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Selection Process Report for aftermarket administrator/secretary c

Prepared for: Ellen Cross and Mclaughlin

Prepared from: Anna Pastuhova, HNS in Business part time evening student
3ate: 29 May 2009

³Intrinsic motivation ± is related to ³psychological´ reward such as the opportunity to

use one¶s ability, a sense of challenge and achievement, receiving appreciation,
positive recognition, and being treated in a caring and considerate manner. Extrinsic
motivation ± is related to ³tangible´ rewards such as salary and fringe benefits,
security, promotion contract of service, the work environment and condition of
work.´(People Management. Workshop 3)

Every person has different reasons for working. The reasons for working are as
individual as the person. But, we all work because we obtain something that we need
from work. The something obtained from work impacts morale, employee motivation,
and the quality of life. To create positive employee motivation, treat employees as if
they matter - because employees matter.
³Nando¶s is the home of legendary, Portuguese, flame -grilled, PERI-PERI chicken. A
place for people with an appetite for life.´ ( That¶s a Portuguese
restaurant. It was born in September 1987. Today, the Nandos restaurant chain is a
major success story, with stores stretching all the way from Rosettenville to Cape
Town, Canada, to Australia. Company opening over 30 restaurants every year.
Restaurants have great opportunities for all kind of people from different country, age
or sex.There is different kind of rewards also within the company.
From time when person start career at Nandos he gets the minimum wage. 3uring
the probation period person usually wearing green t -shirt, on which says that he is on
training. To pass probation period, which usually take about 1 month, person need to
pass an exam where are all the kind of questions relating to the menu, safe and
safety, work rules. As soon as he is passing he gets an intrinsic reward - such as
normal, black t-shirt. After it also, he can get an extrinsic reward also - such as first
pay rise. At least once per month Nandos making a store party. Where all the staff is
joining together, relaxing, talking to each other, meet each other as during the
working hours they don¶t have a lot of time to know with who they are working with.
Plus after they have got something common also, so all staff more likely work more
as a team. That is one more intrinsic motivation. 3uring these celebrations, alcohol
and food are from company money, so they are getting some extrinsic motivation as
At Nandos there are varieties of jobs. Simple staff working as a cashier, co -ordinator,
runner, front of door, griller, and cleaner. Every single person can work as a cashier
one shift and as a co-ordinator next shift if they had a trained to do so plus if they
passed an exam. All of it are extrinsic rewards what company giving to the all the
staff. In the same time as soon as person learn how to work as a cashier or a griller,
and learn something new, he is getting intrinsic reward.
3uring the work at Nandos, everybody gets the huge opportunities for a career. After
6 month, person can apply for a body trainer job, so he can get and extrinsic
motivation such as a pay rise and also intrinsic motivation such as self respect, that
he is not a simple worker. After a while he can also apply for a supervisor position
from which is not far to second manager and first manager. While a person is making
an a career he is all the time learning something new, getting more responsibilities,
feeling as a part of a company and get a lot of h elp from the manager and M3
(Manager 3irector).All of these relating to the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.
As a company is growing quick, everybody can choose where they would like to
work. If in particular store where somebody will choose will be any pa rticular position
free, there is no problem to move in to the new store.
While I have been working at Nandos my managers and a whole company have
been giving me a lot of motivation also. I have been motivated by pay rise every
single 3 month, because I just came to London and didn¶t have enough money for
living. Also the good motivation for me was career. I started to work as a simple
runner- have been cleaning tables, but already after 5 month, manager give me
opportunity to work as a body trainer. More re sponsibilities for me, more money,
more interesting job plus a self respect also and more talking in English so I could
learn it quicker as well.
At Nandos I had general motivation such as a team. We loved to work together and
we enjoyed working in busy ti mes also. We used to go out together all the time, so
as at Nandos are working more than 60% of staff from different countries it is really
important do not feel lonely far away from your family and friends. That is general
intrinsic reward what I still re member after I left a company.
The higher-level needs of esteem and self -actualization are continuing needs in that
they are never completely satisfied. As such, it is these higher -level needs through
which employees can best be motivated.
Theory Y makes the following general assumptions: (1)
* Work can be as natural as play and rest.
* People will be self -directed to meet their work objectives if they are committed
to them.
* People will be committed to their objectives if rewards are in places that
address higher needs such as self-fulfilment.
* Under these conditions, people will seek responsibility.
* Most people can handle responsibility because creativity and ingenuity are
common in the population.
* Under these assumptions, there is an opportunity to align perso nal goals with
organizational goals by using the employee's own quest for fulfilment as the
motivator. McGregor stressed that Theory Y management does not imply a
soft approach.
McGregor recognized that some people may not have reached the level of maturit y
assumed by Theory Y and therefore may need tighter controls that can be relaxed as
the employee develops.
  c    c
If Theory Y holds, the firm can do many things to harness the motivational energy of
its employees:
* 3ecentralization and 3elegation - If firms decentralize control and reduce the
number of levels of management; each manager will have more subordinates
and consequently will be forced to delegate some responsibility and decision
making to them.
* Job Enlargement - Broadening the scope of an employee's job adds variety
and opportunities to satisfy ego needs.
* Participative Management - Consulting employees in the decision making
process taps their creative capacity and provides them with some control over
their work environment.
* Performance Appraisals - Having the employee set objectives and participate
in the process of evaluating how well they were met.
If properly implemented, such an environment would result in a high level of
motivation as employees work to satisfy their higher level personal needs through
their jobs.
Nandos giving a chance for their staff relax and enjoy their work and trying to give as
much responsibilities to every single person who is working at the company. As soon
person starting to have more respon sibility, they don¶t have another choose how to
do all his best as all his team as they started to be part of his family is working with


(2) People Management.Workshop 3