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(A Government of India Enterprise)

4th Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Hazratganj, Lucknow

No.400-202-2010-Pers.I Dated: July 29ND, 2010.


S/O Mr. Arjun Kumar
H.No. 39
Hathi Khana
Rampur (Uttar Pradesh)

Mobile No. 9456666117

Sub: Appointment as Sr. Operation Manager (3G Telecom Operation)


We are glad to offer you an appointment as Sr. Operation Manager (3G Telecom
Operation) in BSNL on the terms and conditions outlined below:


A) Designation/Level : Senior Operation Manager(3G Telecom

B) Scale of Pay : Rs. 22900-48000(IDA)
C) Allowances : HRA, DA, Transport Allowance, etc. as
admissible from time to Time as per the rules of the


a) You will be required to join duty on October 25th 2010 and thereafter will
undergo an Induction Training as per training plan laid down by BSNL from time to
time. The duration of the training will be One Year. It will comprise specialized
class room as well as field training. The Induction Training will be provided at
ALTTC, BSNL, Lucknow (UP) or at any other training Centre as per the discretion of
the Company. In the event candidate fails to report to ALTTC
Lucknow/Training Centre on the schedule date, their candidature is
liable to be cancelled.

b) At the time of joining training, you are required to bring/ produce the following
i) Original Documents in support of Age, Qualifications, Experience
and other eligibility conditions.

In the event of non-submission of any of the documents/bond etc. stated herein

above, the offer of appointment would stand withdrawn and cancelled.

c) You will have to successfully complete the prescribed training, to the entire
satisfaction of the Company.

d) If you fail to successfully complete the training during the stipulated period of
training, for whatsoever reason, the period of training will be extended by the
Company, which will also entail extension of the period of your probation
accordingly. If you fail to successfully complete the training at the end of the
extended period, your services shall be liable to be terminated.

e) As the training programme is very comprehensive, long leave will not normally be
granted during the training period, except in most compelling circumstances.


a) You will be on probation for a period of Two Years which may be extended at the
discretion of the management, if considered necessary. During the probation
period, your services are liable to be terminated at any time and without
assigning any reason thereof by giving one month’s notice or payment of salary in
lieu thereof on either side. On satisfactory completion of the probation period,
which shall not be deemed to have been completed unless you are informed of it
in writing, your services are liable to be terminated at any time without assigning
any reason, whatsoever, by giving three months notice or payment of salary in
lieu thereof, on either side, provided that in case you submit your resignation
from the service before completion of 05 years of service in BSNL, then you will
also be liable to pay the Company the amount specified in the Bond Agreement.

b) Notwithstanding anything contained herein, in case you serve the notice to the
Company, the appointing authority, however, reserves the right of relieving you
before the expiry of stipulated notice period.

c) The company reserves the right not to accept the resignation of executives if the
circumstances so warrant i.e. if the disciplinary proceedings are pending or a
decision has been taken by the competent authority to issue the charge sheet etc.


a) Your appointment is provisional and is further subject to your medical fitness

adjudged by the Medical Board of a Govt. Hospital in the enclosed pro-forma.

b) The appointment is provisional and subject to the caste/tribe/PH category

Certificates being verified through proper channels and if the verifications reveals
that the certificates submitted by you in support of your claim that you belong to
SC/ST/OBC/PH category, as the case may be, is false, the services will be
terminated forthwith without any prior notice and without assigning any further
reason and without prejudice to such further action as may be taken under the
provisions of the Indian Penal Code for production of false certificates.

Further, in case of SC/ST/OBC category candidates, if there is any change in the

caste/community status of the candidate at any time in his/her service, it will be
obligatory on the part of the candidate to intimate the same to his/her employer
immediately failing which suitable action/disciplinary proceedings can be taken
against him/her.

c) Your appointment is subject to verification of your character and antecedents. If

found unsatisfied, your services will be liable to be terminated without assigning
any reason or notice thereof at any time.

d) BSNL would be free to make confidential reference to such persons and

authorities about your work and character as the Company may consider

e) You will be governed by the service Rules and Regulations including the Conduct,
Discipline and Appeal Rules, Administrative Orders of the Company and any such
other rules/orders that may be in force from time to time.

f) You will be liable to serve in any part of India or abroad at the discretion of BSNL.
BSNL has the right to move or not to move employee(s) from one post/job to
another, to different locations, to different shifts, temporarily or permanently, as
per business requirements and special needs.

g) No Travelling Allowance is admissible at the time of joining.

h) The designation assigned to you is subject to change depending upon the work
assigned to you from time to time.

i) BSNL reserves the right to cancel the result of any candidate declared
provisionally successful by mistake and also to terminate his services on this
account at any time as and when such mistake/discrepancy is noticed.

j) Since the appointment is “PROVISIONAL”, the same can be terminated at any

time without assigning any reason.

k) This offer of appointment is further subject to outcome of various Court cases filed
before various Courts of law on the issue of Direct Recruitment of DGMs in BSNL.

l) The offer of provisional appointment is liable to be withdrawn at any point before

joining and if joined the same is liable for termination without notice if BSNL
comes across any evidence/knowledge that the qualification, experience and any
other particulars indicated by you in your applications/personal resume/other
forms/formats are unrecognized, false, misleading, not matching the advertised
specifications and/or in suppression of information/particulars which should have
been brought to the notice of BSNL.

m) Once the candidate accepts the offer and on joining the ALTTC
Lucknow/Training Centre for training he should resign from the previous
employer and he will be treated as a rank outsider in BSNL and BSNL will
have no liability on issue of pay protection and pension etc. and cannot
be brought into any litigation on these matters.

n) Inadvertent omission and commission or mistake, if any, appearing in the offer of

appointment are liable to be rectified at any time before or after joining to bring
the terms and conditions of offer in accordance with the extant policy/rules and
regulations of the company that may be in force from time to time.”

Wishing you an exciting and prosperous career with BSNL.

Yours faithfully
Encl: As above. (R.K. Verma)
Assistant General Manager (Personnel-I)
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