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(Television) frequency is the color sub-carrier found

4. Numerical frequency band designation of when tuned to

channel 9. channel 7?
A. 632 – 638 MHz A. 178.83 *
B. 186 – 192 MHz * B. 182.13
C. 488 – 494 MHz C. 184.83
D. 530 – 536 MHz D. 175.13

(Television) (Television)
46. Using NTSC standard, the picture carrier of 76. Which of the following is false?
channel 44 of UHF TV is ____ MHz. A. The transmitter matrix output includes Y,
A. 657.28 I, and Q video.
B. 651.25 * B. The I video hues are orange or cyan.
C. 645.25 C. A fully saturated color is mostly white. *
D. 648.75 D. A three-gun picture tube can serve as a
50. Which signal has color information for 1.3 (Television)
MHz bandwidth? 80. What is the horizontal resolution of a
A. I * broadcast TV receiver
B. B-Y used in the Philippines?
C. R-Y A. 428 lines *
D. Y B. 525 lines
C. 625 lines
(Television) D. 500 lines
53. In the Philippines, in what frequency will the
visual carrier be if tuned to television
channel 13? (TV standard in the Phil. is
A. 209.75 MHz
B. 205.25 MHz
C. 215.75 MHz
D. 211.25 MHz *

66. Precise scanning size and linearity are most
important in

A. a Saticon
B. a black-and-white camera
C. a single-tube color *
D. plumbicon

69. If you are viewing your TV set, and you
notice snowy video
signals in your picture tube, the most
probable cause is
A. gain is extremely adjusted to the fullest
B. the Q on the tuned circuit is relatively
C. due to insufficient wave traps
D. presence of random noise in the signal

73. Using NTSC standard, (Philippine TV
Standard), in what