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Pree aaa emt met 568 The Saturday Review. [May 2, 1868. is a specimen of the Dilsseldor? school, by M. Louia Blanc, iga,coriuen of he Duele irl Wy Lok, BRIE Ge eae o.t Sap Pate str Seen sh reals He he hon oo ane wp, Reetitetar sat Me atatat aed Bee er ot not aati mee ce cre Set gts ean Py a a eo arillesgoo; "hut 82 cimiot congrtatnte the artis, on baviag Benepe ie Gar amet ee Se mee ue ae, Vey peay mine 0 Gopi ie apie ite, eee ap ‘poh drogen of oe i jarenger They are feeble, it, cometines peti en FWanw Onerel cetey by Ne Thesdore Fine, wll Be Foleoined Ono of theve the" Siinagn ta tho Deseet"” (39), shows onsierable poetical power. Onvof tke moat pretentious nad least Satisfactory potest the room fs Henry IIE and bis Minions tho Evening belo the theca” (by M-Graerde St Mar, ‘Theis sham istviea palutng, *Ene confined groupia tho Hig’s Bedcchaanher tells no story, aud envoys no real mptesrion to ths sind, Ko eit ofthe slay cloning, Malls Gruman’ “Children ‘Sharing Grapen'° (ys), wil be liked frit sentiment and aml sity, lafaiesy aba 1s. Hamman’ Mozart's Reverie” (47)> ‘Se Uno gompors cits at a insrumpnt thors appears (0 im say coveloped in a loro, whic aot half 9 mie lke a vain ‘ar Brofassor Peppor's fomoua ghost at the Polytech, $edamo Jerchat those ia very azreable pict, « * Danih Gis foing to Church” (53), prey ie oaing abd goatume, th faca Seen in prosle, eat initator of eye, ML Lagyo ehuws cou ‘ral min, “Hn aetna fy Shh, Acta a he teeth onary” (Ga) "Rago pated wih tetra fou propriety, and with Pro-Kafellitadstatl and finish, Tho Shope with thoi fs-to Bape of eto re an exec reproduction of Rmeditoval sect soone. ‘Two miodhers with thei children, jainty costaied, wre lever eavved, but havo wo life in them, ‘The tags axe generaliyiks ous odamm ase, bute ile matinee fol hana Ror earapiee Noes Ase Bpwoes with, Geis Aormaet wis in Hts high-pcehed root, M, Lgaubize! shows ome aber tame andccaeay Su Le Pottevin in Poo Muchard TOTTRRL G5) stemgtr ine eco A fa Capac retuiniog Gow hia quest Indon with fond, raeote, mat does SEL gr ie etn ln Babe Plas) Gy) hr MMe night be arpa to Sloe mentioned dske. In lnsdbata” (83), by M. Mallen ‘good flesh-colowsing dows wot make amends for indecency, Not {nore than two or three portralts Gnd their plaop ow, these eal, Of teen Speaking Misses of My Benoit bye Talim artic, Signor Gssani, will be fhvourdbly aotieed. Ty M, Plagan sve ‘have. Gare chamcterstic domostio“grompe, lees sensuous iho ‘usial, but not of high mest, ‘There's scanty interest in -roch a Pile ge ML eter Hoye Brocton fo [Pas ding fhe (93). It is heavy in ealoar, though éareful in desigms es ici pa cl en es ae ‘not unniccecsfully, in four little gewre pai "Prom Mi Seblesioger we ive thive aHiactive, bat xethet mereticions chistes fee te tigen te mes, maw ere, ie et ie cPeeel es r Fiielined opt sunshade. Eran Denmark ye have the ‘very Bibl pet gutbaie Pog Demet te agp ee ‘His “Donish Alan of War under Steain antl Ssil” (107), is most i Pe ae ee hi spi a ect ee ti aoe cans. Sr ae ee her je Window ”.(1 10}... ‘Those {9 «gertuii: powar inthe worke ‘of SES Gila igus Se eat he ite! (117) is* xpiritl Tithides’ missing the chief chor geet’ (0) fo ten tale miso Ge Sil So quite mature ‘eee. His. Young Luther" of Church” (418) SOMERS ihe Peed al atl hp Bis Mou sup! polar aed ns ete pelt wile ae) Shane ey ee se rn ee oe Bayern s Seeger a Bes ges Tae (0b ae chy enka Bit Beet eu os sen ee, | alle fico il Eo suber smi ur unatiusary pouty iy : 'oms, called “The Introduction” aud| the # Proposal.” fon the whale, dhe Pouch and Flemish ch ne of average hele, end hap that most of fom seam to U8 ‘ror though _ Sel (i ok pee wa thd Hal pain, 5 I nie ue REVIEWS. L ‘unRicy VON HDTTENS faaation of M. Chanfon}eoser®, Lit Soin fora sie te th tle, Sewell and gsr ‘crtin,aad the fat fant ele a enlaion dew ma, a8 fe gone ao Inpro Poe nd Orr atin ie are Ke eth Coa Hind fn Gita teabects Bas ig tn oy cha Fong BE jon of Edonard Frere in the piebaren of | a a Eee | rally the cass, mak tel fale af every rentense, and might Dutlape escope’ notes altogerher if it wa aot recoded in the Bde Trl tall fe one of cae wich io by no eas fo wel ied eit otto bo. Leis tho li of a very Tomaskable th liga a nyo nyc wa ya Crmpresed inion very soderntocotpame Inthe aneatin, ile cating lees than doe hundred aad Bit mal pgs. Tho eon trast boticen this aut tho weny-velase Dlogmptics whieh, to ths de yo oqeaty deat th sharon of ome Tender of © soligiows panty of teathvrato literary mun, sucto0 {he Soe eel ant got town pe ‘Biick von Hlatten was. peshaps tho Dest mprasentatve of whet ‘bo ealed the lay ss of the Knfomntion ihe ope of 3 wile stesso ont to plans and men of the won, lo ‘ra bomn onthe aot of Apr, 1488, at tho Carlo of Stecslbere, ‘ets Fuld ia Franconia, "The coitebeloaged fo he fate, ous of tho highest in soak of tho Franconlan asstoomey. In these traveling dys tnost of ‘us Bevo avou fae ruins of foudal cash sotned ait as toh ax sbunbn yle over arts of Germany fd Switterlaad tho Grleos, for ilaace-—and it as no doub facut iany of 0 Wonder low pospla over managed $9 fipe i sich incsavenient poss and wat ‘heir life there was Life. "Hlutiea gives & woulaxly Ifelike descripdon of their tvoty-day appara auch an ib wes Bolore tins had mado fe romantic ‘restore eonmratn,xoe fr peice, Dut for sau. AM 3s sasidcal a thensceaty of deta,” eye satrciel. boson Toe vis ant desea end able tp the glee, of apie. Sykes ie snl porary ony atl hear dogs ah oy pn magn sey fahren vole pet asiatar ail tleve doers Lack tnyioee be tow are Htsdinudat our ncpeednee wei Sing reseed tween ts pos csi te ya ouialve Wl the pica of sage pace ve oe BEDI Laund hs gore We cate sly rn wider an Goa Fe Rr MOE taighoat we ae de cxyee a ass Alay everrwoete wat. “ecton, hora rformen, was given to aso the davk’ side of things ad from Il afhney nppenta fo bare hated tho hed of life fo slic he was hom, fe; boweves, lly isbed ily pict. Though foment. delicate in odgy sad. Heeuly” ave to. ts Iniseros whieh ho oot desatbe ao geuhiclly, he wee as Berea ni pugaacous » Fsnaoonlm noite as-may oe of his noigh= ‘oust “Hie wtiole Ide was spent in eaying’ on ar agnlt sara ‘one of other, sither by the awed or the pen, and in thoee days the Toundary Hw Detwean the to weapons’ wns Dy 20 mea 0 laly ached se Te is eh prownk Alten» fanily wishod to Bake a moon of his, aad en his refs fo ontar that profeson Ro ‘peer a hang Ne theo apn i we ern ea om hie tenth to his twenly-sath year be waabered over a great part Gf Borope hol! schol hal? ele, and aiogetber raga hough fom tine t che bis tate end Iedraing brought Mim Jv tho soley of rch on gas peoglo who tweeted hin with istiucton, Dising pars of the ane ho served asa. coireon fallin su Tay, He wandesings pent 4o have “ended hy dendle foul in which hs risentmeae Wrought «Duke ot Et Wvaromberg to walledeseroh punishment ‘The Dake sebucea the wile af Hany von Huta, © coun of Ubih's, and feechebualy mevlond the husband wih, his’ own, "bend ‘Uinieh ou Hues netoooded hiewel? with’ Bio fanily, ead wbushg five ooatese opaiet the Duke who wa at Ut x= Ned fom his dominions. by” a vilag. of the, paogle, ested ‘a sme force commanded by Fesaa von Siguingen —o aman ‘hoes Civet at w acer much moesfod Ee cuvor of Hotton ex ‘wnteg ado on this versitn formed an intimate mane w ‘him. The result wos due principally fo Flutien's fierce demuaci tiogs kis seas the Gre event lich Bought. him fata public nouee’ He ioe dtingc ims hy the part 9 toe i = sont gy Caled by Sohn Neue, Mrown, fed to fhe fen UF tes dag, by the thn casio name of Onpnio. Revehlin was ‘the, firstrexiver of the study of Hebreve; and he was cecused by the Satins heer ates no snaage the uguucion tbe teas Pctitay Mah Gee agin! Chast. esa ctoveng ont nich Slee dating Malt By Susan en hat lan hee yeas He Re Os oe a ty — eh . Golesi pan 0 On aie oak Tobe en! acto sina iene Reh i hs ek ack Heike: "DEAE Gy ap te ot Deyn omni tapomaret eased Wee ale feta Vallee Ge ur a a ee nol tothe Sve Bach as et md let ed ‘Tao trinph of Capnio,” as this performance was called, was 6003 ibllowed by Hutten’n great work, the Epiole Obsrorion Tiroreny, sfeoes by atop abe gee ce a ernie ob les meee Gre ee z "hae fra of thom ok ‘he f te mania is the shed ne Weve dedi (Stns ad Stan wet toe we sre tea nb Pt eset jefhu etd Quer, it Stu cat Delo were turned Fre ee are Ata too panptatios of aha Teinry of sta of de elghtannth can spesion taut th ltrs wera ‘aes, Huustan went f6 Tia, th tho tention of becoming w dootne ‘ay edition of he Ietters is = May 2, 1863.] The Saturday Review. a 569 | flaw, le oudin fr Shot purpose nd another i than that ‘f exandng hindhacntnt to tala sae, Ho ys doe mand wa he poetic end transl ows a thon tang (a ‘Rotini unlreioan bevotumed witout the deer Wifes ied gun to sok Ho wey howorey ea ato tom Lnellcg, aod decorated” withthe tie of Inpasia Order by ‘he Hnpere Nasinalien Tig us mt537, hea Aten sion Fw of gg. trom fre ‘assaf Bee wet monty produ snc of pts | ETM he ettled the Timea power and ho ceded po" nts of Jesrg an the ferent olnt wile ato fh ine {bition inte Ener sontovcy of the cau. Hs wring eine gt gem cary of ts sean Ei aU Ae cuter ho appre We have beak move cepa ad Titinatly connected 180) iy od end Skin” wo lopaes wEih'be pablced, lod The Min a he Drgondh, «80m whieh M, 1Obutoutesnergves long extrait, throw fit light_on his gun lows: af th like The ending Sita ef them ‘iy at the ierehents ought io cary oo the ommmercs ofthe ebuntey, a he she peivatenobity tom ito SEARS ‘Solingen hy hel oe pone, Posted sotrengo Wid set cf independance ~cxght to Keep tne Ponce, and protest tne publie azainet cho tyrduy of che presto and ‘ig ttoot "their alien Sickngon cad ot, He thoy fa proce Hie ade ‘war on the Arehishop of Titre, oglant Thom ie hua varout capes of complnict peblie ani” pnts, Tan detatel lth al he adherents aad Tot fast is He | Tilton blo hima t Sottiany whan fra, he del | shibo ago of binges "Such sa short coe ofthe ie fone af he moira efiterateont ema cave otartog, eult e pole ‘se, Chugh biswns wete forthe mse pek waged with tua pea uta of the awar.» He would som roe bea auch he fort of tua who in af or inane out Fy Retire ona ale Content gad selormen Herod over have hou sated, in oy ‘ge, wih any aly exlatag stat of ngs He ba aouly 82 Si ‘nerros, wnt comet Gontenn Hh, Bashan Rene! aaa, the, ata bree of te age ta which they lice hangh hy ah peo- Dubly te niogerer unit for any oth tis ao taleny hee Taliguaon weld hve vered lth see aeante fhe hed Eve ok owa dey, hough ina dtp damon, ake ll god logenhiey is spas ta tering pipes Int the pasos tnd qdeics ofthe Ego to which ho Henge It bas ben Grell conimon pluses shat {2° by 3, meann. cs get cea sodoneabawt, ty but ase ‘have: been Truifellows peo, t\ tuted Whe. muct uabulled polit berty with’ unspiaing intellectaal deqpotiam, A, Presooaiea bile) Ihe abe aol‘. any lor por ofthe won, ‘lems te Rave dono pelty noch as ho plod farng 90 one Sinn is ruetinect wae poweal enough 0 brig Sven the costo walls, Nothing is more cingular in thie history of covery. coal pals Nath fo ore saga bon of oe Foren ly otc ton She ats male or aed by ft ond ata, ‘When fe fa et twas see striped, aa igh tal nay smote ot aidatip tad. eral ufiog; bat in ho ineweal would neon si thom mut have icon eho ni ey hc ee ee very least to it of all nowiedge tad gre! energy. Gn the ober nef, the doalseas anf aavsownens of the ia felt” would nuit hace bess enough to good almost 13 ess -any oc "hse fates ing tn at Gicion, Unless Eng ee? perl fo fay ad toe biel {ha Balan WHER aly af i ate bs doo ely 3p opporinty of ning Blend, but ho wae pole dosed IP AEG so! “Hatton hinell nw fora length of dine. Cho ‘hject of the contempt of his relations on account, of is lit cctinnce. Phe flows costa wk oied fst the siroegles of then like Hutten and Luther. to chanire this state, af ties, ‘two dhe great lnwinaska-of modem hing. he reac Revolution, ith ie nme epaad, abt poe dice m gest ehtoge fn thf of he ra ho en ign and shone emote thay, aor i had predueed es stn, tho rnd though, crenmtarilly Meret fom senate ‘hed bom bolo, iamaed aubanlly tho tana nether auch Hipper ov mv les hgpy-+is some voy nltbor muck set Sapna wae ae Som aa gaa oe ome i, WHEN it ily. be permanent ven mes fe OY be prema are Ego Slacesy a lage ie ken sn tho by taking though oa dot Teno ut Gay) ou Jock ta oa to ho oatare af i - BROT'S JANE GitbY. litelytoviowed ‘Teach istry of Tad Jane Gry, WV ste aiat ucts of which wan tal ie aren ce tho seign of Hony Vill) had not-aljied‘Me fh a the ‘Ten Commandments, We have sfneo com -acroee'& French novel shout name’ lon oy fstonaing produtiong hake ever anv,” Ito wore to sy tha it's tho oa abel siny tht We ofa Leed, wo ight ena Inga ut no ined ann Uns ay A _ Geaiiady oancleen to yuo than weeould prove: Sill edo Stor tn Sct puch &asiinont wut be ver tomy C9 tad opto il wee ora ad thoy will wate | itera really owe of tho met | afm ei tal] fame re eae perhaps i would bo too muck to expext abet ovary. me who wetes bine pov acer twp is aay elle Se eerd"Lbion, oe elu atry of is own ming wo eal 0 Bir Waar Seok “Dut sere ate Tit wo endurance Tt into, itch when no sot of appreach i mede to dang either tho one or ‘he other, “Me Brows eary In almost wholly out of bis oa had ‘end it ja not rodleemed by any particular merit in the telling. And ‘Re mumbo of Sunder buen fal nnd ovorything clay fe fsophtes the aus llawaneo whieh bas Been granted hy pressip- Eon fo sit bnedied pers poet 9 Franses wing cb England, ML Drot skis qustr work of apie aac but be Uy mikes gover work then Dowscodny Besk ba dono, bore Tim.” Winestai® (huonghout, * Greait Hationstreh Bie Ldvard*Mowtagne,” “Bie Jobm Gudker" Shomeih”# Chet HAD thst the Ben of hcondly” Ketapsted and Kelmoy,? ‘Lewd Guilt” Dadioy (voughont), all evo an of Took, ia “lhc nena" wezsugne sinks ony bya ‘i ther flr, a In Chalice do ivy” who expect to i Gt Eb 0 kas decay eget yi ns, ‘SUI, ie pose thet Rogishmen oyna Int Jost as badly while so ve havo setdy Soo manging af ‘gle ames he posed nis fhvoue no fas wenereble an SE Been. a Sn npg ate She ap ety 0 rovngtng fects ad fom suaing fc th op yo Ht we Ditmentne ten. ic rot dove great things im bath ways, le iy fom, M. Dangeude “Nt Dargaad, ia wating sbout Sindy Jone One, thought i macosry tivo the wives of Heaty VIL by thelr proper order. MC Bros brings tivo or thea of ig in byway of can alain, aed so igo nek Shontabont ithe east litle ceremony ax ever tir uehand fend havo done. Hr aspen = oe ees as de anlouros ues de 0 ee WEE ‘Mut tai qed nasa eee aloes eon ave et caret Tt the Tait angel proved himself no lew had aropel. ‘But ‘the next is more wonderful atill :-— pope in Te leant ot prs de Sommers Howe, on yovat a Sevol, astreis tpt ds Si ne ate, Beeb TRSnone i hy ames do He VL gu Tice exe Sin Edn doc de Laren * u Here-we eau nly tpooesome contusion between Henry VIEL and Henry 1H; but autor Biot stp to think that f eory VIE. hied aa son Elmnd, Dake of baneaster, ho would zeal Inve ausiceded to the Usown on tht denth of ie brothar Ea Zl ta hove soved ell diffcniten bout the sae of Mary and Sg, acing tho nedesty of M. eoe waging @ novel about ian F ‘Theis are doubtless elipa of more caveless ignorance, though-one: aight hove tiny expected aan to know ie Leading erent of @ Tne co nent ia fhat of which hea veriting. But NCS daige flsifieations of the story itself which he professes to tell are dove apetng il, Tor inna i otsny neh gtally Tino thor Queen Mary dung tke Une of her bother, wa Sn love with Lord Guilford. Dudley, and proonred a eeeret titer Hie with hia one evening fa Wentsaate Abbey, to tll Him so, Drone Guldénd is mick too faiehfel to. ha’ngegpments to Slane to ve aaylhing to aay to her—not to spear of the Uispmity of thee yeu fwhteh p Dose peron San King Pulp vas toon ater ao" plafllysonacious, “But. thin does at foest to have cessed to N. Hoy as ao i oust “le joe ‘nnngy" ia joone dnna?” Tho these ia npn old wom, forneting off witch wit, who once was Janes ntsse, nod now fife in" GreaieHhatoutrecs" Gearing the somewhat stage Dao of Mistess Kata Nelly’ Tiss Motes Wate or Mites Nally‘ aro ese quite anceisin whether Nelly antaat to dea gomane—is iced up tn strange way ‘with the desth af Elvan, which iy of couse, Ind. to" the. cago "of Novato”, Soar "tot Sin ioe sing silence wider swf) threats «(3 ian qu'un jour fy no Prstees um bier bm col de tee dans le chmetiy da Lon- festa plage. a¢ hows postion in Woe witeesth entry we cannot ordh geese: Then the Dulso andthe old women have a ar tials Wo av eft indon,thovgh sea sou not ditinedy telty nt the “Dule eated -off his botle,- ead that te ‘ing! dant of iby bab st. avat to vodeed tage Miotras Kato Nellis expresly Ginguiahed Grom tho somelee woman to sehoek Edwverd ros entusted during the lant sage of Bs Sle. ‘hen comer the foal seme. dard io Chougit to be dead blore Le lgs gue the will onctersng tue crown t> Jeno~-Laay Grey, fh, Bf Brot constantly calle hen Novthuanbotand wakes every= ‘ay lone tho tom, ot stays alone with the suppased corps: ‘io ies the crown oh hie owa ead, eal tate the wankned wil fom under the ings pillow, dwar, who was not dead, bat uly me lethagy, Wades pnt (he mogient. ‘The vest vo. fe aM, Dre own words, which, chow ow ancl any bo vveuled-to novelists ‘of which histotiena ‘are obliged to: remain oat: = : fren eb eas fo rmmponatient osher tm Noneartenand, pus stoma Cala a uroong “gue ate aval ps qed het mammals “SensgtIiamempic Naxunboiand gs des fe gas, es nobly i Is mous,