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4 ATSG INTRODUCTION MERCEDES 722.3 722.4 Mercedes introduced the 722 models in 1980. The 722.3 is found in most models and the 722.4 was first found in the 190 vehicles. This manual covers the difference between these units in the valve body and govemor. The basic components , the pump, gear sets, drums, clutches, bands are the same. This manual covers both the original manufacturers information along with some of the changes and updates. We thank Mercedes Benz for the information and illustrations that have made this booklet possible The information and part numbers contained in this booklet have been carefully compiled from industry sources known for their reliability, but ATSG does not guarantee its accuracy. DALE ENGLAND ROBERT D. CHERRNAY TECHNICAL DIRECTOR FIELD SERVICE CONSULTANT WAYNE COLONNA FRANK MIETUS TECHNICAL CONSULTANT eee Uren PETE LUBIN ED KRUSE TECHNICAL CONSULTANT Sn ee JIM DIAL MARIO ARISTIDES TECHNICAL CONSULTANT TECHNICAL CONSULTANT AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 9200 S. DADELAND BLVD. SUITE 720 MIAMI, FL 33156 (305) 670-4161 kd ATSG 5 3 $ oy ro fATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE INDEX MERCEDES 722.3 AND 722.4 Application and cross section Test connections... Road Test.... Valve Body Removal... Valve Body Teardown.... Valve Body 722.4...... Removal Rear Pump and Governor. Governor 722.3 / 722.4. Transmission Removal and Replace... Teardown of transmission... Teardown front pump........ Tear down planetary components....... K1 Cluteh...... K2 Clutch... Trouble Shooting. Technical Bulletins and updates. 10 14 27 37 38 46 83 86 92 96 401 108 Automatic Transmission Service Group 9200 South Dadeland Blvd. Suite 720 Miami, FL 33156 (305) 670-4161 PAATSG] Technical Service Information MERCEDES 722.3 722.4 Speed 81 82 83 KI K2 F Reduction 1 x 00) x 3.68 2 x x 241 3 x x 18a 4 x x 1 ® x 1 x 5.14 (X) K 2 bridges the one-way clutch during deceleration (coasting) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 3