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Sample Persuasive Message 1

Sample Persuasive Message

Radiah DiPiano

University of Phoenix

October 7, 2010

Dr. Geraldine Smith

Sample Persuasive Message 2

The internet has created a plethora of choices for consumers to shop within the privacy of

their own home. The world of e-tailing has many competitors, striving to make a sale each and

every time a consumer visits their website. In order to persuade the consumer to purchase a

product, a business must effectively communicate the message about their product to the

consumer. The primary purpose of a persuasive message is to have the receiver read or listen to

the entire message and then take the “requested” action at the end of the message. E-tailers must

be able to duplicate over the internet the same “shopping” experience a consumer would have if

the interaction were face-to-face. As consumers, we like to know what we're buying. In the brick-

and-mortar buying context, we can use all five senses when distinguishing between items and

exercising our preferences (Lindstrom, 2001).

The electronic retail market has rapidly emerged on the internet. Electronic retailing, also

called e-tailing, involves the selling of goods and services via the internet. E-tailing allows the

consumer to make purchases without any restrictions on time and distance. Understanding

consumers’ behaviors enables e-tailers to influence the consumer’s decision-making process,

which will hopefully persuade the consumer to make a purchase. Finding and retaining

customers is a major critical success factor for most business both online and offline (A

Managerial Perspective, 2008). There are many behaviors associated with consumers in the e-

tailing process. Three inherent behaviors discussed in A Managerial Perspective, within the E-

commerce Consumer Behavior Model are: the decision process, seller-customer-relationship

building, and customer service. E-tailers must be able to grab the consumer’s attention and keep

it long enough for them to make a purchase, while creating an enjoyable experience that will lead

to future purchases and positive word-of-mouth advertisement.

Sample Persuasive Message 3

For consumers, the Web can provide access to a wide range of products and services

with low cost, extensive and tailored information, at-home convenience for product

comparisons, and enhanced interactivity between the buyer and seller (Archer, 2002). The

consumer begins the decision-making process from the moment they “enter” the e-tailer’s

“showroom”. Easily accessible product choices and information will assist the consumer in

making a decision to purchase. Advertisements that are entertaining to the consumer’s eyes and

ears will help to keep the consumer focused on the product gearing them toward a conscious

purchase. The buying process initiates the seller-customer relationship. Selling online is not only

about attracting attention; it's also minimizing whatever blocks the consumer might encounter,

and a major obstacle is lack of information (Lindstrom, 2001). E-tailers must provide the

consumer “the full story” of their product while keeping the information and choices simple.

Too much information piled with too many choices will overload the consumer and more than

likely steer them away from you site creating a lost sale. In any retail environment, a positive

customer service experience produces customer loyalty and repeat purchases. E-tailers are

finding that getting paying customers to come back again and again through strong customer

service is as important to their growth as it is in the world of shopping malls and downtowns

everywhere (Lacey, 2005).

Calling all ladies! Calling all ladies! Come participate in the deal of a lifetime! Shoes,

shoes, and more shoes at the prices you want to pay! Kreative Deals has opened their auction

table to the general public to sell overstocked items. For a limited time only, you can own all the

latest fashions in footwear for a fraction of the retail cost! Register today to receive your invite!

In order to participate in the auction, you must register your email to receive your log-in,

dates and times of the auction, buying restrictions, and acceptable forms of payment.
Sample Persuasive Message 4

The first portion is an audio advertisement that is played when you first pull up the

website, and repeats every 5 seconds. The background design consists of smiling animated

women carrying shopping bags. In the center of the page, there are 5 different pairs of shoes

currently being auctioned pictured in individual boxes in a single line. The running time of the

auctions and the current selling prices are displayed next to the pictures. The Rules for

Participation will be centered at the bottom of the page in bold letters to further motivate the

consumer to register for the auction and make a purchase. In each of the four corners of the page,

are blinking bubbles of text saying: Register! At the bottom of the page are links for testimonials

and company contact information.

E-tailing is all about buying over the internet. Therefore, the first medium would be the

website used as a portal to gain entry into the auction. Kreative Deals is accustomed to business

to business selling and had to turn the focus of this advertisement to individual women. The

website is the initial contact between the company and the consumer. The audio clip that is

automatically played when visiting the website would be another medium used by Kreative

Deals. The audio message works both as an advertisement of the product and an invite to the

register for the sale. The last medium would be the pictures of the product and the prices being

displayed by real-time auctions. The pictures of the shoes gives the consumer a “real” example

of what Kreative Deals is offering and the prices show that “ownership” is just a bid away.

The audio clip played while you visit Kreative Deals website will be analyzed using the

communication process. The sender in the audio clip is the voice of an up-beat, young sounding

woman. The audio clip instantly starts when you access the web page and the message repeats

every 5 seconds, while the page is active. The purpose of the message is to inform the consumer

of a rare buying opportunity with Kreative Deals and persuade them to register and buy their
Sample Persuasive Message 5

product. The receiver would be anyone who is obviously interested in buying women’s shoes,

which is why they clicked on the website. The message is intended to drive home the purpose of

the advertisement. The message is conveyed through audio, the pictures, and the links displayed

on the web page. The technology used is the computer by the consumer and the audio clip played

by Kreative Deals. Noise is any type of interference that causes the message not to be received

the way it was intended by the sender. The receiver could experience noise if they do not have

speakers to here the audio clip or by having the volume turned off. The sender could have noise

with the audio clip if the website experiences technical difficulties that do not allow the audio to

play on the website.

The feedback would involve the consumer registering with Kreative Deals to participate

in the auction, which could possibly lead to a sale. Other forms of feedback can occur through e-

mail or phone, initiated by the consumer requesting additional information in reference to the

products and auction.

In conclusion, the internet has allowed the retail market the opportunity to reach potential

customers around the globe. There are many retail choices available through the internet and e-

tailers must understand consumers’ behaviors in order to find new customers and retain current

ones. E-tailers must stay innovative in their ideas of advertising and creating a “personal”

shopping experience in an impersonal environment.

Sample Persuasive Message 6


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