thee pater bl eylindeel rep. tinge mold rim and Mt sap hal, tenn in acreulr enwnsion. They bod been ld made of ‘wolefinod ely fred to aredlish ook tas ben sone, on th basis af he molds and impressions feutd in Gola st he poate as mad at he vessel fend shpe wth ong hor ‘zonal nde, known a5 pete 2¢ 36 cs Seroles, ifthe receptacle wat deeper, bad eer produced of sles, brome, las ot Rake cy facephout te etre Roman erode astm ist, they have originally boa us for ning wine end foxk of the 1°24 century sBber pate dite at they were made in pis of which ene specimen was slg smal oda it eu ft int he ate, ary sc rcepucle. Tae rally, heya el inthe rs ous change a pape in he ou tng, 5o they erent made nie ny noes hey ware moe and more eft used fr he cult pate os, Ofeours nore md, ocr forms 1 sm ot Uhre rn he Ci Cy of Me a eta Citrine ago tan Poe om Bas 0 key So nd wget ra han Popov, ema inpopCeet 19 Fig, f Hono ernie pater Slum, avo guy) Ci 1 Aowva npasiene ape, Cups el na Com) weed as marx, which inthe proses ofan facture mostly undosorte or jt vapelsdecoraad Aer drying ead Baking te desoraa sie of thom tz as boon impressed i he wel renodclay, ret ing ths te contours of handle. Gn is base were sted wl igual 0 fal ommaents ike 09 the tora sgl veel. The cea on ig represen fatos mee hed of sing spec sass ren) Tl thee om some speinens ws decoratd with Sensied whee, The party dried mld as cat ut ‘ionlly ied apd id ape then ile with. ‘Ate he competion offs proce the handle wa taken oof th mold endadenll docaratsd ‘Out of even soll ceveratd pteae hades from Siri, Sinadunum and Viminzei, sx wee contd with ove brown glaze (aon, 1 3,4, 68) and fore wih whith engcbe 0.2) There dacrtion ‘ys concemig ther prvenanee, de wcekshops for ther manufieute and po le parse. "Ne wl pay ‘ir atetion ao tothe agente handle () fem ‘Strum no.) for wie, aeause its oor ste of eservaton and lack of cect analogs, ne could os meta longed otevessel othe ater shape only on the bis of te shape ad ee orion. 120 Simi 1 Patra 4/1564, Sri, Sa guay prohased Comics lengt 13, bond tng 10.3. andl with 3.25em Handle ih op aod cdg ising and Om seston af the pater made of eine ede del stdcosted wihlive gine The hande edo has ab ‘er of roe he ben stp spiel bosses The tec repreclations on he bundle ae divided int thee zone On he top ithe Read ct Macnad wi 1 Fame oT anow-shaped volts ne coal ze ‘ipicted Minera of Rom in poeta the ett on nd essed helmet nse drove a ong td shor cloak tering behind her Se oles ee Fit hand a spear placed diagonal arose th ‘ro embracing figures, pty in an etic scene AE ‘Solo astiated withthe cul of Fring UUngubied yf ceramic pera, Sonim, Sa qu) a2, owas nepoaose daaene, Capua (i na Case) 2. Para bale. 12003, Somium. Sasa guy, from discarded coh Lent 7m, width 28-456 Hane of pte nate of wish ed cay of shitshengoke Thearchencing ede of Teun has double hos’ sro of bed shaped splsical sss and he ached flage. The head of Mad ie depicted within sso two bose the exuded top scion othe sade. Below the ead is Ibeschomatzed figure of araked sil fm the Bs. {hi tsperore, Amor (nut) with ssf inhi ihe Tat), Toe eof the gue bak, which Pesans, uogig ftom the aa. Amos is sanding oa ‘one ndisingshable oie, Unpaid A201, Sein, Sta bor (Mote Pads) iret 4 sewerage pete. dept 2-2. m: Purchase 1981. Complete lenath.S kane lth Sem rl with 35-5529 Hele wth upper aed edge mis i ire ecion athe patra made fined edi fre ly, cote with olve gaze. along the han edge is = ty erated veel and esr of moldings shaped 1 osetes or tends. On ke eligtialy expanded up er scton of he andl isthe female stn rel "The woman ie ese in une and om top of ts = oak the es of which eae ait shaped ws Latin Teter VThe ick slong slender athe Teates ‘summary modeled and wom ou. The hae pred ine mide eames the foreca. On the top othe hee are two protuberances o Rts, which perhaps cog ina tingle wih munded pes, there aeo80 ‘oneal grooves which bandh off a etop ‘npublisted 4, Paterahandle 4 Length 4c, with 3.1 om Fragmnbd handle of a puter: made of rod isa fed clay nd costed with ive glee. Along te are edge irs Borer cooing ofterzotall i ‘lee nes exeuted by sated wheel and theses ‘of nolings saped as roms or beads On the op ie 4 Handle ofecraml pra Sion, (ou cx 4 nc nepnrnedaipe, Capua lap (On te tp of he Head are 0 praularmees, mt probly the pe of he moc eescen ‘Unpublsl Fig, Hane ofcerame pte, Srmism, Bari So 5, Hane). fa § Sie) {1187 Stn, come of Elena 5m fiaenitnipaban FPratlogorske Guest) seein rot of Dr Yojse Raorbi Dom) cael for ec ‘one aa able. depts 1m, year 959 lial expand and arched handle secon isd Fragmented handle (made of vib ed clay coated wif yelowissengobe. The presen “ection costs ofthe ad and pr of he bust 2 Tense, fanked with vera! cokimalce Bowe: ‘On Ge head + woman ie crown coring OF picted a bust of afemale dre inthe ride with deme fertial ples Irth lower ction the bas ends i the fr of a acl triste. The Fc ees re ‘agus end worncutan the rena he oeheed Fig. 5 Handle of coramic (out norhrampa (CxS pa epee ape), Casas . v ig 6 Handle of craic ratora, Singin Shun, siden ucts) Sousa towers to he lead right and the esion (gt ey? i the ceter suggeing that wae the ara érovn (corona mural) The hair onthe foches, top and hack ofthe haad depicts by ere i ‘thon, The feaurs ofthe tee are seemed and the eyes are emphasized. The worn is deed in tue on op of which the rest arm fone with soled vets (Thera ge ofthe nde (is eve the eed hand ticking the ed. The et ‘lacs linda and reser bing & clr The top Is siyped as the stylized bits) eal. On the fot side the column‘ edge vertically vided in tw 2x The right one is aed by the stn lies, ‘wha onthe lef isa eta), sland human figure Tins Om the tak the bane Body and Lf ede ee ceca sy ghost Fag Born holst with far paleeen te et ar shih is bea a elbow On th plea re tering sido ions. Lower perme are crated with "aks oramert, wile he quae stan cold be "ecogized on he upper pleea. The epetntton ‘on the backside india that person lds ‘or ign ine Lf hand while the emt side othe hale edge could opresow scepter. Singidenam 6 Handle and in sco of patra ft. 6 41671, Sega, Sean rg (1998 Complete ergth 103m, ha handle with 42-5 2em ands and rm ston of pra mae of fad reddishrown fed sly. The hile s costed with oive-brovn-ceire ghze- Along he handle ge, i borer coming of berizntally “ated ines, acute by sorted whe ane the eis of boses shaped rates or bexls On the cges of sane boss ae vise the tins, which make the oa ike sels. On be upper elpially expanded seston ofthe nal is the rele rereentaton of «fel bust The woman is dessin the peed fn the fdges of wich reste at shaped a te Latin eer The neck slong and stds ad he face fetes sremodeled na summery way The wi ht, wich is yada th middle envames the face adores ‘theese On the op ofthe sead are we Frotubeanse ‘orknos, whichposibly resent the pe ofthe on ‘eccent Below the bust ending nthe fan of ia slewith roundel apex aro wo vertical groves, wish arebranching cat tho op. Tbliogrphy: Nikolic Dondevié 230 Jovanore 2007, 58-460, 6.4 un. 9pe 2. Pea Sande fi? Lengih 7m with 24.3 om The paar fale mad f ned reds fred lay and contd with clivetrovn jee. Ag ly damage ods of handle bord of ton Zonal incised ines and series of cre! bases cxpended soci ofthe dl ite sto Wit arched eas mestingat the chet Tio segments the lok ref ifr length sn rely pt Sx The faces dominted by sexta ped Ine: ees ih lent denoted ies, The a ped inte idle strounds the rehead. nbs tp ofthe

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