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“Sankalp Institute of Innovation and creation” This institute is working in the R&D
field of VM i.e. Vaidic Mathematics.

Teaching Method:
There are six levels
 3-5-Basic
 6-8-Fundamental
 9-10-Theory
 11-12-Formulas
 Graduation-Theorems
 Professional courses-Application

Examination: Thrice in a year for every level.

Fee Structure:
Registration Fees:
Level Registration Fee
Basic And Fundamental 1100- 2 months course(weekly 2 classes)
Theory 1250
Formulas 1500
Theorems 1650
Application 1800

Examination Fees: Additional

Level First term Second Third Term BOOKS Final Exam

Basic and 150 200 250 400 0
Theory 200 250 300 450 100
Formulas 250 300 350 500 150
Theorems 300 350 400 550 200
Application 350 400 450 600 250

Worksheets and Practice Paper:

We provide worksheets and practice papers. These all study material will be
correspondent or by mail too (postal charges to borne by candidates)
Worksheet: Worksheet means questions with solutions and answers
Practice Paper: Only questions, student has to submit these to institute. We will
check it and then provide solutions. These sheets will decide your all India rank.
For practice papers student need to pay 100 rs.

For Franchises:

 Candidate should be Graduate/PG(Commerce or Mathematics is

compulsory),Engineering ,MBA.
 The procedure is to pay 30000(Non Refundable)
 Institute will provide Notes, Study material, banners and advertising material
like pamphlets.(one time only, charges to be borne by Franchise additionally for
post and courier).
 Training Will be provided by Institute.

Is it necessary to come to us for Franchise Training?

On payment and completions of formalities on agreement of terms and conditions of

Study Material will be provided with easy understandable CD along with study
material. This CD is designed for easy understanding of Lesson & Chapters. This
can be sent through email also. Just download and learn VM, level by level.…...

 SIIT provides Franchise kit with

 Application Form,
 Receipts Book,
 Student Record Form.
 Hand bills,
 One Banner for class room.
 Agreement Period
 This period is for one year.Renewel is possible.

Fee sharing percentage: Please contact to