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I am a student of Pearl Academy Of Fashion conducting a survey on Consumer

Preferences & Lifestyle in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for Fashion
Retail & Merchandising. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

1. Are you currently working? If so, please mention the nature of employement.
a)Yes b)No
a)Entrepreneur b)Professional c)Government employee d)MNC employee

2. What kind of accommodation do you have?

a)Owned b)Rented c)Others
3. In what order do you consider the following attributes while making a purchase?
(5-Definitely 4-Probably 3-Neutral 2-Probably Not 1-Definitely Not)

a)Brand 5______4______3______2______1______
b)Price 5______4______3______2______1______
c)Quality 5______4______3______2______1______
4. . A large portion of your income/pocket money is spent on which of the
(5-Always 4-Mostly 3-Sometimes 2-Seldom 1-Never)

a)Shopping 5______4______3______2______1______
b)Movies 5______4______3______2______1______
c)Music 5______4______3______2______1______
d)Travelling 5______4______3______2______1______
e)Dining Out 5______4______3______2______1______
f)Gadgets 5______4______3______2______1______
g)Others (Please mention)___________________________
5. Which of the following slabs describe your monthly income?
a. Lesser Than Rs.15000
b. Between Rs.15000-Rs.30000
c. Between Rs.30000-Rs.50000
d. Above Rs.50000
6. Have you ever purchased or received customized flower arrangements?

Yes ______ No ______

7. Would you be interested in purchasing the above mentioned flower


Yes ______ No ______

8. When buying flowers or bouquets, what do you value the most? On a scale of 1
through 5, list in order according to your preference. One represents your most
valued choice.

Craftsmanship_____ Cost _____ Uniqueness _____ fragrance _____ others_____

9. Please name a few of your favourite flower shops?

10. What is the purpose of your visit here?
11. How often do you visit this market/mall?

• Daily
• Once a week
• Once a month
• Once in 3 months

12. The parking facility here is

a)Good B) average C) poor

Tick the appropriate

13. How do you rate the convenience of this location? (ranking)

poor _____ good _____ very good _____ excellent

14. On a scale of 1-10 rate this market/mall as per your preference?

If you Desire, please mention your :
Name :
Address :