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NTT-IT Corporation

MeetingPlaza Distance Conference Service (ASP) Service Termination Request Form

(Please print, fill in and fax this form to us at +81-45-224-6799.)

I request termination of the MeetingPlaza ASP Service and agree with the MeetingPlaza ASP Terms and Conditions.
(=>See terms and conditions in the MeetingPlaza website.)

Contract ID: __________ Date: _______mm/___dd/20___yy Signature: ________________

(=>See the notification of starting date.)

Please enter your information.

Name: Company Name:
(credit card owner) Division:
Phone: (with country code) + Fax: +
E-Mail Address:          @
Billing Address:
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Country etc.)

Will you please give your reasons for terminating this service if you don’t mind?

If you have any questions about sales, please e-mail to

Termination Notification of MeetingPlaza ASP

Web Conference Systems Division
Product Business Headquarters
NTT-IT Corporation
Kannai-Waizu Bldg
2-9-1 Furou-cyo Naka-ku Yokohama
Kanagawa 231-0032
Dear Subscribers,

We accepted and completed your Service Termination Request.

Thank you very much for using the MeetingPlaza ASP Service.

Best regards,

MeetingPlaza ASP Administrator: _______________________

Starting Date: ________mm/___dd/20___yy

Termination Date: ________mm/___dd/20___yy

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MeetingPlaza ASP Service