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1. Sitting on heels, stretch arms

out to sidesf palms up, and coordinate
inhale with turning the head left,
and raising the forearms perpendicular
to the upper arms, and exhaling as
the head turns right and arms return
to parallel to the ground. Continue
for 3 minutes.
2. Alternate shoulder shrugs for 1
minute .
3. Still on heels, stretch the arms
straight out in front and drop head
back, eyes on ceiling, and hold with
Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.
4. With hands in Venus Lock in back,
press chin down into collar bone notch,
as the arms are raised, back remaining
straight, with Breath of Fire for
3 minutes.
5. In Easy Pose, inhale as head turns
left, exhale right 26 times.

6. Legs stretched out in front, place

hands behind the hips, fingers pointing
back, torso inclined to 45°, head
dropped back, eyes on ceiling, and
hold with normal breathing for 5 min-
utes. To end, inhale deeply and
exhale with a sigh.

In Cow Pose, raise head all the way

up and back, fixing the open eyes
on the ceiling with long, deep breath-
ing. Think of something that bothers
you and ponder it deeply. This opens
a section in the brain and allows
a lot of subconscious stuff to come
out. Continue for 7 minutes.
Relax in Baby Pose for 4-5 minutes,
allowing blood flow to relax the brain