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Valt.X Holdings Inc. 17 Camor Court Toronto, Ontario M1C 4V6, Canada Tel: 416-618-4622 Web:

Valt.X Holdings Inc.

17 Camor Court Toronto, Ontario M1C 4V6, Canada Tel: 416-618-4622


Securing Computers with Absolute Certainty

Accredited Investor Investment Opportunity Minimum $25,000 per investor

Investment Opportunity – Minimum $25,000 per investor Valt.X Technologies Inc. has developed technology to

Valt.X Technologies Inc. has developed technology to secure computers

with absolute certainty: Valtx Absolute Security for Windows (MagicSecure). At Commercialization stage 21 issued patents and 39 patent applications. Case Study LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) returned profit of 47.75 times Principal ($100,000 investment returned profit of $4,775,000).

The market for endpoint computer security products is large with some 1.3 Billion computers in use worldwide and over 360 million new computers shipping each year (IDC).

Current investment round $1 10 million – Investment Options:

1 million Common Shares at $1.00 per share – Total $1,000,000 $10 million Corporate Notes – 1 3 year term, 15% annual interest $10 million Convertible Notes – 1 3 Year term, 12% annual interest, Convertible at $1.50 per share Contact: Dennis Meharchand C: 416 618 4622 E:

Capitalization: Investors have invested $5.7 million in Valt.X to date Small public float of 9.4 million shares ($4.7 million Capital) plus $1 million in Shareholder Notes; Founder’s shares 31.6 million.

The opportunity for investors is to earn substantial returns via an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Acquisition by a major public traded computer industry company. We believe our technology, products and patents may be of interest to major tech industry companies such as Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Symantec amongst others. The $7.7 Billion acquisition of McAfee , the #2 endpoint computer security company in the world, by Intel illustrates the potential value increase for shareholders.

OPPORTUNITY: We believe we have an opportunity to achieve a multi billion dollar market capitalization returning a multiple of 20 to 50 times principal to investors. As of Oct 29 th 2010 our top competitor Symantec had a market capitalization of $12.78 Billion and McAfee (our 2 nd largest competitor) is being purchased by Intel for $7.7 Billion.


LogMeIn provides ondemand, remoteconnectivity solutions to small and mediumsized businesses, information technology (IT) service providers, and consumers in the United States and internationally.

December 5 th , 2005 Investors invest in Redeemable Convertible at a price of $0.815 per share

July 1 st , 2009 IPO Shares close at $20.02 per share – Gain of 2356% or 23.56 times original investment 12 Month PreIPO Financials: Revenue $59 Million, Net Income $384,000

October 29 th , 2010 Shares close at $39.73 per share – Gain of 4775% or 47.75 times original investment – a $100,000 investment at Dec 5 th 2009 returned a $4,775,000 profit in less than 5 years.

Valt.X Holdings Inc.17 Camor Court, Toronto, ON M1C 4V6, CanadaT: (416) 618-4622

Use of Funds: $600,000 will be used to produce a launch inventory of 100,000 packages of Valtx Absolute Security for Windows to generate $7.5 million in launch revenue, $100,000 Internet Sales Licensing Servers and Infrastructure, $300,000 Sales, Marketing, Product Development and General Working Capital.

TechData , the 2 nd largest Computer Products Distributor in the world – with over $20 Billion in annual sales, will be the first Distributor of Valt.X products initially in North America. We plan to ink the deal in the next few weeks while Valt.X prepares initial product shipments. TechData will also configure Valtx Absolute Security for Windows in computers prior to shipment to Resellers. TechData distributes computer products to some 125,000 Resellers in 100 countries.

We compete in the endpoint computer security market with Anti Virus/Anti Spyware software suite providers such as Symantec and McAfee . These anti virus/anti malware software suites do not work. They are unable to stop tens of thousands of new malware attacks each day and also have a high rate of failure in stopping known malware from infecting computers . In essence these products are practically useless with failure rates often exceeding 50%. Valt.X products secure computers with absolute certainty eliminating 100% of drive by malware attacking a Valt.X protected boot drive eliminating downtime, securing sensitive data and substantially reducing computer maintenance and management costs.

Valt.X has 21 issued Patents and 39 Patent applications. Patents are very valuable in the technology world illustrated by recent Patent infringement damage awards such as the $290 million award achieved by i4i of Toronto against Microsoft for infringement of a single Patent.

We expect the $600,000 initial launch inventory to generate $7.5 million in revenue for Valt.X each package costs $6 to produce and Valt.X receives $75 per package in wholesale sales to Distributors and Resellers. Valtx Absolute Security for Windows retails at $125 per computer. The license is per computer and is not transferable – we expect that customers will repurchase upon every computer cycle refresh.

Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, estimates the endpoint computer security software market to be $13.5 Billion annually. We believe the markets for products, such as by Valt.X, which actually solve the problem, to be likely much larger.

Key Investment Factors:

Valt.X has developed patented software and hardware technologies to secure endpoint computers with absolute certainty eliminating 100% of all malware

In tests Competitors Leading Anti Virus Companies – have failure rates up to 68% eliminating new zero day malware and up to 58% eliminating known malware

Valtx Absolute Security for Windows eliminates 100% of all malware securing the system boot image with absolute certainty; protects data from theft by encrypting and making data drives invisible to intruders and an Instant Rollback feature allows vulnerability patch and software updates to be tested immediately upon release and cleanly rolled back in case of failure

21 issued patents and 39 patent applications

Valt.X Holdings Inc.17 Camor Court, Toronto, ON M1C 4V6, CanadaT: (416) 618-4622

Large Markets: 1.3 billion computers in use worldwide as of DEC 2009; 360 million+ new computers ship annually IDC Worldwide security market est. at $13.5 billion annually – Gartner; US creates Pentagon Cyber Command

At Commercialization stage

Expects to create over $600 million in shareholder value (30X Current Valuation) within 12 18 months, based on annual sales of over $60 million

Excellent exit opportunities within 2 3 years – likely Acquisition candidate sooner

Seeking to place $1 million, to achieve nearterm milestone of $7.5M in revenue

Funding to date:

A total of $5.7 million has been invested in Valt.X consisting of $4.7 million in equity investment and $1 million in Shareholder Loans. Valt.X has developed an extensive Patent portfolio, Valtx Absolute Security for Windows and The S Chip, an endpoint computer security semiconductor, and related products.

Use of Funds $1million Use of funds of $1 million for Phase 1 is as follows: 100,000 Packages of Valtx Absolute Security for Windows at a cost of $6 per retail package $600,000, Web Sales infrastructure $100,000, R&D, Marketing, Sales and General Operations $300,000. We expect to generate $7.5 million from sale of the 100,000 packages in Canada/USA.

Valtx Absolute Security for Windows Product Launch We plan to launch Canada/USA sales of Valtx Absolute Security for Windows within 6 weeks of funding to generate an initial $7.5 million in revenue.

OEM SALES: We plan to partner with leading computer manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, NEC and Fujitsu, to deliver the Valtx Absolute Security solutions bundled with their new computer shipments.

Strategic Partnerships: We plan to engage strategic partners with substantial computer user customers.

The Government of Canada is launching a C$90 million comprehensive cyber security program to secure Canadian Government computers and is also launching a $40 million program to kick start innovative Canadian companies by having the Government of Canada purchase Canadian innovative products.

UK government has announced a 500 million Pound Cyber Security Initiative and the US Government has allocated $55 Billion towards Cyber Security and created a Cyber Command at the Pentagon.

To schedule a call or meeting I can be reached directly at 416 618 4622 or via email at . We would be happy to meet and demonstrate our product and discuss the opportunity at your convenience.

Dennis Meharchand CEO, Valt.X Holdings Inc. C: 416 618 4622 E:

Valt.X Holdings Inc.17 Camor Court, Toronto, ON M1C 4V6, CanadaT: (416) 618-4622