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Customer Acceptance Form Receipt

Receipt Number: 427212

Date: 09/06/2010

Dear Subscriber,
Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd. confirms the receipt of your Subscriber Registration form (SRF) as per the particulars
mentioned below.

Subscription Details Payment Details

SRF Number 50000005927695 # Payment Amount Details Date
Mobile Number 9712552259 1 Cheque 500 BOB, 09/06/2010
Email Address 516261
Address for Installation Important Information you should know
Flat No 30-GREEN PARK Customer Account Number 113589718
Building Name B/H.TAPSIL NR, SHANTABAA Billing Account Number 113560704
COM, HIRA BAUG CIRCLE Service ID 1102275160
Street/Area Name Varachha Road TikonaCARE Numbers 1800 - 20 - W I B R O
City SURAT Toll free 1800 - 20 - 9 4 2 7 6
State GJ (020) 6649 3000
Pin 395006

Service Details
# Product Type
1 FUL599 Data Plan
2 VAS-AntiVirus-Basic-Monthly VAS Product LDAP
3 CPE BB Modem
Important Instructions
1. Please note your Service ID carefully. You will need it to log-in to Wi-Bro service for the first time.
2. For the subsequent log-ins, you may use the same Service ID or create an ALIAS of your choice
3. Your Password (Activation Key) will be sent separately on the mobile number mentioned in this receipt.
4. Please quote your Service ID for any further communication related to this service with Tikona.
5. If any information is incorrectly reflected in this receipt, please contact TikonaCARE.
6. This is an electronically generated document and hence does not require signature.