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SULFUR PLANT DESIGN MANUAL TAB SUBJECT 4 B D E F 6 INDEX TABLE OR RIGURE NO, PAGES Table of Contents 1-5 Introduction General el Modifications to Manual RECEIVED Historical Background and Patents Design Parameters JUN 5 1972 Source of Feed Plant Size F Engrg. Standarés Feed Characteristics Desired Recovery utility Balance General Guideline for Selection of Plant Type Figure Bel Process Description 143 General Process Description Combustion Methods Figure ¢-1 Reheat Alternates Figure 0-2 Flow Diagrams 12 General Flot Configuration Suggested Hot Gas Bypass Layout Figure D-1 Process Flow Diagram ~ Hot Gas Bypaes Reheat Figure D-2 Process Flow Diagram - Fired Reheat Figure D3 Mechanical Flow Diagram - Hot Gas Bypass Reheat ‘Figure Dui Mechanical Flow Diagram - Fired Reheat Figure D-5 Utility Flow Diagram Figure D-6 Process Flow Diagran - Pandm Direct Oxidation Figure D-7 Equipment Qualified Vendors List Vessels ak General Sulfur Converters Discussion Sizing Criteria sulfur Product Coalescer Converter Catalyst Volume Figure G-1 Horizontal Sulfur Converter Figure G-2 Vertical Sulfur Converter Figure G-3 Horizontal Coalescer Figure Gh Vertical Coalescer Figure G5 Complex Horizontal Coalescer Figure 6 17A~289-472 -1. DEX RECEIVED TABLE OR 7A3 SUBJECT FIGURE NO, PAGES H Pumps and Compressors JAN JL 72 1-2 General 7 cee Engrg. Sander’ Air Blower Pumps Typical Air Blower Specification Figure H-1 Typical Sulfur Pump Specification Figure H-2 Typical Sour Water Pump Specification Figure H-3 I Furnaces and Heaters 6 General Sulfur Furnaces Reheaters Incinerators Typical Reactor Furnace Specification ‘Table I-1 ‘Typical Rrheater Specification Table 1-2 ‘Typical Incinerator Specification Table 1-3 ‘Typical Reactor Furnace Sketch Figure I-1agb ‘Typical Reheater Sketch Figure 1-2 ‘Typical Incinerator Sketch Figure 1-3 J Waste Heat Boilers 13 General Waste Heat Boilers Design Considerations ‘Typical WEB Process Specification Figure J-1 Typical WHB Narrative Specification Table J-2 Typical WHE Sketch Figure J-2 K Heat Exchangers (Economizers) 12 General Design Considerations Typical Economizer Specification (BFW Heater) Figure Kel Typical Sulfur Condenser Specification Figure K-2 Typical Gas-Gas Reheater Specification Figure K-3 Limits of "Fog" Formation Figure K-l L Miscellaneous Equipment 13 General Purchased Sulfur Plants Waste Gas Stacks Vendor Lists and Costs Table L-1 ‘Typical Gas Stack Specification Table L-2 17A-289-272 INDEX AB M P Q s SUBJECT Piping codes specification Miscellaneous Comments Typical Piping Specifications ‘Typical Piping Details Instrumentation General Control Principles Sulfur Storage General Liquid Sulfur Storage ‘Sumps on Storage Tanks Solid Storage Solid Block Storage Std, Size Tank & Sump Costs & Steam Req'd Typical Single Sump Design Typical Duel Sump Design Utilities and Chemicals General Average Plant Operating Requirements Electrical Power Fuel Gas steam Chemicals & Catalyst Catalyst Properties Operating Date for Reactor using Cobalt-Moly Catalyst with Activated Bauxite Catalyst Sulfur Plant Economics summary of Fluor Plants (Modern) Summary of Fluor Plants (Olin-Mathieson) hoo a/c sulfur Plant - only Cost Curve Process Hand Calculations General Feed(2) Plant Configuration Air Requirements Combustion Converters Waste Heat Boiler Condensers Example 1 - Acid Gas >50% Nol % Alternate 14 - Straight Through w/Hot Vapor Bypass Reheat Alternate 1B - Straight Through w/Direct Fired Reheat TABLE OR FIGURE NO, PAGES 13 Table N-1. Figure M1 13 RECEIVED AUG 28 1972 1-6 ‘Standards Pigure 0-1 Pigure 0-2 Figure 0-3 1-3 Table Pl Table B2 Table P3 Table Q-1 Table Q-2 Figure Q-1 1-6 Figure S-1 1-65 1 7A~289-0872-1