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Enhancing careers, networking, and collaboration

Welcome to Radiology 2.0...

Based on the time honored tradition of “Radiology Rounds”
radRounds is a new tool for radiology education, career
development, professional networking, and collaboration -‐
restricted to radiologists and medical imaging professionals.

Exclusive Site Features

‡ Social Networking Tools ‡ Discussion forums
‡ 3,900+ case database ‡ Groups & subcommitees
‡ 1,000+ video database ‡ Newsfeed / Blogs
‡ Event database ‡ Jobs database & resources

6,700  Registered Members

3,700 Facebook Fans
8,900  Mailing List 10,000+
Total reach across all social media
channels with radRounds brand
1,400+ Twitter Followers
1,600  LinkedIn Group Members

5% Radiologic
5% Medical Technologists

radRounds is the
10% Industry
Executives LARGEST &
10% Radiology
Administrators growing professional
70% Radiologists
social network
network in
in radiology
growing professional
radRounds is the
Enhancing careers, networking, and collaboration

Sponsorship Opportunities

Run-‐of-‐site Banners-‐
Your run-‐of-‐site ad get the attention of a growing
number of site visitors
‡ Run-‐of-‐site banners rotate randomly on all site pages, excluding
single-‐sponsored areas.
‡ ROS banners appear based on volume of impressions puchased.

Standard Banner Rates (net) -‐

Leaderboard 728x90 $80 net CPM
Skyscraper 160x600 $80 net CPM
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Home Page Roadblock Top & Bottom leaderboards $750 per week
+ sky banner

Existing Sponsor Assets-‐

Post assets on radRounds
‡ Let radRounds help you get information out to the radiology
community by posting a white paper/video/case study.
‡ Postings are promoted via the website and dedicated eBlasts.
$6,000 for 3-‐months

Custom Social Media/New Media Projects-‐

Educational, lead generation tool
‡ Webinars/webcasts.
‡ Virtual round-‐table discussions.
$25,000 net (available on demand for 6-‐months)

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e-‐mail, Facebook, Linked-‐In, and Twitter!