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Marking Scheme for Presentation

Criteria Excellent Good Average Weak Total
Content 16 - 20 11 - 15 6 - 10 0-5 Marks
Uses support to presents
Presents finding and Presents findings and
findings, conclusions, and Presentation is not
Organization recommendations in an conclusions with some
recommendations organized
organized manner organization
16 - 20 11 - 15 6 - 10 0-5
Majority of points covered in
Content Thoroughly explains all Majority of points glossed One or more points left
depth, some points glossed
points over out
9 - 10 6-8 3-5 0-2
Student's visual aids explain
Student occasionally uses Student uses
and reinforce the Student's visual aids relate to
visual aids that rarely superfluous visual aids
Visual Aids presentation. Visual aid the presentation. Thoughts
support the presentation. or no visual aids. Poor,
enhances presentation, all articulated clearly, but not
Adds nothing to distracts audience and
thoughts articulated and engaging
presentation is hard to read
keeps interest
9 - 10 6-8 3-5 0–2
Uses technology to some Does not use
Use of Technology Uses technology as a highly Technology enhances the
extent to demonstrate the technology in a
effective tool. message
group’s position. persuasive manner
9 - 10 6-8 3-5 0-2
Student demonstrates full
Student is uncomfortable Student does not have
knowledge (more than Student is at ease and
with information and is grasp of information;
Subject Knowledge required) by answering all answers most questions with
able to answer only student cannot answer
class questions with explanations and some
rudimentary questions, but questions about
explanations and elaboration.
fails to elaborate. subject.
9 - 10 6-8 3-5 0-2
Teamwork Works as a cohesive unit to Works as a group to make the Works together to make Does not work together
make the presentation presentation the presentation to make presentation