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Canadian ire Corp. as a ajor enterprise onsisting of five ain siness grops: a
arge retai ain providing atootive parts, sports and eisre and oe prodts, a
finania servies division, a petroe division, a speiaty atootive parts division
and a retaier of asa and ork ear oting. e opany in eary

deided to
fos its strategy on aity perforane in ea of te aove entioned setors it
epasis on tota retrn to sareoders. t oped to aieve te strategy trog
deveopent of a siness inteigene infrastrtre to enane te overa siness
apaiity. itaneosy, te opany intended to deveop and ipeent an
nforation enoogy strategy i od ist progras aording to teir eve of
priority. .g. te siness inteigene infrastrtre od e ig on te priority ist.
oe of te ajor aenges i te opany as faing ie ipeentation of
te strategy ere:
c‘ ½igy opex aritetre it titde of ardare, softare, servies, toos
and appiations.
‘ e fos on ong ters gains ie not negeting sort ter profits or rrent
needs i od e a indrane to te proposed  infrastrtre.
‘ e fragented  efforts of varios grops itin te opany ts eading to
ak of standardization of data definitions and eries and ene inaraies in
te data eing anayzed
‘ e ange in strategy fro a retaier to a oesaer, ts inrease in data
re ireents and sores.
‘ Consoidation of existing egay appiations.
‘ ffetive oniation aot te proposed ipeentation reognizing te
projet as a ross-organizationa siness initiative.
‘ eveoping neessary ski set for te epoyees.

n addition to te aove entioned aenges and proes, a ot of tra proes
ere aso arising. .g. every departent ad a different otook toards te proposed

ipeentation.  anagers entioned data aity and tra anges as teir iggest
rdes ie siness anagers paed edation and training on teir priority ist.

e onstants fro Cap eini estaised giding prinipes ike vae addition,
aking tenia anges aording to te pan, keeping te earning in ose and to
sstain te proposed anges. t as aso deided to ave standardized data aross a
areas of te siness and to deveop speifi data arts for speifi data fntions. .g.
inania data arts od provide onsistent and standardized finania data aross a
t as aso deided tat  speiaists od assist in organizing data arts, retai
anayti speiaists od aess te  toos and te data areose and end sers
od ave rea tie inforation to ake speifi siness deisions.

n order to spport tis pan, propose te fooing initiatives:

a‘ n order to onter ge organizationa resores eing onsed y te
organization, it od e enefiia for te opany to re-evaate te sope te
projet in different pases and to assess te perforane at every eve.
.g. rojet revie sessions an e ondted at pre-defined ek points of te
‘ e infrastrtre sod fos on not ony ross-organizationa ipeentation,
t aso integration of knoedge aot stoers, opetition, arket
onditions, vendors, partners, prodts and epoyees at a eves.
‘ s proposed y te onsting grop, te ipeentation sod e siness
driven rater tan tenoogy driven. t is very iportant tat stakeoders fro
areas ike arketing, perations anagers, siness exetives, aes and
stoer spport sod ave a say in a proposed ipeentation areas.
d‘ t is aso iportant tat teni es ike aaned oreard i spport an
organization¶s vision and strategy are pt into pratie so tat ojetives, targets,
etris and inentives an easiy e identified.
e‘ t is iportant to identify te sado  grops and ake te part of te
tenia expertise tea of te  tea as tey aready kno te needs of teir

siness areas and aso te vae provided y te od e reognized in te
for of training and knoedge saring aongst te inexperiened and nskied
f‘ or personne it non-tenia akgronds, it is iportant tat etadata e
reated so tat a  appiations reate and anage te eaning of ea data
eeent ts dividing an organization in ters of its siness ativities and te
siness ojets on i tey¶re perfored. is i ep in free fo of
inforation to ea eve.
g‘ so in addition to te area speifi data arts, it is neessary tat oter
departents ave aess to tese data arts for teir anaysis as e.
‘ e sort ter profits sod e oproised in a pase ay to aign it te
proposed ipeentation. s te  ipeentation goes into te fina stages, its
opportnity ost od e assessed it forgoing sort ter gains.
i‘ s far as anaytia and odeing toos are onerned, te tea sod strive for
ini ner of toos so tat troesooting does not appear too opex.
j‘ asty, it is iportant tat te proposed ipeentation sod e oniated
effetivey to te end stoers so tat tey nderstand te tre vae te
infrastrtre rings to te in ters of aity and reiae servie.