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When you are asked to rewrite sentences:
1. Find words that are common to both sentences.
2. Identify which grammatical point is being practised and decide what you have
to change in the sentence you are going to write.
3. Check that you have included all the information given in the original

1. What is the price of this disc? (How much …)

How much does this disc cost?

2. She doesn’t ski at all. (never)

She never skis.

3. That bicycle isn’t mine. (to me)

That bicycle doesn’t belong to me.

4. It’s all the same to me. (make a difference)

It doesn’t make a difference to me.

5. They can’t find their notes. (looking for)

They’re looking for their notes.

6. I became very ill during my visit to my grandmother. (while)

I became very ill while I was visiting my grandmother.

7. Martin never misses a football match. (always)

Martin always watches a football match.

8. Is that ring yours? (belong)

Does that ring belong to you?

9. Sally baked the cake before 3 o’clock.(By 3 o’clock)

By 3 o’clock Sally had (already) baked the cake.

10. What weight are you?(how much)

How much do you weigh?


11. The last time I saw Brian was three months ago. (for)

I haven’t seen Brian for three months.

12. Jimmy hurt himself during a football match. (while)

Jimmy hurt himself while he was playing football.

13. First Katherine passed her driving test. Then she bought a car.

After Katherine had passed her driving test, she bought a car.

14. How long have you known Sarah? (meet)

When did you meet Sarah?

15. I’m not hungry, thank you. (eat)

I’ve already eaten, thank you.

16. What’s your opinion about exams?(think)

What do you think about exams?

17. What are his plans this evening? (do)

What is he doing this evening?

18. I don’t think that he’s being honest. (lie)

I think he’s lying.

19. Our visitors arrived during my favourite TV programme. (while)

While I was watching my favourite TV programme, our visitors


20.Alice is planning to play tennis from 8 o’clock until 10 this evening. (at
9 o’clock this evening?

Alice will be playing tennis at 9 o’clock.

21. Diana fell asleep at 10 o’clock. Her sister arrived home at midnight.
(by the time)

By the time her sister arrived home, Diana had fallen asleep.

22.The tickets aren’t expensive. (cost)

The tickets don’t cost very much.

23.Patrick has worked here for many years. (many years ago)

Patrick started working here many years ago.

24.The plane will land at 7.30. (by 7.30)

By 7.30 the plane will have landed.

25.The last time I was in Venice was in 1998. (since)

I haven’t been in Venice since 1998.

26.She rarely visits her grandparents. (very often)

She doesn’t visit her grandparents very often.

27.It was not the first time Joe called me. (already)

Joe had already called me.

28.Next year, I will pass my driving test. (By the end of this year)

By the end of the year I will have passed my driving test.

29.The last time I skied was in 1999. (since)

I haven’t skied since 1999.

30.Kate called me in the middle of my shower. (while)

Kate called me while I was in the middle of my shower.

31. Are you the owner of that car? (own)

Do you own that car?

32.He left an hour before we arrived. (By the time)

By the time we arrived, he had already left.

33.He fell during his performance. (while)

He fell while he was performing.

34.What is the price of this belt? (cost)


How much does this belt cost?

35.They haven’t cooked anything yet. (Nothing)

Nothing has been cooked yet.

36.When did you start studying English? (How long)

How long have you studied English?

37. Bill listened to the disc. Then he went to the band’s concert. (After)

After Bill had listened to the disc, he went to the concert.

38.I met Jane five years ago. (known)

I have known Jane for five years.

39.Visiting our friends in the country is a rare occurrence. (see)

We rarely see our friends in the country.

40.They are in the middle of supper. (have)

Right now, they are having supper.

41. In my opinion, she isn’t beautiful. (not think)

I don’t think she’s beautiful.

42.She’s not working today because it’s Saturday. (not go)

She doesn’t go to work on Saturdays.

43.We don’t have anything special planned for this weekend. (do)

We aren’t doing anything special this weekend.

44.My neighbours own that van. (belong)

That van belongs to my neighbour.

45.What’s the matter? (cry)

Why are you crying?

46.I met Simon two months ago. (known)

I have known Simon for two months.


47.She began working here a year ago, and she still works here.(been)

She has been working here for a year.

48. We haven’t been to New York since 1998.

The last time we went to New York was in 1998 / ten years ago.

49. First, Martine looked in her purse. The, she searched her pockets.

After Martine has looked in her purse, she searched her pockets.

50.He hasn’t smoked for three weeks. (ago)

He stopped smoking three weeks ago.

51. What is the price of this pen? (cost)

How much does this pen cost?

52.How long have you known this? (find out)

When did you find out this?

53.I know him well. I met him three years ago. (known)

I have known him for three years.

54.Sue finished the exam. Then the bell rang.

When Sue had finished the exam, the bell rang.

55.Matt intends to visit Malta this year. (going)

Matt is going to visit Malta this year.

56.I began working at 11 o’clock and I still haven’t finished. (since)

I have been working since 11 o’clock and I still haven’t finished.

57. First Jane found a flat she liked. Then she looked for a flatmate

After Jane had found a flatmate she liked, she looked for a

58.Who owns this dog? (belong)

Who does this dog belong to?


59.I started working here five years ago. (for)

I have been working here for five years.

60.When did you start studying English?

How long have you been studying English?

61. Is this belt more expensive than that one?

Does that belt cost more than that one?

62.First we had lunch. Then we had a long rest.

After we had had lunch, we had a long rest.

63.We started working two hours ago and we haven’t stopped since then.

We have been working for two hours.

64.First he tried the jeans on. Then he bought them.

After he had tried the jeans on, he bought them. / After trying the
jeans on, he bought them.

65.Joanne went to sleep three hours ago and she is still sleeping. (for
three hours)

Joanne has been sleeping for three hours.

66.When did you start working here?

How long have you been working here?